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 Threshold is the seventh episode of the fourth season, and the sixty-ninth overall episode, of the CBS series, Ghost Whisperer, originally premiering on November 14, 2008. The episode was written and directed by John Gray, and received a total of 10.69 million viewers. Melinda has a hard time helping a troubled teenage ghost while Melinda deals with drastic changes to her personal life. To make things only worse, a car crashes and Jim's spirit goes into the victim's body, to try to regain his life, only to completely forget who Melinda is. 


Melinda mourns over her husband's (Jim Clancy) death. During this period of time, she loses the ability to see or hear ghosts. Jim is outside (in ghost form) and meets his deceased brother, Dan Clancy, who died while falling off a roof. Dan pleads Jim to cross over with him into the light. While Jim refuses, Dan crosses over into The Light, where Aiden Clancy, their father, is waiting for them. Melinda then attends Jim's funeral, where Jim's ghost is. Melinda then spots a ghost, who claims she caused Jim's death. Melinda decides to talk to the ghost and investigate.


  • Jim Clancy
  • Dan Clancy
  • Caitlin Mahoney
  • Aiden Clancy*

Total Ghosts: 4

  • Aiden Clancy is shown in the Light while Dan crossess over