The Underneath is the first episode of the third season, and the fourty-fifth overall episode, of the CBS series, Ghost Whisperer, originally premiering on September 28, 2007 as the season three premiere. The episode was written and directed by John Gray, and recieved a total of 8.72 million viewers.

Jennifer goes to Melinda's store to sell some belongings that came from her deceased parent's house. Melinda then helps Jennifer with her father who died when she was only a toddler. Someone takes photos of Melinda and they show something suspicious. Melinda finds that she has a hidden connection to Grandview while digging into her family's past.

Guest StarringEdit

  • Anne Archer as Beth Gordon
  • Martin Donovan as Tom Gordon
  • Jayma Mays as Jennifer Billings
  • Robert Blanche as Ray Billings
  • Marina Benedict as Mary Billings
  • Omid Abtahi as Justin Yates
  • Kris Lemche as Scott the Ghost
  • Grace Fulton as Young Melinda
  • Wayne Pere as Doctor Hayes
  • Sarah Jaye as Young Beth Gordon

Plot SynopsisEdit


X-Ray of Melinda's skull

The episode starts with flashing lights, Melinda is having her head x-rayed, Outside of the examination room a doctor is talking to Jim and says he thinks it's a concusion, he says that she may feel a little confused or dizzy but says that they're talking about an injury that is only a few days old but he says she will be fine, telling Jim to wait until he makes sure the pictures are okay, The next shot shows Melinda and Jim walking down the hospital hallway, Jim asks how Melinda is and she says shes tired. Jim talks about how if it wasn't for the kids then he would have lost Melinda on that field and Melinda says she doesn't know if she can ever thank them enough, they hug. When Jim says they need to talk about what happened Melinda says that she told him everything she saw and Jim asks what it means and if it really was her father that she saw. Melinda says she has to find out how he died and if he is telling the truth about Gabriel being her brother. Jim says they will deal with it if it is true and mentions how Gabriel has disappeared. The doctor comes out from another room and says they need to take the X-Ray's again and says there is an exposure problem with the first set. Melinda enters the room and looks at the X-Ray's on the screen, there is a man's face over her skull in one of the shots.


Jennifer's trunk of photos and posessions

At Same As It Never Was, Delia is chatting with a customer talking about a concert as Melinda is on the phone to her mother, she is leaving a message on her answering machine and telling her that everything went fine at the doctors but she needs to talk to her about something important, she tells her to call her back and then hangs up. Melinda walks over to Delia and the customer who says that the chest of stuff she has brought has just been in the attic all these years and that she was just going to throw them out. Melinda asks if she is sure that she wants to part with this stuff and the girl replies that she does because its her parents stuff and they died when she was young so she didn't really know them, she says that she doesn't even know most of the people in the photos and Melinda apologises. The girl says she only works on the future, looking forward, she asks how selling the stuff to Melinda will work and Melinda says they'll see how the prices will look and then how they will present them. She says they'll call her when they know so she gives them her number to call and says to ask for Jennifer Billings, she hands them her card and says she'll talk to them soon, she then leaves and Melinda asks what is up with Delia to which Delia replies nothing. She asks Melinda to take the trunk downstairs while she works on the inventory and Melinda says she'll go through the returns first but Delia says they should get it out of the way and hands her the trunk to take to the basement. Melinda asks if she is okay and Delia says that she is and says she just wants everything organised as Melinda leaves the room carrying the trunk. Melinda places the trunk down on the floor of the basement, she turns to leave but the trunk slides against the wall. Melinda pushes it back to where it was but the trunk moves to the wall again. This time however, there is a door on the wall, Melinda places her ear to the door and listens, she hears creaking and then lots of dust bursts through the little window bit, Melinda coughs and backs up, she turns bu the door is gone.


