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This Joint's Haunted is the twelfth episode of the fourth season, and the seventy-fourth overall episode, of the CBS series, Ghost Whisperer, originally premiering on January 16, 2009. The episode was written by Mark B. Perry and directed by Mark Rosman, and recieved a total of 10.58 million viewers.

Melinda and Sam go on a road trip into his past and end up in trouble, from bar fights to disruptive ghosts, and Melinda comes face to face with the biggest threat yet to her romantic hopes. Delia and Ned clash over what she believes is his risky behavior, and a ghost from high school takes up residence at Delia's.

Guest Starring[]

  • Kate Siegel as Cheryl
  • Kaylee DeFer as Angie Hollensbach
  • Dan Castellaneta as Frank the Ghost
  • Bitty Schram as Jody
  • Teri Polo as Nikki
  • Elizabeth Pena as Marla
  • Maree Cheatham as Myrna Cooperton
  • Kenneth Mitchell as Sam Lucas
  • Christopher Goodman as Police Officer
  • Ruth Livier as Woman #1
  • Maria Carmen as Woman #2

Plot Synopsis[]


  • Angie Hollensbach
  • Frank the Ghost
  • Myrna Cooperton
  • Woman in Mexican Restaurant


  • Teri Polo (Nikki) also worked with Camryn Manheim (Delia) in several season 7 episodes of The Practice.
  • Maree Cheatham (Myrna) and Bitty Schram (Jody) also worked together in the season 3 episode "Mr. Monk And The Employee Of The Month" of Monk.
  • Elizabeth Peńa (Marla) also worked with Jamie Kennedy (Eli) in the 1998 movie The Pass.
  • Teri Polo (Nikki) recieved the "And" credit.


  • Goof: When Jim/Sam first gets his Sangria it is nearly full but only after a brief sip it is nearly a third of the way down the glass, then it switches back to full. It alternates several more times by the time they finish the scene.

Featured Music[]

  • One Way Or Another by Blondie
  • You And I by Kyler England