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Voices is the ninth episode of the first season of the CBS series, Ghost Whisperer, originally premiering on November 18, 2005. The episode was written by John Belluso and directed by Kevin Hooks, and recieved a total of 12.05 million viewers. Melinda finds a mother's lost spirit through electronic voice phenomenon, and then works with the woman to reconcile with her son and help him deal with his father.

Guest Starring[]

  • Christine Baranski as Faith Clancy
  • Dan Lauria as Ellis Conway
  • John M. Jackson as Miles Jensen
  • Ashton Holmes as Kirk Jensen
  • Colleen Flynn as Lacy Jensen
  • Malcolm Barrett as Dr. Jules Huffman
  • Shiek Mahmud-Bey as Officer Clark
  • Charles Van Eman as Lacy's Lover

Plot Synopsis[]

Melinda and Jim don't press charges on the Thief

The episode begins with static and a message saying "Do Not Adjust Your Television. The Sounds You Are Hearing Are Real Recordings of Electronic Voice Phenomena - [EVP] Otherwise Known As White Noise". Then it cuts to Grandview Square at night and Melinda and Jim are walking along holding hands, coming back from a dinner date. Melinda asks if Jim is picking his mom up from the train the next day, but Jim tells her his mom insisted on getting a cab. Melinda and Jim reach where their car was supposed to be, but it isn't there and Jim insists that was the spot he parked it. Melinda and Jim aren't happy, and Jim calls the police to report the stolen car. At 415 Ovington Avenue, the police have found Jim's car and have arrested a young teenage boy for joyriding it. The police ask if they want to press charges against him, just as the boy's father comes up to them and tells them his son is going through a troublemaker phase and asks them not to press charges. Melinda says no one got hurt and that's all that matters and her and Jim decide not to press charges. Melinda stares at the boy, who gives her a long cold stare back. Jim and Melinda leave, and while driving along the road, Melinda flicks through the radio stations. She then begins hearing some static sounds and asks Jim to pull over. He does so and he hears the static, and Melinda tells him they are spirit voices and that she can feel them. They begin to listen more intently and hear a woman's voice saying "I am here!".

Faith comes to visit

The next day, Melinda walks into her house with groceries, asking if there is a sexy paramedic in the house. With no answer, Melinda presses the voicemail button on the phone and has 4 new messages. The first is a man from the dry cleaners telling her that her dry cleaning is ready, the second is Andrea, telling Melinda she was right about the estate sale and to give her a call. The third is for Jim from Bobby asking if he can take a shift for him, and the fourth is static where Melinda can hear a spirit voice. Jim comes up behind Melinda which gives her a shock. Melinda hands Jim the phone for him to hear, and Melinda gets a headache all of a sudden. A knock at the door makes Jim answer and it's his mother, Faith, who walks in and gives Jim a hug. A man carrying her bag drops them off at the door and Jim gives him some money for doing so and closes the door. Faith tells him he just tipped her friend Ellis and opens the door to let Ellis in. Faith introduces him to everyone before he has to go and get another bag. Jim asks who he is and Faith tells him he is her 'special friend' instead of calling him her boyfriend. Ellis comes back and Jim seems a bit upset about him.

Andrea picks up on Jim's dislike of Ellis

At the food marketplace, Melinda, Faith and Ellis are trying out some fruit while Jim watches in the background eating the grapes. Andrea walks to him and asks him what his problem is with Ellis, but Jim says he doesn't have one. They watch Ellis looking at a beautiful blonde woman who isn't Faith, and Jim comments on it to Andrea, who tells him that it's perfectly normal because she is very beautiful that even a priest would be forgiven for looking. Andrea asks if Faith has dated anyone since his father died, but Jim replies that he doesn't know of anyone she has dated since. At Melinda and Jim's house at night, Melinda walks into her room as Jim is sorting the bed, and Melinda says she can't believe he put their bags in separate rooms. Jim says he doesn't trust Ellis, that Faith and him met while he installed Faith's alarm system. Jim says he's too nice and he isn't buying it, that he isn't like his dad. Melinda gets her headache back, and tells Jim she listening to the messages twice and they've made her feel sick. Jim tells her not to listen to them, but Melinda can't ignore what she has been sensing.

