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The Gathering is the twenty-second episode of the second season, and the fourty-fourth overall episode, of the CBS series, Ghost Whisperer, originally premiering on May 11, 2007 as the season two finale. The episode was written and directed by John Gray, and recieved a total of 9.15 million viewers.

Melinda visits the Mayor of Grandview and asks him to cancel the memorial dedication they are holding. She speaks to the ghost of a mail person and is looking for a young girl named Kristen. Later, Melinda and Professor Payne search for missing children after their Nanny says that they left with a man named Gabriel. A mysterious man tries to get Melinda to stop helping the good guys. Melinda and professor Payne search for the children and is able to bring them all together.

Guest Starring[]

  • Jay Mohr as Rick Payne
  • Julian Sands as Ethan Clark
  • Ignacio Serricchio as Gabiel Lawrence
  • Vivian Wu as Prophet Ghost / Dana Clark
  • Kyle Chavarria as Kirsten Filbert
  • Tim Guinee as Charlie Filbert
  • Jenny Levine as Jane Hargrove
  • June Squibb as Mary Ann
  • Mike Hagerty as Mayor Alex Millio
  • Grace Fulton as Young Melinda
  • Alisa Vilena Gerstein as Elena Petrova
  • Davide Schiavone as Stefano Donato
  • Jeremy Shada as Liam Fletcher
  • Jane Wall as Karen the Nanny

Plot Synopsis[]


Melinda (formerly), Mail Lady


The Song Played During The Ceremony Was Keep Holding on By Avril Lavigne