The One is the twenty-second episode of the first season of the CBS series, Ghost Whisperer, originally premiering on May 5, 2006 as part two of a two-part season finale. The episode was written and directed by John Gray, and recieved a total of 11.06 million viewers.

Continued from Free Fall, Andrea seems to know that there is something that her friend isn't telling her. The souls from the crash go at the crash site as Melinda encourages them to cross over. However, the wide-brimmed hat spirit convinces them to stay earthbound. Melinda must keep the mysterious evil spirit from capturing the souls and also must reveal to Andrea how the plane crash affects her.

Guest StarringEdit

  • Henry Czerny as Matt Mallinson
  • Jon Seda as John Gregory
  • Chris Ellis as Ghost Pilot
  • Tim Guinee as Charlie Filbert
  • David Ramsey as Will
  • Allison Smith as Lisa Filbert
  • John Walcutt as Wide Brim Hat Man / Romano
  • Dondre Whitfield as Mitch Marino
  • Kyle Chavarria as Kristen Filbert
  • Rachel Cannon as Amy Fields
  • Graham Miller as Guardian Spirit
  • Scott Rinker as Reggie
  • Mark Thompson as News Anchor

Plot SynopsisEdit


The crash site

At the plane crash site, debris of the plane and luggage from the passengers are all over the field. Parts of the plane are ablaze and firemen fight to extinguish the flames. Bodies found are covered in yellow sheets and John looks around looking scared until Jim walks up to him asking if he is okay, but John assures him he's alright. Melinda runs towards the crash site and stops, seeing the field swarmed by the victim's spirits. Melinda appears distraught and cries, watching them try to get help from the living and call for their loved ones. Melinda also notices the spirit of a woman calling out for Kristen, though she doesn't look like any of the other passengers as she doesn't look icy. Melinda walks towards Amy Fields and tells her it isn't right for them to stay there, though Amy tells her they don't believe they're dead. Melinda tells her to look around and asks if she sees a light. Amy tells her she does, but they won't cross over until they find out the truth of what happened to the plane. Amy disappears and Melinda looks at the tail of the plane which has a picture of a dove on it and has a flashback of when the dove flew into her bedroom window.

PDVD 1335

The spirits beg for Melinda's help

At night, a helicopter sheds some light on the crash site as it hovers over it as Jim sits on some debris when Melinda walks over to him and asks if he is okay, and Jim tells her he just wanted to find someone alive. Melinda tells him there is still time. Jim stands up and kisses Melinda goodbye and walks away, leaving Melinda to look at all the spirits on the field. She notices that woman who doesn't look like the others again, shouting out for someone named Kristen. Then all the other spirits notice Melinda looking at them and they all walk towards her, begging for her help, but Melinda can't take them all at once and begins to cry and runs away. Melinda runs into her car and the ghost of the woman appears, asking Melinda if she has seen Kristen, she's only 10. Melinda tells her she doesn't know Kristen and asks her name, and the ghost tells her she is called Lisa. Melinda tells her she doesn't look like the others, and Lisa looks outside and notices a group of ghosts looking at them. Melinda notices and walks out her car and then looks back at Lisa, who disappears and then back at the ghosts, but they have disappeared also.

PDVD 1340

Andrea stares at the Family Waiting Center

In Grandview Square the next morning, a Family Waiting Center is open for the families of the people on the plane crash to go where a manifest of the passengers were, and Andrea stares at the place from inside the store, still thinking her brother might have been on the plane. Melinda turns off a news report on the crash and Andrea tells Melinda she still hasn't heard from her brother as he was supposed to be back last night. Andrea tells her she can't sleep and all she does is sit on her couch staring. Melinda tells her she knows she is worried, but she may have to face something. Just then, someone walks into the store, a man named Matt Mallinson, the investigator in charge of the National Transportation Safety Board and tells Melinda that there were several calls coming from the store to the FAA and local airport of the plane crash before it happened, and Andrea tells him she made some of those calls too. Matt asks Melinda if she made the calls and Melinda says she did, and he wonders where she got her information from since the calls were made a half hour before the media were notified. Melinda tells him it was intuition, but he reads a transcript from her call and tells her it was pretty specific. Andrea then asks him if he has a passenger list of the plane and tells him her brother's name, and Melinda repeats her question and he tells her that it hasn't as the families are still being notified. He then asks how she knew about the plane and tells her to expect a call later on. He then leaves the store as Melinda looks helplessly at Andrea.