Melinda investigates EVP

At a Center for Consciousness Research, Melinda walks in with a post-it note for someone she is going to see. She walks past a female ghost with a hat on, who then disappears. Melinda walks into the elevator just as a man with a dinner tray rushes towards the elevator asking her to hold the doors. Melinda does so and them an gets in, wearing red sneakers. He's going to the same floor as Melinda, and wonders if Melinda is going to see Dr. Huffman, and Melinda says she is and wonders how he knows, before joking he is psychic, then telling her there is only one office on the third floor. Melinda then guesses that he is Dr. Huffman and he reveals that he is, and Melinda says he sounded older on the phone. Dr. Huffman then tells Melinda about Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) and Melinda tells him his name kept coming up in her searches, that he was the go-to guy for EVP. They go in his office where Melinda sees software for EVP and Melinda asks questions about the subject. Dr. Huffman tells her that many people believe that EVP is caused by ghosts, and he asks Melinda if she believes in ghosts before Melinda answers with the question for him, which he doesn't answer either. Melinda then gives him her phone with the messages in EVP so he can plug into his computer. Melinda begins feeling sick as Dr. Huffman tells her that a female voice seems more prominent, that she seems like people just want to hear her. Melinda asks if she can hear what she is saying, and he makes her voice out of the EVP, she says "I am waiting for you".

Andrea tells Melinda to go home

At Same As It Never Was, Andrea and Melinda talk about the EVP and Andrea notices that Melinda doesn't look well. Andrea tells her she can go home and that she can look after the store herself, but Melinda tells her not to be ridiculous and she will be fine. Melinda walks to the back of the store and goes on the laptop, hearing strange noises and she leans closer to the laptop's screen, suddenly getting a fright when the ghost on a middle-aged female pops up on the screen. Andrea walks into the room and Melinda looks like she is about to be sick. She apologizes to Andrea and tells her she has to go. Andrea watches as the Laptop screen seems to do what it did in the Hospital in Mended Hearts. Driving her car late at night, Melinda comes across a Nature Trail Claremont, which is what the ghost said when she paid Melinda a visit via her Laptop. She stops the car and gets out, walking through some trees and looks like no one is around. However Melinda turns around and sees a boy standing there, she screams and falls down onto the leafy floor.

Melinda runs into the boy who stole her Car

The boy is the teenager who stole Melinda and Jim's car the other night, and Melinda gets up, telling him to be more polite. Melinda asks what he is doing there, and Melinda asks if a woman told him to come also. Melinda asks if he can hear the voices too, but the boy tells her she is nuts and doesn't know what she is talking about. He walks away, leaving Melinda in disbelief. At Melinda and Jim's house that night, Jim and Melinda are on their bed while Jim feeds Melinda some soup. Melinda realizes that Jim doesn't think Ellis is good enough for his mother. Jim asks if Melinda feels better and she tells him she felt better ages ago she was just milking it. Jim asks Melinda if there will ever be a day when Melinda can just tell a ghost that she can't help them, and Melinda says she doesn't know. She then goes downstairs for some water, but then the laptop in the kitchen experiences EVP and Melinda gets her headache again. Melinda asks who the woman is and who the other voices are, then the ghost flashes by outside the windows. Melinda looks outside and sees her, she looks blurry and fuzzy. Suddenly, some of the electrical appliances in the kitchen turn on and the lights flicker on and off. Jim runs down and comforts Melinda.

The Ghost appears fuzzy to Melinda

At the Nature Trail, Melinda is walking through the woods again during the day before coming to an electrical station. While walking towards it, Melinda sees the ghost looking painfully at it, just as fuzzy as before. The female ghost asks Melinda where her son is, and then tells Melinda she has to tell him. The ghost disappears. Melinda then drives along a road with paper in her hand, stopping outside a house where a man is ready to leave. The man is the father of the boy who stole Melinda's car, and he realizes her and tells her he forgot to sign the cheque for the car but he could do it right there, but Melinda tells him it's fine since the car insurance company are taking care of it. Melinda says he is there to see how Kirk is doing, making sure there are no hard feelings. The father tells her that it's a nice thought but he isn't there, he's never there. Melinda asks where he goes, but he says he isn't allowed to know anymore. Melinda asks if it is just the two of them, and that strikes a cord and the father reveals his wife passed away, and that Kirk was a good boy until then. The father excuses himself as he has to catch a plane and Melinda asks if she can leave her card in case he wants to contact her. Melinda asks him how his mother died, and the father tells her it was an accident as she died in the woods. The father drives away and Melinda walks to the house. She puts her card at the door and walks away. However she stops as she can hear a noise inside the house, the EVP, the ghost telling Melinda to find the red glove.

