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Weight of What Was is the fifth episode of the third season, and the fourty-ninth overall episode, of the CBS series, Ghost Whisperer, originally premiering on October 26, 2007. The episode was written by P.K. Simonds and directed by Gloria Muzio, and received a total of 9.99 million viewers.

Gabriel returns with pieces of Melinda's past that lead her to discover a deeply buried secret of the town. She travels underground to find it plagued with spirits, good and bad, while also coming across a long-lost relative, in which she has to help her cross over.

Guest Starring[]

  • Amy Acker as Tessa Lucas
  • Martin Donovan as Tom Gordon
  • Ignacio Serricchio as Gabriel Lawrence
  • Kris Lemche as Scott the Ghost
  • Stewart Skelton as Bloody-Eyed Ghost
  • Victor Deeb as Blaine Shultz
  • Brooklyn McLinn as Rescue Team Foreman

Plot Synopsis[]

Gabriel visits Melinda

The episode starts with Jim washing dishes at home. He is talking to someone off-screen, who is revealed to be Melinda, sitting lazily on the sofa reading a magazine. Someone knocks on the door. Melinda gets up and answers. It's Gabriel. Jim is in the kitchen, in view of the front door. Upon seeing Gabriel, he rushes out and tackles him to the ground. Melinda asks what he is doing here. Gabriel replies that he knows they are both angry at him because he was there when Melinda was "hurt". Jim says that he wasn't just there, he was smiling when she got hurt and that it was worse, because she wasn't just hurt, she was dead! Jim tells him to go but Gabriel ignores him and tells Melinda that he's trying to find their father to which she asks "Mine or Yours?". He says "ours...". Melinda says that her father is dead. Gabriel says that it shouldn't keep either of them from looking as they both see the dead, Gabriel asks if he has been to see Melinda, in any dreams or in any other form, Melinda doesn't answer. Gabriel reveals that Tom has been haunting his dreams too and says "How do you think I found out you were my sister?". Melinda says that Jim asked him to leave nicely, Gabriel says that they both have unfinished business and should be working together to find him but Jim tells him to leave again. Gabriel leaves an envelope from his mother which is about "his dad" but says it will mean a lot more than it ever did to him. The envelope has a sticker on it from "Rosemont Mental Hospital". Gabriel leaves after revealing his mother was also in a mental hospital.

Melinda and Jim look at the photos

Melinda looks through the envelope and finds photos, showing Jim a photo of her father's parents after they got married. Jim begins to talk but Melinda replies that she doesn't trust Gabriel either. She says she can't shake the feeling that Gabriel might actually be her brother. Jim asks why she would think this and she replies that there are too many coincidences saying that Gabriel showed up right after her father told her she had a brother and says that her father was "in and out" of the house for a lot of years and could have had kids and she wouldn't have known. She says that Gabriel didn't get his gift from her father but he got other things. Jim replies that he certainly got her father's gift for tying her up in knots. Jim gets up and says he's going to turn the lights off, asking if Melinda wants a drink like tea or water. Melinda looks at a picture of a baby that has been cut into the shape of a heart. She reaches over and pulls a jewelry box close to her and grabs a locket from inside, fitting the picture into it perfectly. The curtain blows in the breeze and Melinda looks over. She kisses the locket and stands up. She closes the window and turns. A young woman is standing next to her but Melinda doesn't notice. She sits back down on the bed and looks at the locket.

Melinda shows the locket to Delia

The next day, at Same as It Never Was, Melinda is showing Delia the locket. Delia asks who the baby in the picture is and Melinda replies that it must be a relative of her father as all of the photos are his. Delia replies "or so Gabriel says." But Melinda says that she is not taking anything Gabriel says on faith saying that she faxed a request for his medical records from the medical institution he "grew up in", saying "trust but verify" to which Delia agrees saying that "that sounds good". She then asks what Melinda would like from the coffee shop. Melinda says the usual, twice the foam. Delia leaves. Melinda searches online on a website called "The Roots and The Tree.com", searching for "William Gordon". She grabs an envelope and turns but stops when she hears whispering. She heads down into the basement and says "hello?" to see who is there. The woman appears again and tells Melinda to be quiet. Melinda asks who she is, asking why she is here. The woman says. "they're everywhere". When Melinda asks, who, the woman tells her that "they" told her she was crazy and that they took her baby. Melinda asks her name again and the woman points to her locket. Melinda lifts the locket and says that Gabriel gave it to her, thinking the woman is Gabriel's mother. The whispering gets louder. The woman is pulled into the wall suddenly, leaving Melinda shocked.