PDVD 1358

Melinda talks to Jim about Matt

Back at the plane crash site at night, Melinda is walking with Jim, telling him of Matt and that she needs to make a formal statement. Melinda is scared about having to tell the FBI how she knows, as the truth would not go down well. Melinda then tells Jim there is a ghost woman who is looking for her 10 year old daughter, but Jim tells her they haven't found any kids yet. Jim kisses Melinda goodbye before turning back and telling Melinda that when this is all over, the rushing of their relationship stops, and kisses Melinda again. He walks away and Melinda turns to look at the other ghosts she had seen earlier before they disappear. Melinda tells them to wait, and then the Wide Brim Hat Man appears and tells Melinda "they're mine". The Wide Brim Hat Man disappears and Melinda gets a fright when Matt comes up behind her and tells her she has to go with him. He tells Melinda that volunteers aren't allowed to go past the tape, and Melinda apologizes and asks if she can go, but he tells her she can't. The ghost Pilot appears when Matt asks Melinda when she realized an aircraft was in distress, and Melinda answers telling him it was more a feeling she had. The pilot appears behind Matt, telling them to check the outflow valves and tells Melinda she has to tell him. Melinda tells Matt and he appears confused and wonders how she knows about it. Jim then walks up to them and asks him what he is doing with his wife, and tells him that they can't keep her like that, and he replies by saying he can't but Law Enforcement can. Melinda and Jim begin to walk away, and Matt tells Melinda to never cross the yellow tape again.

PDVD 1359

Melinda is visited by Amy Fields

At Melinda and Jim's house, Melinda is on the phone in the kitchen, first appearing through the eyes of a ghost. She puts the phone down and begins to make tea until a breeze interrupts her. Amy Fields appears to Melinda, telling her she saw them take her body away and that she isn't ready. She has no one, no husband, no kids, and she stayed single because she wanted to travel and see everything there is to see. She then says she didn't see enough and now that's it and she doesn't get a second chance. Melinda tells her not here, and Amy continues to say she doesn't know why she is dead or what happened, but Melinda tells her she has to cross over into the light. Amy then tells Melinda that "he" told them they didn't have to and made promises and said they could stay there with the others. Melinda asks who told her that and she tells Melinda a man with the hat. Melinda asks what he said and Amy tells her he said they need to stay away from the Light and that they can stay there and do things for him, and can stay forever if they wanted to. Amy tells Melinda she is staying and so is everyone else, before disappearing.

PDVD 1367

Melinda recognizes Reggie

At the plane crash site the next morning, now two days after the crash, Melinda asks Matt for fifteen minutes on the crash but Matt tells her he wants answers, and Melinda tells him she knows what she knows because of the Pilot. Matt assures her the pilot is dead and Melinda agrees, saying the Pilot was behind him when she told him of the valve. He asks her if she is a psychic, but Melinda tells him psychics see the future, and that she sees the dead. He asks if she is registered at the CIA, but Melinda tells her she's only been registered at the Pottery Barn when she got married. He asks if she can get any more information, and she tells him she can if he lets her on the site, so he gives her fifteen minutes. Walking through the site, Melinda comes across the ghosts from earlier, and then sees Reggie the ghost, walking up to him and telling him she knows him. He looks at her and Melinda asks what he is doing there and he tells her they're waiting for the victims of the plane crash, that he wants them altogether, referring to The Wide Brim Hat Man. Melinda turns and sees him, and then he laughs at her and disappears. The other ghosts also disappear, and then Lisa appears to Melinda telling her the others are going with him.