Melinda and Andrea at the Store

In Grandview Square, Jim walks up to the Police Station as an officer walks out and they greet. Jim asks if he can talk to him and he agrees and asks what Jim needs. Jim asks him to do a background check on Ellis Conway to make sure his mother will be alright since Jim has a wierd feeling about him. The police officer says he will do what he can. At Same As It Never Was, Melinda tells Andrea about how Jim is being overprotective of his mother before looking outside and noticing Kirk sitting in the middle of the square. Melinda runs out to him, leaving Andrea in the store. Kirk notices her and stands up with his headphones in. He shows Melinda the card and asks if Melinda can make it stop. He then hands her his earphone where the EVP is occuring, and the ghost on the other side repeating "red glove". Melinda asks if he knows who it is, but he doesn't care as he just wants it to stop. Melinda tells him it's his mother and asks him what she did, and he tells her she was an electrical engineer who designed circuit boards, so Melinda understands that she is trying to contact her and Kirk by using the one thing to her that was familiar. Kirk just wants the voices to stop and walks away, and Melinda asks him if he knows anything about a red glove. He stops and walks to Melinda, telling her she is a liar and he doesn't want anything to do with her living or dead, and gives Melinda his mp3 Player and leaves.

Melinda talks to the Ghost

Using Kirk's mp3 Player, Melinda walks through the Nature Trail. She comes to the electrical station again, where the ghost stands looking at it. Melinda asks her what happened in the woods, and the ghost tells her through flashbacks. An alive Lacy runs through the trees laughing. The sun glares and her lover is chasing her, laughing. Lacy tells Melinda she felt like a girl again, that her marriage was so cold, and her lover Bob made her feel loved. Then she fell, and it didn't hurt. Lacy gets up out of a hole and Bob walks right through her. There was a broken powerline at the bottom of the well she fell in. She was electrocuted, and because of that everyone knew what she done, had an affair. Her son lost faith in her, and Melinda asks about Miles, her husband, but Lacy tells her he doesn't understand, and repeats the words red glove. Melinda is left confused, standing beside the well Lacy had fell and died in.

Faith and Melinda cook

At Melinda and Jim's home, Melinda walks down the stairs with the phone, getting to an answering machine for the Jensen's. Melinda asks Kirk to call her as soon as possible and puts the phone down as Faith walks in with a bag of groceries. Faith asks Melinda if anything is wrong as she looks a little worried, but Melinda tells her she's always worried about something. Faith hands her some tomatoes and asks Melinda to chop them as she will do the rest. Melinda tells her that it's fun that Jim never comes home to a homecooked meal and she knows where he gets it from, but Faith tells Melinda she learned more from him than he did off her. They then discuss Jim's problem with Ellis, that Jim is just being protective and he will eventually come around. Melinda tells Faith she envies what Faith and Jim have, that she wishes her mother was more like her, but Faith tells her to be careful what she wishes for. Jim sits in Village Java waiting for the police officer to give him information about Ellis and sees him walking towards the shop. Jim walks outside and tells him it was fast, and the police officer tells him he has to run but gives Jim the brown envelope with details of Ellis inside. Jim sits down and opens it.

Kirk sees his Mother in the TV

In Grandview Square at night, a drunk Kirk staggers next to the stores as he drinks a bottle of alcohol. He stops at a TV store and one of them turns on, his mother trying to contact him. Kirk gets angry and throws a bin through the shop door, setting the alarm off. He steps inside and all the TVs turn on with his mother in each one. He then turns to a big one and his mother begs him to stop hurting himself. Outside Kirk's house, the father walks out as Melinda gets out of her car. They talk until he drives away and Melinda realizes he left the house door open. Melinda enters the house, hearing the EVP and walks upstairs. She enters Kirk's room and sees the TV on with Lacy telling Melinda to find the red glove. Melinda looks under the matress and pulls out a folder with a story in it, called "The Red Glove" written by Kirk Jensen. At the police station, Kirk's father walks in and asks the police officer if he can have a moment with his son and they talk. The police officer then takes Kirk away and locks him in a cell. Sometime later, Melinda comes to visit him. She has a brown envelope and Kirk asks what she is doing there. Kirk then tells her his father is teaching him a lesson by not bailing him out, and Melinda tells him she knows what happened to his mother. He asks how, and she tells him she told her, that his mother knows he is angry and she feels bad. Kirk gets angry, wondering that since she didn't love his father then maybe she didn't love him. Melinda hands him the brown envelope, and Kirk pulls out the contents, his story. He asks how she got it, and Melinda tells him his mother led her to it. He asks if she knows what it is about, and Melinda tells him it's about a boy who doesn't know how to tell his father he is gay.