Melinda talks to Rick

Melinda heads over to Rockland University and is seen talking with Rick. She is telling him about the Ghosts being "sucked" into the wall and Rick says that if she wants to know if there are any dark spirits under Grandview she should get comfortable because it's going to be a long wait. He says that Melinda has taken all of the smug certainty out of being a skeptic. Melinda says she's waiting for him to tell her how they work, asking how Dark spirits can trap other ghosts and why are they underground. Rick tells her that the basic gist is that the dark spirits feed on the darker emotions - Hatred, Anger, Fear, Jealousy and Greed. He says those are powerful emotions making it hard to break the Dark spirits' grip. Melinda asks if it's impossible to and Rick says it isn't and says that the other emotions- Love, Joy, Happiness, Forgiveness and then jokes by saying Melted Cheese makes it possible to break the grip. Melinda heads for the door and he asks if she's going to actually get involved and she replies "Why wouldn't I?" and Rick asks if she is going to take a tip from Gabriel to go and find her deadbeat dad. Melinda says she is simply following some leads, She leaves and Rick replies that he is worried.

Melinda shows Jim the file

In the next scene, Melinda is sitting on a bench in Grandview town square as Jim runs over to her. Melinda tells him that she was trying to summon Gabriel's mother if that is who she is, saying that while she was waiting she got a file which she hands to him. He opens it and looks through it. It's the treatment records from Gabriel's institution. Jim apologizes and says that he can't imagine how it feels for her and says there is nothing in the file that she didn't already know saying "outside of the fact that he attacked other patients". Melinda says that he attacked them because they called him crazy when he told them he could see ghosts. She then says that it could have been her but Jim says that she has a gift, saying that Gabriel is violent and that he is mentally ill. Melinda says he is her brother and that they have a lot of the same genes. Jim says that she doesn't know that yet and she says that she does. She says that's why Dr. Lawrence wanted to see her birth certificate saying that he needed proof that she was related to Gabriel, saying he got it, saying Tom Gordon is Gabriel's father. Jim asks if she wants to save Gabriel. She replies that it is what she does because she helps people fix their worst mistakes.

Melinda is grabbed in the vision

Melinda is on her laptop in the next scene, she picks up the phone and dials a number, she calls a hotel and when the woman answers Melinda asks about a guest they have there, Gabriel Gordon. The woman says that there is no record of anything by that name staying in the hotel, Melinda asks if she can check and the woman asks her to hold, Suddenly a bag is placed over Melinda's head from behind and she is dragged outside, the bag is taken off her head and she see's a axe raised into the air, she screams but suddenly realizes it was a vision as the woman on the phone is calling out for her to reply, The woman asks if she'd like to leave a message, Melinda initially says yes but then decides not to saying she'll call back later and she then looks around the room.

Melinda tells Delia about the vision

At Same As it Never Was, Melinda is talking to Delia and tells her about her vision, saying that ghosts try to show her things sometimes then Delia asks if it felt real, Melinda replies that it did, saying her heart was still pounding on later, Delia asks if she told Gabriel about it, Melinda says no and says that she thinks the vision is something that happened to the ghost, Gabriel's mother. She says that she thinks it was when his mother was taken to hospital but that it couldn't be because they were so rough with her, telling Delia about the axe. Melinda says she has to find out about more before she talks to Gabriel, she asks Delia to watch the store and Delia says only if she tells her what she finds.