Melinda, Jim, Rick and Delia have their photo taken

Upstairs, Melinda enters the room to a chorus of "suprise!" and finds a party of people including Delia, Jim and Rick, She is suprised and stands on the spot but Delia walks over and guides her into the party eagerly. A man then steps forward holding a plaque and says that the town council presents her with it for her heroic act in saving the children from the falling tower at the plane crash site. Melinda says that she doesn't know what to say but then slyly says to Delia that she doesn't want to say anything at all. Delia Melinda, Jim, Delia and Rick gather together to get their photo taken, Melinda asks if Jim can get her out of this party but he says he has to go to work, she asks if Rick can go to lunch with her to which he replies that if theres food then he is there, the man then takes another photo which flashes us to the next scene.


Hands underneath the road

At lunch, Rick talks about how he thought she had died on the site and says that all the feeling inside of him died right there and then and he says that he wasn't going to be able to say to her everything he wanted to, he is interrupted when Melinda returns to the table, showing that he was talking to himself, Melinda asks him if he wants to get the cheque, he says yes then pulls out his wallet but Melinda says she'll pay because she asked him to lunch, he then says in that case he is still hungry and then Melinda asks what he thinks the door in the basement meant, saying she could hear strange noises from behind it, Rick says that doors symbolise endings and beginnings but then Melinda says something else weird happened and tells him about the man's face on the x-ray of her skull, Rick asks if it was her father's and she says she doesn't know, Rick jokes about how even her x-ray's are haunted and how it is hardcore, Rick asks when the last time was that she saw her father and she replies when she was eleven, she gets up to leave and Rick follows asking "what about Gabriel?" and Melinda says he is no where to be found and that she is just going to concentrate on what happened to her father, Rick asks how she will do that and she says she will talk to her mother and says that she has calmed down after the accident and then talks about how her mother had denied she could see spirits and then Melinda had found out she could two years ago, she says that Beth hates talking about her father and hates talking about anything to do with her real feelings, While Rick talks about how "we all have our haunted x-ray's one way or the other" Melinda notices the ground moving, there is some lump moving across the road. She asks if Rick sees it but he says he doesn't, asking what it is. The lump turns into some hands which are pushing up as Melinda says she isn't sure, They vanish.


Melinda talks to her Mother

The next show shows Melinda driving into a place called "Hamilton", she is then seen talking to Beth asking when the last time was that she saw her dad, Beth says she doesn't remember and says she barely thinks of him if she can help it, Melinda says that she thinks he is dead and Beth turns and asks how she'd know that, Melinda replies by saying she saw him when she died on the field, Beth asks why she didn't tell her that before, Melinda says she's telling her now and says he told her she has a brother, Beth says this is the second serious head injury Melinda has had but Melinda protests, saying she is being haunted by someone or something that has to do with her father, saying he is trying to tell her something. She says she thinks it has something to do with underground, Beth says she doesn't know what Melinda wants from her but Melinda says she wants her to talk to her, asking if she has a brother, Beth says if she is asking if she had a second child then no. Beth then says its not as if Tom kept in touch when he walked out on them all those years ago, Melinda asks if Beth has seen him and she says she hasn't. Melinda asks if Beth is keeping a secret from her, asking what the last thing she remembers about Melinda's dad. Beth says the last thing she remembers about him is how hard Melinda cried when he left, she says Melinda cried for days and tells her not to romantize him, saying he doesn't deserve it.


