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“Code Words” and “Code Names”

I hear voices and they claim to be Ghosts. I don’t really believe in Ghosts, but after many horrendous years, I have discovered the most amazing thing. They use “code words” and “code names” to terrorise me, and to induce me to believe the wrong thing! They make me cry, and break my heart, when they tell me that a friend has just died, but they are using the wrong name, and the incorrect name for the location, and even the word “died” or “killed” is esoteric.

5th March 2015 0012

This is a list of the latest “code words” / “code names” - (keyword) phrases: we are not grifters we're not picking on MS we're picking on someone else the song: advance australia fair that's JD's ghost singing that's not maggie is pam getting raped are going to commit suicide what are you shaking for ill you ever run out of veins what is your favorite color what is my favourite color what is his favourite color what is RT favourite color where is RT now who is RT now what is my name hy are you writing what is my favourite color do you care about maggie because, just because

"their they go they are all committing suicide" can you have MS what do you want what do I want

Example: 16th April 2015 1409

Code words being used while 'Pam' and 'Nancy' are being fucked by 'Geoff', 'Michael' & 'Pierre' & 'Don' - suicide - who did you - my feelings don't belong to me