Rick and Melinda at City Hall

Melinda goes to City Hall next and goes into the archives with Rick, they search up and down the isles, Rick talks about how Melinda didn't listen to him, she says that she does but he asks why they are down in the archives if she did. Melinda replies that it was his idea to check for city death records and says that a place with "Dark Spirit infestation" would probably have a lot of deaths, Rick explains more into what he meant talking about a lot of deaths, more than Melinda thought, such as big amounts at the same time, Melinda says that they should check the records then like he said earlier. They continue looking and Melinda comes face to face with the ghost again. She asks where she has been and the ghost replies that they can hear her, Melinda asks what happened, saying she can cross her into the light but the ghost says she can't because she doesn't deserve to be free because she lost her baby, Saying it was all her fault, Melinda asks what happened, the ghost says "they all died because of me" and when Melinda asks who the ghost disappears and the archives ghost, Scott appears saying she won't find what she's looking for. Melinda asks what she is looking for but he says it doesn't matter because she won't find it. He says his job is to make sure what is buried stays buried, the ghost appears again and points to a shelf, a box moves free and falls to the floor, spilling teeth everywhere, Melinda reads the boxes label which says "Clay 48", Melinda says that the ghost says they all died because of her.

Melinda talks to Gabriel

Melinda is next seen talking with Gabriel about the stuff he gave her, asking if he is looking for someone else, she says she spoke to his mother's ghost and asks what she meant by "they all died because of me", Gabriel says he doesn't know who she talked to but it wasn't his mother, saying she is alive. Melinda asks who the ghost is then, Gabriel says if there are any ghosts attached to the stuff then its something Melinda did, not him. Gabriel asks who the ghost is but Melinda says she'll call him later and rushes off, Melinda then visits Rick again and talks about the teeth, she says that the real mystery is who is the ghost and why did she lead her to the box, Rick repeats the exact same message and Melinda says that is what she just said. Rick asks if she is suggesting that these deaths happened somewhere else and that is why there is no record of them in Grandview, Melinda says that ghosts usually have an attachment to where they are and that these seem to be stuck underground.

Tessa talks to Melinda

Melinda is back in the basement of the store, the ghost appears again and asks what the axe is about, the ghost says people did terrible things to each other, Melinda asks her name and she replies that it's Tessa, Melinda asks how the people died, saying she made it sound like it was all her fault, Tessa says she doesn't know anymore, saying every ghost tells the story differently, Melinda asks what her version is and Tessa replies that she tried to warn them, Melinda asks what about, Tessa says she saw a ghost from Weston, he gave her a warning and she told everyone, Melinda asks if she was dead when this happened but Tessa says she was alive, Melinda realizes that Tessa had the same gift as she and Melinda realizes that there are more people like her, Tessa says until "they find out" and then they kill them, Melinda asks if that happened to her and Tessa says that it doesn't matter anymore, she tries to finish her sentence but vanishes leaving Melinda shouting after her. Tessa reappears and asks Melinda to find out what happened to her baby and vanishes again.

Melinda tells Delia about Tessa being warned

At a coffee shop, Delia asks Melinda if she is going to the archives and Melinda says that she is, Delia says that this place isn't the archives and then Melinda says Tessa was warned by a ghost from Weston, showing Delia the western archives online, Melinda reads that rumors from Grandview said that people got sick from a strange fever, saying that the unknown disease killed dozens but not before driving them insane, Melinda then shows the archives to Rick, reading that the fever made people kill their friends and family, we see a flashback of people entering a church, saying that the worst story which told of a preacher who murdered his flock after locking them inside his church, Rick asks which church and Melinda replies the Saint Agnes Church on Clay street but then says that she has never her of a Saint Agnes Church or a Clay street, Melinda reads on about a doctor who treated his patients with symptoms of the fever, mentioning a theory about tainted bread being the cause. Melinda says no traces of the bread survived to confirm this. Rick realizes that it was poisoned from a fungus that grows on grain, he says the symptoms are everything that's explained, he explains all of them and then Melinda says that she thinks she found the ghost who warned Tessa, a man named Dr Greene, who died after writing the entry about the fever, he was travelling through a blizzard to Grandview presumably to treat victims there. Melinda tells him that Tessa was warned by a ghost from Weston.