A mysterious man appears in the photo

We next see the photographer from Melinda's party at his home, he is uploading the photos to his laptop and suddenly notices that a man appears in one of the photos behind Melinda but doesn't appear on any of the others, he begins checking the photos again, He continues to go through the photos over and over again, watching as the man keeps reappearing. At Melindas home, She is looking through some photos as Jim enters the room and asks what shes doing, she mentions how Jennifer came in and gave her a trunk of her old stuff which made Melinda want to look through her own old stuff and Jim then asks how it went with Beth, she tells him that it didnt go too well, Jim looks at a photo and says Melinda looks beautiful in it, she says she can't help looking at her father, thinking what is under his smile, if he is trying to tell her something then why doesn't he just say, she asks if she is being obsessive and Jim says that she is but with good reason, She says that now her dad is gone she feels that there is this big hole and Jim asks if she really thought he was going to come back and she says she used to think so when she was a kid, thinking he'd show up after school with an explanation of why he left, saying that she thought he'd been kidnapped by spies and that they'd burnt all the letters he was going to send to her and he'd finally escaped and fought his way back to her, Jim says its hard to deal with the truth about their parents saying they are flawed too. Melinda says if her dad had just come back she would have believed anything he'd said to her and she could have forgiven him for anything because she just wanted her dad. Jim hugs her and apologises saying he is sorry he hurt her so much, he asks if she is coming to bed, she replies that she will soon and he then leaves the room.


A man from underground grabs Melinda

Melinda dumps a banana in the trash and then gags on the smell, carrying the bin bag outside to the trash can, she runs across the grass in the yard, holding her nose, once the bag is gone, she heads back for the house but suddenly a lump in the grass appears and starts moving, Melinda stops and looks at it, she steps onto the grass to get closer, the spot where she is standing suddenly starts sinking, she starts to panic and tries to stop it, she screams as she sinks lower and lower, two hands burst out through the grass and grab at her, she struggles to break free as the grabs grab tightly onto her, a face comes up through the grass and says "it was you!", Melinda calls out for Jim and he comes running out, finding that she is in a vision, he grabs her and pulls her away as she screams, he says shes okay, and tries to calm her, he kisses her cheek as she stares at the grass where she just was, everything is fine.


Melinda is shown the photos

The next day, at Same As It Never Was, Delia enters the room and asks if Jim saw the man too, Melinda says that he didn't but he heard her yelling and by the time he came out of the house everything was back to normal again, Delia looks away and Melinda then asks "what?" but Delia says "Nothing", Melinda asks if Delia thinks she is making it up, Delia says she doesn't, saying she is trying to wrap her mind around it because its hard to believe, Melinda says at least she's honest, Delia asks if Melinda thinks her dad is linked to this, asking if her mom was any help, Melinda says she wasn't and says that everytime she searchs "Tom Gordon" online she gets lots of hits, saying Tom Gordon is apparently a popular name, Delia asks if there is anything she can do but Melinda says she is doing it already and thanks her for listening to the "rantings of your very weird and haunted friend", Delia asks if it's okay for her to leave so she can go and meet Ned at the dentist, Melinda says she can, Delia asks if she wants anything and Melinda says a muffin, Delia asks healthy or disgusting and Melinda pauses to think, then replies "mild digust" and Delia leaves. As Delia leaves, the photographer enters the store and walks over to Melinda but she doesn't recognise him. He says he has something to show her and he pulls out his camera, showing her the photos of the man appearing behind her, she tries to come up with an excuse saying it could be a reflection but he says it couldn't be. He says he also enhanced them to get a better contrast and shows her them in "negative" contrast which shows a small window with bars on (like the one on the door in the basement) which appears over Melinda's face. Melinda asks him to send her the photos, he says he will.


Melinda in negative contrast, bars over face.

Melinda is next seen talking to Rick, she shows him the photos and he asks about it being a reflection, she says that she is reasonably sure that it is not a reflection, Rick still tries to make an exucse but Melinda says its a ghost so he should get over it. He says its sweet because its photographic evidence of a ghost but then he asks how she didn't see it on the day the photo was taken, Melinda says she doesn't know, he asks why the ghost is so dirty and Melinda holds up a picture of her and her father when she was younger, He asks if shes sure that she thinks its her father, she says she doesn't know what to think, he asks if her father would have a reason to be so dirty, making a joke about him being a chimney sweep. Melinda says all she knows is that the hauntings have something to do with things underground, Rick asks what she told the blogger to which she says she just played dumb but says he won't let it go, especially after he showed her the photo in negative contrast, she shows Rick. Melinda asks what he thinks it is, asking for a serious answer and Rick replies that he doesn't have anything. He asks if that always shows up on photos of her then says that he will take photos of her with the same enhancements on that photo to seif the bars still show up. He takes a photo.