PDVD 1370

Lisa tells Melinda about how she died

Lisa tells Melinda what The Wide Brim Hat Man had been telling the spirits and Melinda assures Lisa he is lying. Lisa asks if Melinda has seen her daughter, but Melinda tells her she hasn't seen any spirits of children, not knowing that Matt is watching her. Lisa asks if she is dead and Melinda tells her she is, but Lisa gets upset, confused and angry. Melinda asks where she was on the plane, but Lisa tells her she wasn't on the plane. A flashback shows Lisa driving a car with her daughter in the front passenger seat, talking about what they were to do when they got home until they hear a huge roaring sound of a plane, and Kristen looks out of the window to see the plane descending. Lisa needs her husband to look for Kristen. That night, Melinda is walking through the Square, noticing all shops are closed with Flight 395 dedications on their windows, and then Melinda sees a sign saying "You're the One". Melinda tries to get a closer look, but the sign actually says Closed. Melinda continues walking and sees Andrea sitting on a bench and Melinda sits next to her.

PDVD 1387

Melinda tries to tell Andrea something

Melinda asks Andrea where she was all day, and Andrea tells her she went to Mitch's apartment. She then tells Melinda about when the psychic had the vision about her brother, and maybe this is what she meant, but Melinda thinks it's too early to tell. Andrea tells Melinda she has been trying to work up the courage to go into the Family Waiting Center to see the passenger manifest, and Melinda tells Andrea she has something to tell her. Andrea jumps to the conclusion that Melinda has seen Mitch's ghost, and runs away before Melinda has a chance to tell her the truth. In the Family Waiting Center, Matt talks to a room full of people, families of the victims of the plane crash, and he tells them their have been no survivors found as of yet. Melinda walks into the room and sees many of the spirits of the crash trying to talk to their loved ones. Matt walks away and Melinda then goes to the front of the room and talks to them all. She tells them she isn't involved in the crash, but she is someone who lives and works in Grandview and is sorry for what happened. She tells them their loved ones are with them and they feel them, and when Melinda was on the crash site she could feel them there like she can now. Melinda tells them they feel confused and scared, but the thing they feel the most is their love, and that they know they love them, and that's the only thing that matters. Melinda walks away and sees the architect who Andrea had hired for the store, and the ghost of Lisa next to him. He tells the woman that his wife wasn't on the plane, and Melinda looks at the manifest on the notice board and sees Mitch Marino's name circled in red with a question mark next to it. Melinda looks at Matt, then walks out of the center.

PDVD 1397

Melinda and Jim in their bedroom

Melinda walks out of the Center and passes The Wide Brim Hat Man without noticing. She then begins hearing noises and stops, turning around and seeing the Wide Brim Hat Man. He tells her "they're mine", but Melinda tells him he can't trick all those souls into staying. He then tells Melinda that since she feels so strongly about it, he will let her cross them over into the Light, but in exchange, he wants Melinda's soul. At Melinda and Jim's house, Melinda is telling Jim about her encounter, and wonders why her soul is worth hundreds. Jim tells her it's because he wants her to stop crossing spirits over. Melinda then tells Jim she has been having dreams and seeing signs that all say the same thing, "You're the One", and Melinda asks if that is what it means. Jim tells her it isn't, but Melinda thinks this is all that it's been leading up to. Melinda tells Jim she can't ignore all those people, but Jim makes her think about all the people she could help for the rest of her life, she can't ignore them. Melinda tells Jim she has lost too much in the past few days, and Jim asks if Melinda has told Andrea, and Melinda tells her that she can't. They then hear a noise outside and Jim goes to look, revealing it's Matt.