The tracing paper showing the town now

Melinda arrives home as Jim is making dinner, he says Delia is coming in an hour so she can go and rest and Melinda says she can't sleep, Melinda says she spent all afternoon at the archives and found a box of Grandview papers from 1848, saying not one mentioned the deaths, she asked if Gabriel has called and Jim says he hasn't. Melinda says she asked Delia to search her real estate connections about Clay Street having a new name, After Jim mentions Clay street being swept under the rug or "buried" Melinda wonders if that's why the spirits are underground, she gets up to leave saying she'll be back in an hour. At the archives Melinda looks for Tessa, She grabs a map of Grandview from 1848 and finds Saint Agnes Church on it, she gets some tracing paper and places it over, drawing what Grandview looks like today over it. She sees that Clay street is underneath the town. Melinda finds a door behind a shelf, she pushes it aside and opens the door, revealing some tunnels which are filled with whispers. Scott , the ghost watches her enter the tunnels.

Clay Street sign

Melinda is walking through the tunnels, she comes across a door and enters through it, checking her cell phone she finds that she has no service to call Jim and tell him she'll be home late. Meanwhile, at Village Java, Scott visits Gabriel and whispers in his ear, Gabriel then goes to City Hall and locks Melinda in the tunnels, making it look as if she wasn't there. Back in the tunnels, Melinda comes across a boarded up entrance, she pulls the wood away and enters, the tunnels shake and bits of the rocks crumble away, Melinda finds the original Grandview, still mostly in tact. Melinda sees a sign for Clay street and then Tessa appears. A spirit watches as Tessa talks to Melinda, Melinda then asks if Tessa lived in Grandview, Tessa says she did and that she died here too, Melinda asks if that's why they are all trapped here, because they died in the town and were then buried. Tessa says they didn't like the story their bones told so they pretended that they had never lived, building the new Grandview over theirs.

Jim, Delia and Rick worry about Melinda

When Melinda is late, Jim calls to see if anyone has heard from her, Delia is also there as there is a knock on the door, It's Rick. When Delia says they are waiting for Melinda, Rick asks where she is, Jim tells them both about Melinda and about the possibility of a buried town, Melinda is 2 hours late for dinner and they are now worried. Jim says Melinda never leaves her phone off. Delia realizes that Melinda will be at the archives researching this, they leave immediately and were are taken back to the underground where Melinda is talking to Tessa. Melinda asks Tessa to try and make peace so she can move on, Tessa says there are too many spirits who won't make peace with her so it won't work, Melinda says that they will try and make them understand but Tessa protests that they won't listen, Tessa tells Melinda that they are in the church and won't come out. Melinda asks Tessa to tell her what happened in the church. Tessa begins to tell Melinda about what happened.

Melinda enters the church

In a flashback, Tessa talks about "Brother Davis" was locking everyone in the church to protect them because half the town was already sick, Tessa says that all that was brought in to feed them was water and bread, Tessa says that after they had all lost their minds, Brother Davis decided that he needed to destroy the evil by burning everyone inside the church, even himself. Melinda asks what happened to Tessa and her baby, Tessa says that when she told them that the fever was coming before it came and that she'd heard the news from a ghost, what else could they think, she was a witch. She mentions that the locked her in the church and said that she could spend the rest of her days with the ones she had killed. Melinda says it wasn't her fault and tells Tessa about the disease. Melinda then heads to the church, Tessa tries to stop her. Jim, Delia and Rick are now at the archives looking for Melinda, Rick finds the tracing paper drawing Melinda had made. They then find the door, Jim opens it but they are all shocked to see tons of debris fall out, blocking the way in. Melinda now enters the church despite Tessa's protests. The church is filled with bones, Melinda looks around and see's many spirits watching her, victims of the fire.

The Bloody-Eyed ghost appears

The rescue team have arrived to get Melinda out as Jim shows them the map, they work on removing the debris, the man won't listen to what Jim is saying and says he has to go through the tunnels the way that he knows, not from what Melinda has drawn. Jim looks over to the map of the newer Grandview. Back in the church, Melinda starts talking to the spirits saying she knows they are angry because she can feel it, she says she understands, saying they died too soon and horribly, she tells them that the reason the died was a disease caused by tainted bread, She tells them of the doctor coming to warn them, saying he didn't make it and that his spirit warned Tessa, saying that that is the only reason Tessa knew before them, a voice says that this is all lies, a man steps out from the shadows saying that it is all lies from another witch, his eyes are bloody, Tessa says that "it's him!" and tells Melinda to go, the church begins shaking and Melinda runs. She makes it back into the tunnels but they start collapsing all around her, trapping her.

