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The Night We Met is the eighth episode of the second season, and the thirtieth overall episode, of the CBS series, Ghost Whisperer, originally premiering on November 10, 2006. The episode was written by David Fallon and directed by Peter O'Fallon, and recieved a total of 11.46 million viewers.

The ghost of a chef called Warren Chen who died in a fire at a Chinese restaurant meets Melinda after the restaurant he died in burns for a second time. He tells Melinda that she must find out who set the fire that he was blamed for.

Guest Starring

  • Jay Mohr as Rick Payne
  • Jadon Gedrick as Jesse Sutton
  • Alexandra Bokyn Chun as Lilly Chen
  • Tim Kang as Warren Chen
  • Marco Sanchez as Freddy Diaz
  • Time Winters as James Sutherland
  • Robet Chester Smith as Ken
  • Marc Raducci as Noah
  • Beverly Todd as Sheri Powell

Plot Synopsis

Melinda is showing Delilah her anniversary gift to Jim, being five years since they met, when a fire truck is seen going to a burning reaturant. The fire fighters manage to get everyone out, but Melinda notices that a man on fire is still in the reaturant, but when two of the fire fighters walk through him, it becomes clear that he is a ghost who died in the resturant. Jim explains to Melinda at home that no one died in the fire, but that it was burned down before, and that tonight was the reopening of the place. Jim is also excited about Friday being poker night (it is also the night of when he and Melinda first met).

Melinda explains to Delilah at work that Jim has forgotten their anniversary, and believe he sill find out eventually. Professor. Payne comes into the store, after Delilah leaves Melinda ask what five signs mean. Payne explains that in most parts of the world five is a big sign meaning something serious wil happen. When she is sleeping that night she goes down stairs and notices the stair well is on fire, but it doesn't burn her. The man from the fire is in her kitchen only saying it surns and someone knows why. When explaining it to Jim, they both believe that the resturant was set on fire, and that the owner of the resturant may know why. One of Jims friend Freddy who he works with sees Melinda the next day about the fire. Freddy explains that the first fire was arson, and that the co owner tried to screw his partner over in a insurence stunt, but the co owner died by burning to death. Melinda looks up the story on line and the co owner Warren Chen left behind his wife Lilly. When looking her up the ghost of Warren comes back and reconizes Lilly.

Melinda talks to Jesse the owner of the resturant. Jesse explains that the fire wasn't paid by insurance because it was arson, and now thats it burned again, he has to sell his house. he shuts down after Milinda ask about the first fire, saying that what Warren did broke his heart. Melinda tries to find her number but fails to do so. At the store Melinda tells Delilah that Jim still hasn't remebered. Delilah then remembers that her husban never remebered either, but that he said "Cause it's just one day, what's one day when you compare it to being married to you every single day." Delilah then sugject Melinda check the funeral hoem where Warren had his funeral so that she can get Lillies number. At the funeral home Melinda ask the man their to call Lilly, saying that she had something important to tell her. Lilly meets with Melinda and they talk about Warren. Warren was a cook and went into buisness with Jesse, but he hated managing the resturant and his cooking talent was wasted. When Melinda explaisn her gift, Lilly walks away Saying he doesn't want Warren to know.

At the resturant Melinda talks to Warrens spirit and ask about the fire, Warren explains that he wanted to be bought out, but Jesse wouldn't, and that he hated not loving his job. He even says he use to dream about the place burning so e could be free. Melinda explains that he should cross over now that his revenge on Jesse is over, but Warren explains it is Lilly he needs to talk. Warren doesn't know why but it is clear that it has to do with the stain glass he is holding.

Back at home Melinda finds Lilly's address and finds out that Liily and Jesse got married after Warrens death. At the resturant again she talks to Warren about the marriage and how the death was a year ago, Warren angry dissapears before he says he will burn them all. At jesses house the windows explode and Melinda tells him and Lilly that Warren is with them. Warren ask if Lilly was with them before he died, Lilly says no and that all she wanted was for him to be happy and to quit, and after Warrens death they morned him with each other. Warren finally rember the night he died. Warren explains that Lilly made stain glass for their room and that he got her a fram for it. After he and Jesse fought again he realized half wya hoem he forgot the gift and went inside. When he got it he saw Jesse set the fire, Warren cornered tried to get out through the dining room, but the fire burst onto him, and burned to death. Jesse reveals Warren story to be true, that the resturant was going broke, and was afraid that if he told Warren, he would quit for sure. The fire was started to get insurance money on it, but didn't expect Warren to come back. Jesse heard that the arson police assumed Warren started it and let Warren take the blame believeing him going to jail wouldn't bring Warren back. Lilly is furious with the news of her lovers death. Melinda realizes that the reopening of the resturant wasn't why Warren came back, but Lilly being with the man that killed him was why he came back. Warren tells Lilly that he loved her and that All he wanted for them was to have a life of their own. Lilly explains that being with himwas all she needed, and Warren is relieved with her love for him , and wants to him to be the first person she sees when it is her time. Knowing that Lilly knows the truth, Warren crosses over, but before he does leaves behind Lillies stained glass.

back at home Melinda gives Jim her gift to him not telling about the aniversary

, a tiny hot dog cart that makes actual hotdogs. While getting his jacket for poker he sees an umbrella like her old one and realizes that Jim remembered and the poker night was a lie.

Sub Plot

Throughout the show, flash backs are seen of the night when Melinda and Jim first met. Melinda is being taken out of her burning apartment building when a women tell her that her husband is still inside. Melinda tells Jim that a man is still inside, even though he doesn't believe her, he and his friend Noah go in to double check. They find the womens husband under a pile of stuff, but they also find the womens body, revealing that the women outside is a ghost. Before she crosses over she sees her husband safe and sound, and ask Melinda to check up on him. When walking in the rain when her umbrella comes undone, and Jim comes by and walks with her. WHen eating hot dogs he ask how she knew about the man, but Melinda doesn't tell him then about her gift.