PDVD 1405

A Ghost Flight

Outside Melinda and Jim's house, Matt opens the trunk of his car and shows Melinda the outflow valve. Melinda asks why he brought it to her, and he says she knows why. The next morning, Melinda and Matt are at the crash site, and the Pilot is with them. Matt holds the outflow valve and he asks Melinda to tell him to turn it for him. Matt does so and the Pilot notices that it's closed when it should have been open, concluding that it was his fault. A flashback shows the Pilot doing a pre-flight check, and he tells Melinda how he always does them and a closed valve should have been obvious. They were over the ocean at 35,000 feet when all hell broke loose. We also see The Wide Brim Hat Man appear in the cockpit when the plane began to experience failure. Before the Pilot had a chance to check the outflow valve, he began feeling disoriented and went to sleep. When he woke up he was a spirit, and could only watch everyone else die until it became a ghost flight. Melinda asks Matt if that makes sense to him, and he says it does, as it's called hypoxia, at that altitude when the cabin loses pressure then they only have about 20 seconds before their brain shuts down. Melinda asks if he wants to ask the Pilot anything, but Matt says he doesn't have anything to ask and then walks away. The Pilot is in denial about not checking the valve, and Melinda tells him he has to tell the passengers. He tells her he can't as his mistake cost them their lives, but Melinda tells him that doesn't matter as everyone deserves to know how they died so the others can cross over.

PDVD 1409

Melinda and Charlie in Hospital

Elsewhere on the crash site, Jim is working when he hears "mommy". He stops and tells everyone to be quiet, but after everything is silent, he apologizes and everyone gets back on with their work. He then hears a young girl talking again and then rushes to a pile of debris and gets other people to help him move everything. Inside is the car with a young girl sitting and she asks for their help. Jim feels her pulse and smiles. The body of her dead mother lies next to her, though she hasn't realized she is dead yet. John goes to the other side of the car to pull the body out while Jim puts a brace around the young girls neck. Jim then pulls her out and helps her onto a stretcher where paramedics take her into an ambulance. People applaude the survivor and Melinda watches, Lisa appearing behind her and telling her she has to tell her husband. At the hospital, the architect, Charlie, is outside a hospital room with his daughter who is lying in bed. Melinda is with him and tells him his wife has a message for him, Melinda telling him she has seen Lisa's spirit and that she is with Kristen right now. Melinda tells Charlie his wife has some journals in the closet, a lot of them that she started when she was Kristen's age documenting everything she's ever done or felt. She wants Charlie to give Kristen one every year until she grows up. Lisa wants them to cry to not hold anything back. Lisa is counting on Charlie to be Kristen's rock. Melinda tells him to say goodbye as she is ready to cross over. He puts his hand on the glass, and so does Lisa on the other side, and Charlie can feel her. Lisa then crosses over and Melinda says she needs to go, but Charlie wants Melinda to meet his daughter. Melinda agrees and goes into the room. Kristen tells Melinda she knows her and Melinda asks how, and Kristen says she saw her in her dream, and in her dream she saw the Light and a guardian angel told her she had to go back, that it wasn't her time yet. Kristen says he wanted her to give her a message to someone and showed her Melinda. He also said that someone bad was here, and he needs to be stopped by Melinda, and said that Melinda is The One.

