Ultimate Ghost Whisperer Wiki

I am a fan of a lot of shows/books/genres. I try to watch for spelling/grammatical errors, expand/shorten plots, and contribute as much as possible in those area of interest. Sometimes I write the plot summaries on my own, and sometimes I find them on other websites and edit them to fit the fandom pages that I help with expanding the plots. I always reference my sources when I use other websites summaries, even if I've changed the majority of what was originally written!

Whatever I do, I hope that my additions or edits are welcome and/or helpful. However, occasionally I do run across a fandom that have overly critical editors, other users who refuse to accept anything that someone else edits, or an administrator who thinks they are the only one who should be making changes, despite the fact that the Fandom database was made to be a group collaboration of the entire public, then I will often abandon that fandom section. I firmly believe that the fandom website was made to be a collaboration and if people are going to be that psychotic about fandom pages, then their fandom is not worth the time to even try to correct basic things, such as spelling and grammar errors. I prefer to just let that particular fandom remain badly setup or mistake riddled. I truly wish I had the time to make my own fandom pages that would follow the original goal and purpose of the fandom/Wikipedia intentions. However, ironically, even if I did have that time, unfortunately the original fandom pages are already dominating that particular fanbase, so there wouldn't be a point anyway.

There are some abandoned fandoms pages that I really wish I could be an administrator for so they could be edited and updated to reflect the newer parts of that particular fandom. However, even if I request it, there is normally no one around who can even make that change, because again, they have been abandoned! And if there is someone around, they have stopped caring about the pages and ignore any suggestions or requests of that nature.

Anyway, enough of that particular rant!

With the pages that I am able to update and correct without dealing with those particular fascists like editors/administrators/users, I have fun with and make sure that whatever needs to be done, I do with diligence and care!