The Crossing is the second episode of the first season of the CBS series, Ghost Whisperer, originally premiering on September 30, 2005. The episode was written by Catherine Butterfield and directed by Ron Lagomarsino, and recieved a total of 10.87 million viewers. Melinda sees the son of an acquaintance playing with a boy called Kenny near to a railroad crossing and she discovers that the Kenny is a ghost. With the support of her partner in their antique business Andrea Marino and her husband Jim, Melinda contacts Kenny's family, avoids another tragedy and resolving their issues, helping Kenny to cross to the other side.

Guest StarringEdit

  • Christine Baranski as Faith Clancy
  • Joseph Castanon as Kenny Dale
  • Paula Cale as Candice Dale
  • David Eigenberg as Hank Dale
  • Jordan Dang as Dylan
  • James DuMont as Steve Pinkus
  • Pamela Wilson as Judy

Plot SynopsisEdit


Melinda keeps Dylan from the train

As Melinda drives her car, she is on the phone to Jim. He tells her that his mother is coming the next day instead of Friday while Melinda drives towards a train track. The barrier comes down and the signal that a train is on its way sounds. Two young boys place coins on the track but Melinda notices them and puts the phone down. Melinda runs out of her car and tells the two boys to get off the tracks, one of the boys is called Dylan and Melinda knows his mother. The other boy stays on the tracks and the train comes, and Dylan goes to help him but Melinda stops him. The train goes right through Kenny and he appears right next to Dylan, to Dylan's astonishment, but confirms Kenny as a ghost. Melinda tells Dylan to go into Melinda's car so she can take him back to his mother while she talks to Kenny. Melinda asks why Kenny is there, and he tells her that he is waiting for him mommy. He says that if he ever got lost then he should stay where he is and she'll find him. Melinda sees a photo of Kenny next to the train tracks with flowers and a teddy bear and Melinda realizes he must have died in that area. She tells Kenny she will get him straightened out, but when she turns around Kenny is not there anymore.


Melinda researches Kenny

 At a Hairdressers called 'Tickle Me Pink Salon', a middle-aged woman who works there looks out the window, looking angry yet relieved, and leaves the salon. Melinda is getting out of the car with Dylan, and the woman asks where he has been. She is Dylan's mother, and Melinda tells her that she found Dylan down by the tracks. The mother told Dylan that he wasn't allowed to leave the Square, but Dylan tells her that Kenny told him to do it. The mother retaliates and tells him that there is no Kenny, but Dylan insists that there is, and asks Melinda to tell his mother that he is right. Melinda pretends to play along with him, but the mother tells her not to encourage him. Melinda jokes with her, but the mother takes Dylan inside the salon. That night, Melinda is at home with Jim, he is tidying up as she is on the laptop researching Kenny, and finds an article from last October about his tragic death, that a train collided with an SUV at the Grandview Rail Crossing. Candace Dale and her daughter bairly escaped but her six-year-old son perished. Jim asks how Dylan could see Kenny, and Melinda tells him that kids can almost always see spirits, that's where imaginary friends come from. Melinda finds out that Candace works at a bookstore not too far and decides that she should talk to her. They discuss about Jim's mother, Faith, who still doesn't know of Melinda's gift.

Melinda tells Kenny she will take him to his mommy

The next morning, Kenny is still waiting at the train tracks. Melinda leaves her car and walks towards him, asking if he remembers her, but he just wants his mommy. Melinda tells him she can take him to his mom, but Kenny wants to stick by his mother's word that if he should stay where he is if he ever got lost, but Melinda tells him that maybe she doesn't know where to look. Kenny agrees and they walk to Melinda's car. Kenny notices a spider pendant hanging in Melinda's car, and Kenny tells her that he had one like that, that he got it from the fair, and so did Melinda. Kenny tells her that his mommy was mad at him because he wanted it, and that he didn't do what she wanted. Andrea is at the store moving stuff around when Dylan walks in, and Andrea asks if his mom knows he's there. He gives Andrea a present, a rock, which he tells her that its igneous, so if she gets it wet it will look really cool. Dylan tells Andrea of the different rock types, to which she doesn't seem very interested. Andrea tells Dylan that his mum might be worried where he is and should go back to the salon, but Dylan tells her that he hates it there. Andrea wonders if he has someone he could play with, but he says that he did but he ran away. Andrea apologizes that she is really busy but promises that on her lunch break she will check out the rock. Dylan smiles and leaves the shop, leaving Andrea to get back to work.


