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Season Four DVD Announced and Artwork Revealed

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By Gavin Hetheringon, UltimateGhostWhisperer Staff
As Jay Mohr departs in the season premiere, Jamie Kennedy joins the cast with Jennifer Love Hewitt, David Conrad, Camryn Manheim and Christoph Sanders in Ghost Whisperer - The Complete 4th Season. CBS DVD and Paramount Home Entertainment have announced today that this release will be coming to stores on September 22nd. Not too many details are available yet, but specs provided show it will be anamorphic widescreen video, English 5.1 audio, and a running time of 1015 minutes. Bonus material isn't officially revealed yet, but previous releases are an indication that fans should be able to look forward to commentary tracks, featurettes, and the third run of "The Other Side" webisodes to all be included. Read more...

Season Five - 5x02- See No Evil Plot Summary


By Gavin Hetheringon, UltimateGhostWhisperer Staff
Melinda investigates a cursed chain email that goes viral, putting all who don't immediately forward it in grave peril. This episode was written by Jeannine Renshaw, who has wrote several episodes to date, including "Horror Show" and co-wrote "Thrilled to Death", and will be directed by Eric Laneuville, who also directed the episodes "Imaginary Friends and Enemies" and "Undead Comic". Read more...

Season Five Premiere News, 5x01- Birthday Prescence


By Gavin Hetheringon, UltimateGhostWhisperer Staff
CBS has announced that the new season of Ghost Whisperer will begin on Friday September 25, 2009, maintaining its original timeslot. The plot entails that a woman who died during childbirth is determined to be reunited with her son as Melinda undergoes immediate C-Section. This indicates that Melinda will have her baby in the premiere. Casting is looking for an Aiden Lucas, Melinda and Jim's son, and so a 5-year time jump may also be possible in the episode or later in the series. Read more...

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Next Time on Ghost Whisperer

En-us.jpg USA - on CBSLogo.png

Season 5 - "Lethal Combination" - April 30, 2010

En-uk.gif UK - on LivingTVlogo.jpg

Season 5 - "Birthday Prescence" - TBA, 2010

En-ca.gif Canada - on CTVlogo.png

Season 5 - "Lethal Combination" - April 30, 2010

Flag of Hungary.png Hungary - on TV2Logo.png

Season 4 - "Greek Tragedy" - April 28, 2010

En-au.gif Australia - on Sevennetwork.gif

Season 5 - "Dead Air" - March 11, 2010

En-cz.png Czech Republic - on AXNLogo.png

Season 4 - "Save Our Souls" - April 27, 2010

En-no.png Norway - on FEMlogo.png

Season 5 - "Birthday Prescence" - TBA, 2009

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MELINDA: Well, that's all you're getting!
PROF. PAYNE: You're cruel, but you knew that, didn't you?
-"Dead to Rights"

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