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Till Death Do Us Start (formerly named 'Til Death Do Us Part) is the third episode of the fifth season, and the eighty-eighth overall episode, of the CBS series, Ghost Whisperer, which premiered on October 9, 2009. The episode was written by Marc B. Perry and directed by Gloria Muzio, and recieved 8.60 million viewers.

Eli's father suffers a massive heart attack, triggering a tangled reunion with Eli's mother, who has been dead almost ten years and unable to cross over, as a result of a secret she took to her grave.

Guest Starring[]

  • Connor Gibbs as Aiden Lucas
  • Barry Newman as Ray
  • Jolie Jenkins as Casey
  • Christine Estabrook as Evelyn
  • Debra Monk as Anne
  • Barry Bostwick as Don
  • Brian Avery as Young Ray
  • Tara Killian as Young Anne
  • Jamie Stewart as Young Eli
  • Kara Stribling as Young Casey
  • Oliver Keller as Young Don
  • David Boller as Minister
  • Amie Farrell as Young Evelyn

Plot Synopsis[]



  • This episode gathered a total of 8.60 million viewers.
  • The episode was originally called 'Til Death Do Us Part.
  • According to TV.com, this episode is the worst Ghost Whisperer episode to date.
  • Although credited Camryn Manheim and Christoph Sanders do not appear in this episode.