PDVD 1442

Most of the Spirits Cross Over

At the crash site, all of the spirits of those who died on the plane circled around the Pilot, who tells them that it was his fault the plane went down, but they only went to sleep so they didn't feel any pain or panic. But everyone begins shouting at the Pilot until Melinda steps in. She tells them they all need peace so the best thing to do is to go into the Light. Romano then appears and holds a counter argument against Melinda. Romano tells them they can all stay on Earth, and Melinda says they can but they shouldn't as there is nothing left for them anymore. Romano calls Melinda a liar and tells them their family, friends and homes are there. Melinda tells them the right thing to do is to cross over, but Romano asks who has done the right thing. He then confronts the Pilot about his wife being ill and that he took the job to get away from her. Romano then reveals that he has done terrible things, to look around them, revealing that he was actually the reason they were all dead, he caused the plane to crash. He tells them on the other side of the Light is judgment and punishment, but Melinda assures them on the other side is peace and forgiveness. Romano asks if she has been, and Melinda tells him she hasn't, but she knows it's true. The spirits then begin to walk away, but Melinda tells them to wait. They stop and Melinda tells them she has devoted her life to this just as her grandmother did, that she has crossed over hundreds of souls, that she has never been into the Light but she has seen the faces of all the spirits she did cross over. She saw their eyes, their happiness, their feelings of peace and they just have to have faith. Then everything becomes brighter, and even Melinda and Jim can see the Light, because their are so many souls to cross over. She tells them their loved ones are waiting for them over there and they won't let anything bad happen to them. All the ghosts and Jim look into the Light, all silent and astonished at how beautiful it is. Romano, however, appears displeased as the spirits walk towards the Light, even the 19 spirits that appeared before, including Reggie. After they crossed over, Melinda looks to see 7 of the crash victims, including Amy Fields, have decided to stay with Romano. A dove on the tree flies away.

PDVD 1486

Romano wants Andrea's Spirit

In Same As It Never Was Antiques, Andrea paces when Melinda comes through the door. Andrea tells Melinda she feels better that Melinda didn't see Mitch cross over, that he may just be stranded somewhere. Melinda picks up the antique watch Andrea had bought for Mitch and compared the time to her watch, which is just a little before midnight, to see that the time on the watch is correct. Melinda looks up and sees Mitch outside the store. Melinda then tells Andrea she has something she needs to tell her, and Andrea asks if she actually did see Mitch. Melinda tells her he is here, and Andrea asks where, to which Melinda tells her he is outside. Andrea turns and looks outside and sees Mitch, relieved she can see him which would mean he wasn't dead. Andrea runs outside and calls out his name, but he walks right past her and hugs Melinda. Melinda tells Mitch she is sorry, and Mitch tells her he should have been on that plane but he took a later flight. He asked how it happened, and Melinda tells him Andrea was driving to his apartment in the City, she tried so hard to reach him that her car must have been in the path of the flight. Andrea stands shocked, crying and in disbelief. Mitch asked if she thinks she suffered, but Melinda looks at Andrea and tells him no. Mitch walks away to stare at her apartment, and Andrea walks to stand next to Melinda, shaking her head. Andrea asks her to tell her it's not true, but Melinda apologizes and that she tried to tell her but she couldn't as she didn't want to let go, that it was just a dream and she was going to wake up. Andrea tells her it couldn't be happening, she was falling in love with a poet, and it was her brother's birthday. Melinda then walks to Mitch and gives him the watch Andrea had got him, and Melinda tells him she wanted him to have it for his birthday. Mitch takes it and cries as Melinda looks back at Andrea, who looks back at her. Both crying uncontrolably, they stand staring at each other for a few seconds until Melinda realizes someone coming up behind Andrea. It's Romano, telling Melinda she's mine.


  • Victims of the Plane Crash (226)
  • Lisa Filbert
  • Amy Fields
  • 19 other spirits
  • Andrea Marino
  • Romano
  • Ghost Pilot
  • Reggie

Altogether: 251 spirits

Andrea's DeathEdit

Though Andrea was not revealed to be dead until the end of the episode, there were several signs throughout the episode that viewers might have missed before learning of her passing.