Jim gives Ellis the police information

The following morning, Kirk and Melinda walk out of the police station, Kirk telling Melinda that bailing him out doesn't make up for what she did, but she insists that the story was beautiful. Kirk asks why she has anything to do with it, and Melinda reminds him that he stole her car. Kirk tells Melinda he will pay her back for the bail, but Melinda tells him to thank his father who gave her permission and with that Kirk leaves. At Lento's, Jim and Ellis are at a table and Jim is about to pay for the food but Ellis tells him he will pay for it. Jim asks how long Ellis has been an electrician, and Ellis tells him fourteen to fifteen years now. Jim pulls out an envelope and tells Ellis of his crimes- running bad cheques, internet scams, telephone fraud. Jim asks if Faith knows he spent two years in a federal prison. Ellis asks if Jim is checking up on him, and Jim confirms it. Ellis asks if he can see the information, and Jim passes it to him. After skimming it, Ellis tells Jim there's a problem with it. Ellis is his middle name, but his real name is Vincent Conway. He gives Jim back the information and tells Jim to go back to his guy with his real name and see what he comes up with. Ellis tells Jim that Faith warned him about him and he stands up and pays the waitor. He wanted to use Ellis as his name to sound more high-class when opening up his business, but Ellis understands why Jim is protecting his mother, which he admires. Jim apologizes for it, but Ellis assures him it's alright.

Melinda helps Kirk talk to his Mom

At Melinda and Jim's house that night, Melinda is getting changed in her room as Jim walks in saying he can't believe she bailed Kirk out. Melinda tells him it didn't cost much and asks if he is mad, but he tells her he just loves her more. They then suddently hear EVP coming from the alarm clock, it's Lacy, telling Melinda an address, the address where Kirk took their car the night he stole it. Jim says he will go with Melinda, but she tells him it will look wierd if they both leave so she will go alone. Melinda arrives at the house, seeing Kirk pour oil over the plants, and telling Melinda that his mother's lover lived there until he moved away. He then throws his story onto the floor and pulls out a lighter. Melinda tells him that his mother understands he is hurt, and Kirk puts the lighter away. He sits down on the steps and tells Melinda about his mother, how she always knew where he was or where he wanted to go, that he could look at her and feel like everything will be okay. Kirk says he never got the chance to say goodbye and asks if he can talk to her now. Melinda tells him that his love is giving her strength, and she appears next to Melinda. Melinda tells Kirk that his mother is so proud of him, and that he can keep her alive in everything he writes. She wants Kirk to be kind to his father, but Kirk tells her it's so hard and Melinda understands but it's worth it. Lacy tells Melinda thank you and disappears, and Melinda tells Kirk it's time to say goodbye. Kirk then tells her goodbye, and Melinda comforts him. Melinda tells him that she feels better, no more headaches. Melinda then tells Kirk there is one more thing left to do and hands him his story, but Kirk tells Melinda he can't give it to his father.

Jim with his mother, Faith

Back at their house, Jim is in the kitchen as Faith walks in. Jim tells her he did a pretty stupid thing to Ellis, and asks if Ellis told her but Faith says he hasn't. Jim tells her that he apologized to Ellis and he would like to apologize to her because he's been kind of a jerk when it comes to Ellis. Faith questions that and Jim tells her that he was actually a complete jerk to Ellis and Faith knew this would happen, she knew that if she just let Ellis be Ellis and Jim be Jim then the who situation would sort itself out. The next morning, Melinda rings the doorbell of Kirk's home and his father answers, asking if Melinda knows where Kirk is. Melinda tells him he is okay and hands him the story Kirk had wrote, telling him it's for him. Melinda then walks away and down the path as the father closes the door. Melinda passes Kirk and looks at him. The father is visible through the living room window reading Kirk's story, and Kirk walks towards the house. Melinda enters the car and then drives away, just as Kirk enters the house.


  • Girl with Sun Hat
  • Lacy Jensen

Altogether: 2 spirits


  • This episode gathered a total of 12.05 million viewers.
  • This episode marks the last appearance of Christine Baranski in the role of Faith Clancy. She will later be replaced by Joanna Cassidy when Faith returns for Jim's funeral. It is believed that Christine was too busy to come back as Faith, forcing the producers to bring in a different actress for the role.