Jim meets his mum, Faith

Outside a book store, Melinda's car is parked and Kenny looks out the top as Melinda gets out. Melinda tells him to wait in the car so she can talk to his mommy first to make sure that she isn't mad at him anymore. She turns to go into the book shop but sees Kenny standing outside, who tells her that he knows this place as mommy works there. Melinda takes him to the side and talks with Kenny. She wonders if he remembers the train, but he can't remember, and he can't really understand. Melinda realizes that Kenny doesn't know he's dead. Melinda walks into the book shop, where a woman is looking through the books and almost walks into Melinda. The clerk behind the counter looks suspiciously at Melinda as we see that the woman who nearly walked into Melinda is actually a ghost. Melinda then turns to the clerk and asks if she could speak with Candace Dale, but the clerk tells her that she isn't working there today, and Melinda asks where she is and when asked if she is a friend of Candace's, Melinda tells her that she is more like a friend of her son's. The clerk tells Melinda that she is at the Court House, as today is the day. Melinda walks away and leaves the shop. Jim is at the train station waiting for his mother as people get off a train that had just stopped. Jim sees his mother and walks to her, and they greet in an embrace. Faith tells him that marriage seems to agree with him, though he should be putting on a few pounds from his wife's cooking, however Jim tells her that Melinda doesn't cook which he doesn't mind since he cooks himself. Jim offers to carry her bags, but she tells him she is still young enough to carry them, and they leave the train station, linking arms.


Melinda and Kenny at the Court House

Jim is driving Faith through Grandview, who finds the place lovely and would have been perfect for the wedding if they had a little bit of notice. Faith tells Jim that with his brother gone, his wedding was the only wedding she would look forward to. Faith asks why she didn't change her last name to Clancy, but Jim assures her she has nothing against the Irish. Faith thinks the antique shop sounds cute, that she won't haunt Melinda she just wants to get to know her. Melinda is in her car looking outside at a Court House. Kenny appears from the back seat and Melinda gets a small freight. Melinda resumes looking at the Court House and sees a woman and man leave, and Kenny tells Melinda they are his parents. His mother is crying and Kenny wonders if she is still mad at him, but Melinda doesn't think she is. A man leaves the Court House and Kenny's parents turn away from him. Melinda decides that she will talk to Kenny's mother later to find out why she is sad. Melinda tells Kenny that they both could talk to her, so Kenny stays with Melinda for the time being. He looks at his mother with sadness and guilt. His father looks at the man who left with anger as his mother turns away in tears.


Andrea pretends she can see Kenny

Melinda walks into the antique store as Andrea is checking the stock. Melinda grabs Andrea's arm and brings her to the back and asks to speak with Andrea in private. Andrea tells Melinda it's an empty store but Melinda tells her otherwise. Andrea tells her that that always gives her goosebumps. She asks who the ghost is, and Melinda tells her that its a six-year old boy who died in a train crash last October. Melinda tells her that she needs to go talk to his mother, so Andrea thinks Melinda needs her to mind the store, but Melinda tells her that she needs to mind the kid. Melinda tells her that she needs to pretend that she is able to see him and that he is right next to the table. Andrea goes over to the table and starts talking, but she isn't even looking at Kenny. Kenny walks away from her and asks Melinda what is wrong with her, and Melinda tells Kenny that she is blind. Melinda lets him look at the antique toys. Melinda stops Andrea from further embarresment and tells her she did great, just as Faith and Jim walk in. Melinda walks over to her and they hug, and she gives Jim a kiss. Faith comments that Melinda is glowing, and then Melinda introduces Faith to Andrea. Faith tells Melinda that she needs a better name to call her instead of Mrs. Clancy, like Faith, Mother, Mother Faith or Nana. Kenny starts talking to Melinda, and Faith gets confused with what Melinda is saying. Melinda tells them she needs to get a box and so she leaves for the back. She walks in and finds Kenny, telling him he shouldn't interrupt grown-ups while they're talking. Melinda tells him she is going to see his mother and he needs to stay at the store with Andrea, but he thinks she's wierd, but promises he will stay. Melinda then tells Faith she can't make it to Lunch, but tells her she really wants to spend time with her. Melinda leaves the store.