Melinda finds the door again

Delia and Melinda leave Same As It Never Was, Melinda walks to her car but then hears creaking, she turns to see the door from the basement is now in the middle of the road. She walks over to it, pulling it open, pausing for a moment she stares at it, the inside is all just a cloud of darkness but Melinda is suddenly pulled inside and the door slams shut behind her, she is now on the inside of the door looking out, she walks towards it but bumps into Jennifer's trunk. A man walks up behind her, the man grabbed her in the vision, he says that she killed "her", suddenly a large light covers Melinda's face and then the sound of a car's horn beeping drives Melinda to run away from the road.


Jennifer and Melinda talk

She is now in the basement of the store with Delia and Delia asks if it is her father haunting her then but Melinda says it definetly is not. She mentions how she saw the trunk in the haunting last night, Delia asks how that can be saying that the trunk hasn't moved since she went through it. Melinda says that the ghost is attached to the trunk, she opens it and grabs the photos inside, she finds one of Jennifer with her father and says that this is the man whos haunting her, Delia asks why he would be haunting her and Melinda says that she thinks that he has her confused with someone else, Delia asks who and then Melinda goes to visit her Jennifer. After Jennifer asks if they've sold it all and if Melinda is here to buy more then Melinda says she'd love that to be why she is here but she can't believe that she is willing to part with it all, Jennifer says that she feels that it's someone elses life, Melinda says that she found the picture of Jennifer's father and Melinda says that she might have met him but Jennifer says she couldn't have because he died in 1982. Melinda asks how and Jennifer asks why but Melinda says that while looking through the photos there was something familiar about him somehow and Jennifer says he died when she was five, he was at work and had there was an accident, saying she doesn't remember much, Melinda asks about her mother and Jennifer says that she died the same day, saying she was an instant orphan. She says she was adopted right away and then Melinda says her father really loved her, saying she can see from the pictures that he did. Jennifer walks away and Melinda follows her outside and says she is sorry but Jennifer says its okay and that she hates crying. Melinda asks when she got the trunk and Jennifer says when she was 18, it was in a trust for her with money. She says she wanted to see their faces but never found a picture of her mother. Melinda asks if her father died underground and Jennifer says that he worked for the gas company and died in a street cave in at the town square and mentions how her father said he thought the underground where he worked was haunted.


The archive ghost threatens Melinda

In the archives, Melinda is looking around when a black man appears behind her, she turns and gets a fright when she see's him, another man appears and asks what he can do for her and Melinda says she is looking for information on something, the black man asks what the information is on and says he goes on lunch in five minutes. He walks away and the other man says he is always like that, telling her to not let him intimidate her, the black man then walks right through him ad he disappears. Melinda says the information is on something that happened 25 years ago and the man asks "and?!", she says she was told to come here, the man says this isn't a library and says he is still trying to get things put into the computer and tells Melinda to a request in writing and he'll see what he can do, the ghost reappears and says the black man is lazy and Melinda cuts him off, saying it's a specific event but the black man just hands over a request form. Melinda walks away, the ghost follows and once the black man leaves for lunch, Melinda tells the ghost that she is looking up the 1982 street cave in but the ghost asks if she thinks thats how it works, that she just snaps her fingers and the ghosts do her bidding and says "they" told him that she might come to the archives, asking questions. Melinda asks who and the ghost says she is so over her head, the lights flash on and off and he says she should leave and says for her to not come back, ever. He vanishes and the lights flicker again, Melinda leaves.