Tom Visits Melinda

After the debris is settling, Melinda is left trapped in the dark, her only source of light from the flashlight she brought, the battery runs out and she is left having to use her cell phone, Tessa appears and tells her that she is not the first to come looking for the town and says that she has seen it before, they get trapped and panic, saying help comes but they don't last, Melinda asks if there is help coming for her, Tessa says yes but it's too far away, Melinda says she has to cross Tessa over but Tessa says what's done can't be undone, she abandoned her baby. Tom appears to Melinda and we are now taken into the day time of the new Grandview, above ground. Delia, Jim and Rick look over the map Melinda drew and realize that the closest building that led to church street is...Same as It Never Was. Melinda is talking with Tom, she asks how he found her and where he has been, asking if he is dead. He says there isn't enough time. He says she was led here, by him. He says she needed to know the truth and that she wouldn't have believed him if he told her about all of this before, she asks what she needs to know. He says everything, the truth about Grandview, the threat she is facing, and the powers that she has and what she can do with it, he tells her to open the locket, when she does so Tessa recognizes the baby in the picture, its her baby. Tom tells Melinda that him and her mother divorced because of her, because of what she could do, he wanted her to revel in her gift but Beth didn't want her to. He says the locket is from her mother's side of the family. He says Beth packed it all up, everything in the envelope, to hide it from Melinda. he found them. She asks how she can believe it, Tom tells Tessa to tell Melinda the name of her baby, she says that her baby's name is Julia Lee Lucas, Melinda realizes- That's her great great grandmother. She and Tessa are related. Tom says he has to go, after he says goodbye, he vanishes.

Jim finds Melinda

At Same as It Never Was, Jim begins to hammer into the wall of the basement, finding a tunnel, Back with Melinda, she is running out of breath, Tessa says her friends are near and she has to call for help, Melinda is weak and can barely make noise, Tessa gets her to make more noise and she shouts for help. Jim hears her and he rushes to her, Rick and Delia following behind. Jim begins moving the debris to free Melinda, he moves enough out of the way so she can squeeze through and the two are reunited, Jim jokes about her being late for dinner and she apologizes, Tessa looks on as Melinda hugs Jim. Back above ground, Melinda looks out across the town square and Tessa appears, they begin to talk and Tessa says the new town is so beautiful, Melinda says she will find a way to save the other spirits and Tessa then sees the light, Melinda says Tessa deserves to see it, especially for what she has done for her and the town. Tessa tells Melinda to be careful and then finally crosses over. Gabriel walks down an alley way and comes across Tom who tells him that next time he asks for help with Melinda that Gabriel should try and not kill her instead, Gabriel says he can't keep "this up for much longer" and Tom says he doesn't have to, everything is in motion, Melinda will join them because she's a smart girl and will make the right choice. He says if she doesn't but then vanishes before he can finish the sentence.


  • Tessa Lucas
  • Scott, the archives ghost
  • 22 underworld spirits
  • Bloody Eyed Man
  • Tom Gordon

Altogether: 26 spirits


  • This episode gathered a total of 9.99 million viewers.



JIM: Alright, I get it. I understand. I'll make dinner, I'll do the dishes, but uh (finds Melinda relaxing on the couch) you just relax, take it easy.
MELINDA: Look I offered to help.
JIM: Did I miss that?
(A knock on the door).
MELINDA: Look at me, doing my part, going to get the door.
JIM: Don't hurt your hand on the doorknob, take it easy.

RICK: I have a friend who teaches forensic pathology, and he's been looking at these teeth. Did you know these teeth are over 150 years old?
MELINDA: So then how are those teeth connected to this ghost?
RICK: He's going to run some tests on the smoke stains and caraway seeds that are stuck inside these teeth. I'm pretty sure the message is going to remain clear: never underestimate the power of floss

RICK: What are these?
MELINDA: These are teeth! Clay 48, what does that mean?
RICK: Well whomever these belong to is going to have a hard time eating beef.