  • Andrea never opens a door or picks something up in the episode, as ghosts can't do that unless they have a major amount of energy bottled inside, usually anger, but Andrea doesn't.
  • Andrea tells Melinda she hasn't slept- ghosts don't sleep.
  • Melinda is about to tell Andrea that there is something she will have to face, but is interrupted before she can finish off her sentence.
  • Matt Millinson, an investigator, goes to the store where Melinda and Andrea are and never looks at Andrea once as if she wasn't there, or if he couldn't see her.
  • Matt also ignores Andrea when she tells him she made some of the calls to the FAA and the local airports, and again when she asks him if he knows whether her brother, Mitch Marino, was on the plane. Melinda repeats the question to him, which he then answers.
  • Later in the episode outside the Family Waiting Center, Andrea sits on a bench while Melinda sits next to her. Melinda tells Andrea she has to tell her something, but Andrea jumps to the conclusion that Melinda has seen Mitch's ghost and then runs away before Melinda can tell her the truth.
  • Jim asks Melinda when they are in their bedroom if Melinda has "told Andrea" and Melinda begins crying and says she can't. If this was about telling Andrea that Mitch was on the manifest, Melinda wouldn't have cried the way she did, especially since it wasn't confirmed that he even boarded the plane since his name was circled in red and a question mark was next to it.


  • This episode gathered a total of 11.06 million viewers. It's the highest-rated Ghost Whisperer season finale to date.
  • This episode also marks the first season finale cliffhanger with Andrea being revealed to be dead. Finale Cliffhangers continued for Season 2 with the revelation of Melinda's previously unknown brother, and Season 3, which ended on five shadows for six people. Season 4, however, broke the chain of Season Finale Cliffhangers by not having a cliffhanger at the end.


  • This is the first episode in which we get to see "The Light" that ghosts go through when they cross over. Not only can Melinda see it, but also Jim and Matt see it. Melinda explains that it must be because so many souls are waiting to cross over at once.
  • Some of the plane crash victims decide not to cross over and stay with the Wide Brim Man.
  • This is the first episode that Melinda didn't say her monologue in the beginning of the show since the monologue began, though the first to never feature it was Pilot.
  • In the scene where Melinda goes back to the NTSB tent and asks the agent if she can see the wreck for 15 minutes and that she won't disturb anything, in the bottom left of the shot behind the agent next to a roll of "Do Not Cross" yellow tape you can see a box labeled NCC-1701-D, this is the starship registry number of the U.S.S. Enterprise-D in the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation.
  • Kristen, the young girl who survives the plane crash when the plane crushed the car she was in, was found on the third day after the crash. How she survived for three straight days without food or water or even why she didn't call for help earlier is never explained.


MELINDA: I just wanted to tell you all how sorry I am. How sorry we all are here in Grandview. I also wanted to tell you, to make you understand if I can, that your loved ones, they feel you. They know that you're here. I've been to the crash site, and I felt their spirits there. And I can... I can feel them right now in this room. I feel their sadness. I feel their confusion. But the biggest thing that I feel is their love. For you. And if there is anything that they would want you to know, it's that they know how much you love them. That is so important for you to know. It's the only thing that matters.

MELINDA: You can't do this. You can't trick those souls into staying here.
WIDE BRIM HAT MAN: Well, since you feel so strongly about it, I will release all your precious souls and let you send them into the light, and in return... I'll take you.

MELINDA: (After Wide Brim Man says he'll release the souls of the plane passengers in exchange for hers) It was 250 people Jim. Do I really have the right to ignore that?
JIM: What about the thousands of people you could help the rest of your life. Do you really have the right to ignore them?

WIDE BRIM HAT MAN: (To the ghosts of the plane passengers) You can all stay right here.
MELINDA: Yes, you can, but you shouldn't. There's nothing here for you anymore.
WIDE BRIM HAT MAN: That's a lie. Your families are here, your friends, your homes. No one knows what's on the other side, why take that chance?
MELINDA: You were all meant to move on, that's why you died.
WIDE BRIM HAT MAN: You died because the plane crashed.

ANDREA (after finding out she's dead): I was falling in love with a poet.

MELINDA (to the Pilot): We may not all know why we die, but everybody deserves to know how they died.

MR. MALLINSON: You claim to be a psychic?
MELINDA: No. Psychics see the future.
MR. MALLINSON: What do you see?
MELINDA: The dead.

MR. MALLINSON: Are you registered?
MELINDA: I was registered at pottery barn when I got married, that's about it...

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