  • Goof: Right before Kirk throws the trash bin through the store window, you can see a reflection of him running away at a fast pace, however when the camera switches to when he picks the trash bin up, he isn't running at all.
  • Goof: After meeting the ghost at what looks like a power relay station, Melinda is seen driving to the boy's fathers' house in an old-style Jeep Cherokee (18:56). However, upon pulling up outside the house, she is now driving a new style Jeep Liberty (19:15).
  • Goof: When Melinda was driving from her antique shop to the woods at 13:34, we can clearly see that she is wearing the red headgear. Then right after that, during the closeup shot of her, she's not wearing the red headgear anymore.
  • The ghost of the boy's mother appeared to Melinda in a static form but once Melinda was able to help Kirk the ghost changed its form into a non-static form before she finally crossed over into the light.
  • Goof: Near the end of the show, when the clock-radio starts talking, the close-up shows that it's 11:32. When Melinda walks over to the clock, however, the distance shots say 11:31. In the subsequent close-up, it's back to 11:32 again.
  • Goof: The time line at the antiques store doesn't make sense. It's clearly full daylight when Melinda is in the store and sees the the spirits on her computer screen. But in the next scene she drives to the woods and it's completely dark.
  • In this episode, when Melinda first hears the EVP, Jim can also hear it. Though Jim has felt some of the ghosts Melinda helps, this is the first time they both experience the same initial "introduction" to a ghost. Also, Kirk sees the ghost of Lacy in TV screens, marking the first time someone else has seen the ghost Melinda is helping.
  • Ellis Conway is from Philadelphia, and met Jim's mother when he installed a security system in her home. Though he goes by "Ellis," this is his middle name. His first name is Vincent (or Vinny).
  • This episode marks the first time Melinda gets sick from the voices.


(Andrea talking to Jim at the Market)
ANDREA: Hey! You're supposed to pay for those.
JIM: (Jim watching Ellis) Keeping track.
ANDREA: All right, what's up with you and Ellis?
JIM: What about me and Ellis?
ANDREA: You haven't spoken two words to the guy.
JIM: It's nothing.
ANDREA: Does it bother you that him and your mom...
JIM: Hey hey hey! Do we have to put a name on it, huh?
ANDREA: I don't get it, he seems like a perfectly nice guy.
JIM: So how come he's checking up on that blonde who is clearly not my mother?
ANDREA: Because, Jim, that blonde is a nordic goddess with huge... pastries. A Priest would be forgiven for glancing.
JIM: It's not a glance, it's a leer. Come on. I don't know, it's just something doesn't feel right.
ANDREA: Has your mom dated anybody since your dad past away?
JIM: Not that I know of.
ANDREA: (Andrea begins to leave) Say no more.

FAITH (to Melinda): Let's hope he gives Ellis a few crumbs at least.

MELINDA: What are you doing?
JIM: I'm coming with you.
MELINDA: We can't both leave in the middle of the night, it'll look weird.

JIM: Just when I think I can't love you more, you prove me wrong.

MR. JENSEN: I lost too...talk about having the rug pulled out from under you.

JIM: I've been kind of a jerk when it came to Ellis.
FAITH: Kind of?

KIRK: Nothing like doing some hard time in the Grandview jail to turn a guy around.

KIRK: I get why she lied to my old man, but why did she lie to me?

KIRK: Do you know what it's about?
MELINDA: It's about a young man who doesn't know how to tell his father that he's gay.

MELINDA: I can't believe you tried to put the bags in separate rooms?

MELINDA: She's a little impulsive.
ANDREA: That's great, I love impulsive.

ELLIS: We all have our wounds, kid.
JIM: Not as big as the ones I'd like to inflict on myself right now.

DR. HUFFMAN: You seem a little surprised...
MELINDA: No, no, I'm sorry. It's just you sounded... older on the phone.

JIM (to Melinda): Oh, he messed with your stations. We should prosecute. Let's go back.

MELINDA: I don't think that waiter got your sense of humor...
JIM: I think that's because he was looking at you so much.

FAITH: He's my... boyfriend is ridiculous isn't it... he's my special friend.

KIRK: Why are you even involved with this?
MELINDA: Because it was my car you chose to steal, and maybe that was no accident.

FAITH: Are you ok? You look worried.
MELINDA: Yeah. I guess I'm always worried about something.

MILES: Are you a social worker or something?
MELINDA: I get that a lot. Not really, no.

JIM: Do you ever think there will be a day where you can say, "you know, sorry, I can't help you, you're not good for me, you're making me sick, you're making me cry"? Do you think that day will ever come?
MELINDA: I don't know.

JIM: You get a headache. My mother arrives. Interesting.

JIM: Normal guy...how come I can hear them? (hears the voices on the car radio)
MELINDA: I don't know. There's a name for this.

JIM: I need to wake up and be sixteen and get over being an adult.

JIM (referring to his mother): She likes to think she's low maintenance.
MELINDA: Don't we all.