Young Melinda talks to her father

Back home, Melinda goes to bed, Jim is already asleep as she climbs into bed. Melinda starts to drift off and the room lights up as if it's already the day time, Melinda heads to the window, She looks out the window and is suddenly her young self, about eleven years old, her father is standing outsdie beside a cabin, she asks why he left and he says he had to but he didn't want to, she says she has missed him so much and he says he missed her everyday, she says she knew it. She asks why he left and he says she'll understand someday, she asks why he won't help her now and he says because she must find out for herself, she says he always used to give her a hint with every riddle he gave her, he agrees to give her a hint now and says "page 15", she asks what that means and he says she already knows, he says he has to go now, she tries to get him to stay but he vanishes, the sky turns dark again and older Melinda wakes up, sitting up in bed, she gets up.


Melinda is threatened again

Melinda is now at the archives again, its dark so she uses her flashlight, she finds the light switch and turns it on. She pulls a box down off the shelf but the lights go off and she falls back, she stands up and is next to the wall when two arms come out and grab her, pulling her against the wall, the archive ghost from before appears and says she was told to stay away, Melinda says she doesn't take orders from ghosts but the ghost replies that the man holding her is very angry and says he wants to take her "down" with him, he says that he thinks he'll let him. He says that there are a lot of very angry people down here and that its time that he lets her meet them, Melinda says she isn't afraid of him but the ghost steps forward and talks into her ear saying she will be. The lights go out and the two ghsosts diappear, The lights come back on. Melinda kneels down beside the box and looks through the files that are across the floor, She finds a newspaper with the front headline "GAS EXPLOSIONS RIP GRANDVIEW", Melinda looks below the headline and see's a photo of a woman, she obviously recognises the woman.


Beth talks to her daughter

Melinda visits Beth again and says that she asked her point blank if there was anything she was hiding from her and she said no, Beth says "how could i possibly know that that one incident would mean anything to you?" Melinda says "how about the fact that you lived in Grandview, did you think that that was going to mean anything to me?", Beth says it was a long time ago and that it doesn't matter, Melinda says that it does because she has been in Grandview for three years and she was never told that Beth and Tom lived there. She asks what else Beth is hiding and Beth says nothing, Beth asks how Melinda got the article and Melinda says her father lead her to it and Beth says that Tom gets to be the hero while she is the evil mother because Tom is helping Melinda. Beth says it was a very painful time in her life and asks if thats the truth Melinda wants to hear, she says they were there for less than a year and she got out, never wanting to think about it again. Melinda asks what other secrets she's hiding, Beth says she isnt hiding any, Melinda asks why the guy is haunting her when Beth was there when he died, Beth says that he still thinks its 1982 and says he thinks Melinda is Beth. Melinda asks what and Beth says she killed his wife.


The gas explosion

While still at Beth's house, Melinda follows her outside asking what Beth was talking about, Beth says that they had just moved to Grandview and she knew she had an ability and was trying to avoid it, Beth says she was in the town because she was still trying to get to know the place, she says there was a gas line break which happened deep underground, the town shakes and glass smashes, cars flip as the ground cracks and caves in, a woman is seen running through the ground with her daughter, a man crawls out of the large hole in the ground, he starts asking for help but no one can see him, Beth tries to ignore him but he realises that she can see him, he asks if he is dead and Beth nods, he asks her to go talk to his wife, she agrees and walks over to his wife, She mentions the woman's husband but freezes, not knowing what to say, saying he is right here, the woman asks where, thinking he has made it out alive, she asks if he is okay and runs towards the hole, the ground shakes again as Beth tries to stop her but another explosion kills her. Melinda says there is no way Beth could have known it would happen but Beth says she has never learned to deal with ghosts, the way her mother and Melinda could. She says their pain stops her cold. Melinda asks if that is why she left Grandview and Beth says there were a lot of reasons, Melinda says she can help but Beth says no and says to leave it alone and to leave her alone.


