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I am a fan of a lot of shows/movies/books/genres/minor games. I'm not a big gamer, as in I don't play any Playstation or things like that, but I do like a few PC games, like Sims and Virtual Villagers. When I'm editing in Fandom or Wikipedia, I try to watch for spelling/grammatical errors, expand/shorten plots, and contribute as much as possible in those area of interest. Quite often, I write and add the plot summaries for episodes, when I have the time that is.

Whatever I do, I hope that my additions or edits are welcome and/or helpful. I firmly believe that the fandom website was made to be a collaboration of the public and each new valid addition is worth the effort! However, occasionally I do run across a fandom that have overly critical editors, other users who refuse to accept anything that someone else's edits, or an administrator who thinks they are the only one who should be making changes, despite the fact that the Fandom database was made to be a group collaboration of the entire public, then I will often abandon that fandom site. I firmly believe that the fandom website was made to be a collaboration and if people are going to be that psychotic about fandom pages, then those fandom pages are not worth the time to even try to correct basic things, such as spelling and grammar errors. I prefer to just let that particular fandom remain badly setup or formatted. I truly wish I had the time to make my own fandom pages that would follow the original goal and purpose of the fandom/Wikipedia intentions. However, ironically, even if I did have that time, the original fandom pages are already dominating that particular fanbase, so there wouldn't be a point anyway.

There are some abandoned fandoms pages that I really wish I could be an administrator for so they could be edited and updated to reflect the newer parts of that particular fandom (as an example: Z-Nation to include Black Summer pages and directories) like the menus, the color schemes/themes that are hard to read, and even the basic information that could actually be of use. However, even if I request it, there is normally no one around who can even make that change, because again, they have been abandoned! And if there is someone around, they have stopped caring about the pages and ignore any suggestions or requests of that nature.

Anyway, enough of those particular explanations!

With the pages that I am able to update and correct without dealing with those particular fascists like editors/administrators/users, I have fun with and make sure that whatever needs to be done, I do with diligence and care!

I used to build html websites from scratch, so I know a lot of the tags that are used. Even in CSS, there are quite a few crossovers of the same coding. It helps me use the Source Edit quite accurately without having to look too many things up. I also actually have less problems with the Source Edit option than I do with the Visual Edit option. Since I started making it a goal to become an Administer on the Scorpion fandom, I have been trying to learn some CSS and about making templates. It's going slowly but surely!

I currently admin on the Scorpion Fandom and Eureka fandom, but I do also contribute to many other Fandoms.

I love brainy stuff! I'm REALLY good at fixing computers (i.e., putting them together, taking them apart, fixing any issues they might have, programming etc.). I actually don't watch a lot of new shows that come on, because, normally, I'll start to get interested the show in the first season, it gets cancelled. However, some shows I'd watched from the very first episode and have lasted years. Others, only one or two seasons played out and I still loved them. Most of the TV I watch these days is basically just me streaming shows that have ended and rewatching them. Some of my other favorite shows are:

I do have quite a few more, but if I listed them all it would take just WAY too much time!