Justin visits Rick

Rick is looking at photos of Melinda on his laptop, the bars are over her face in the negative enchanced shots, The blogger/photographer knocks on his door, he introduces himself as Justin Yates. Rick asks what he can do for him and Justin says that he runs the "Shame the Devil" blog and Rick mentions a "rate your professor" page on the blog which mentions Rick as "scattered and distracted.", Justin says he'll make it quick then and hands Rick his camera with the photos on and Rick makes a joke when asked what he thinks. Justin says he means what does he think of the man who suddenly appears in the photos, Rick says he doesn't think the pictures mean anything, Justin says he has been asking around about Melinda and that people say a lot of weird stuff happens in her store, Rick says that people say weird stuff happens all the time, evrywhere. Rick says that Justin needs to get his nose out of the computer screen to know that, he goes to the bookshelf, out of sight from Rick as Justin plugs his memory card into Rick's laptop, copying files on Melinda onto it, Rick walks over to him and gives him the book with the title "Debunking Otherworld Activity", Justin leaves.


Melinda talks to Jennifer for Ray

At Same As It Never Was, Melinda is talking to the ghost, She says when you die it's like time stops moving for you, especially when there is a lot of anger inside you, you get caught in some kind of loop. The man says he just wanted to say goodbye, to his wife and daughter, asking why Melinda's mother couldn't do that for him, Melinda explains that Beth doesn't accept what she can do but she didn't mean to hurt anyone, the man says he kept thinking his wife suffered, thinking what her last thought was, Melinda says she is sure it was about him, He turns and asks why he can't find her, Melinda replies that she probably crossed over right away, he says he didn't see a light anywhere, Melinda asks what he saw down there and he says he saw and heard things and that he never wants to go there again, he asks about his daughter and Melinda says there is only one thing left for him to do, Melinda is with Jennifer next, saying that her father wants her to know where she came from, her family, the photo of him and her is when she was four, taken at Mount Kisco, her mother loved it there. He explains who the people are in the other photos and Melinda repeats the to Jennifer, He tells Melinda to look at the last page of the photo album on the table, she hands it to Jennifer and repeats this, she opens it but

Melinda talks to her mother again.

nothing is there, her father explains that it folds out, Melind opens it for her to reveal a photo of her Jennifer's mother holding her as a baby, her father touches her hand and she feels his presence, he says she was three years old in the photo and that her mother couldn't take her eyes off of her.

Melinda visits Beth again, Beth is sweeping her porch when Melinda approaches her and tells her that Ray Billings has crossed over and says he understands what happened and he doesn't blame Beth anymore. Beth says she knows what Melinda thinks of her, that shes wrong to try and shut out her gift, Melinda says she doesn't judge her, she just wants the truth from her, saying its the only thing she owes her, the only thing the owe each other, Beth asks if she really wants the truth, saying Melinda needs to leave Grandview. Melinda asks why and Beth says it'll hurt her, she says it is not a good place for people like them, Melinda says she will not run away from what she can do, or from Grandview. Beth says she knew she wouldn't, Beth walks away and goes inside her home, leaving Melinda outside.


  • Ray Billings
  • Scott, the Archive Ghost
  • Tom Gordon

Altogether: 3 spirits


  • Jay Mohr joines the Main characters starting from this episode as a Regular cast member.
  • This episode gathered a total of 8.72 million viewers.



MELINDA: Can you get me out of here?
JIM: I gotta go to work.
MELINDA: How about you? Lunch?
RICK: If it's a lunch that involves food, yeah I'm in.

DELIA: Do you want anything?
MELINDA: A muffin.
DELIA: Healthy or disgusting?
MELINDA: Mild digust!

RICK: Are you sure it's not a reflection?
MELINDA: Yes I can say that I'm reasonably sure it's not a reflection.
RICK: Maybe someone that was there but you forgot they were there...
MELINDA: It's a ghost, get over it.

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