Melinda meets Kenny's parents

Melinda comes to a small house and knocks on the door. A woman answers, Kenny's mother Candace, and Melinda introduces herself and tells her she was a friend of Kenny's. Candace assumes that Melinda must know what the verdict was, but a man from inside, Kenny's father Hank, asks who it is. Candace asks if Melinda knew him from school, but Melinda tells her that she didn't, that she owns a store in the Square. Melinda asks if she can come in for a minute, but Hank asks what is on her mind. Melinda begins telling them about her gift but finds it difficult. The mother appears hopeful about what Melinda is about to say, but Hank leaves. Melinda and Candace move to the garden, and Candace apologizes for Hank's behaviour. She then proceeds to tell Melinda that when she looks ahead she sees all these years without Kenny and that for the first time in her life she hates being young. Melinda tells Candace that she saw Kenny, but Candace doesn't understand. Melinda tells Candace that when someone dies their spirit is left behind, and they have messages to get across to the living, and don't know how to take the next step. Melinda tells Candace that she can see Kenny, and that he is waiting for her to find him. Candace asks Melinda if she expects her to believe that she saw her son. Melinda understands how hard it is, but Melinda tells her that Kenny told her that if he ever got lost, to wait where he is and she would come find him. Candace begins to believe her, and Melinda tells her that Kenny was attracted to a Spider Ornament she had in her car and that he got it from the fair. Melinda tells Candace that she can help her talk to him, but Candace tells her no and asks her to leave. Melinda tells her that Kenny needs her, but she goes inside her house. Melinda leaves her card and sticks it on the door.


Jim tries to help Melinda

Jim is cooking in the kitchen of his and Melinda's house when Melinda runs in and asks Jim if he is okay. Melinda tells him that Kenny is in the front room, and Melinda apologizes again for missing lunch. She tells him that she saw Kenny's mother and that it was tough, that she doesn't want to talk to him and that something else is going on but she doesn't know what. The next scene shows Faith, Jim and Melinda all having some dinner at their home and Faith discusses the Wedding Album, that it was ruined by the photogtapher, that some photos had a white glare on it, but Melinda tells them that the white glare is Dan. She proceeds to tell Faith that they were discussing how Dan would have loved to have been there. Faith then asks about Melinda's business, and Melinda tells her its something she has always wanted to do and that she has always been fascinated by antiques and the stories behind them. Suddenly they are interrupted by a noise that sounds like the television, and they cover up by saying its on the fritz and leave Faith to fix it. They enter the living room and find Kenny on the sofa with a ginger cat and that he is responsible for turning on the TV, so they turn it off. Melinda tells Jim to say hi to Kenny, and he does before they leave the room. Jim feels strange for talking to the ghost but they return to Faith and continue eating. They hear the TV again, and Melinda tells Faith that Freckles, the cat, likes it. Faith finds it odd, but they say its to keep him company. They then hear the channels flicking through, and Faith comments that its one talented cat.


Melinda and Andrea face Hank

At the store, Melinda tells everything to Andrea, telling her she thinks Faith would think Melinda is a lunatic. Andrea assures Melinda that there isn't anything Faith won't like about her. Andrea then asks where Kenny is, and Melinda tells her that he is having a SpongeBob marathon at home. Just then, Kenny's father walks into the store. He tells Melinda to stay away from them, and Andrea moves next to Melinda to support her. Hank tells her that Candace hasn't stopped crying since Melinda visited, and that she must live a great life with her scam. Melinda tells him that she doesn't make any money and Andrea backs her up. Hank makes himself clear by telling them that he isn't buying what she is selling and neither is his wife. Melinda tries to stop Hank, but he begins to raise his voice at her, that he is sick of people getting away with their lies and calls Melinda a little girl before claiming its a word of advice. Hank leaves the store as Melinda and Andrea stand in silence and disbelief. Some time later, Melinda is on the laptop looking at the Driscoll County Cive Court Calender. She tells Andrea that the case was Candace and Hank Dave v Steven Pinkus, a civil lawsuit charging Steven with negligence and reckless endangerment. Andrea tells her they lost the case and wonders if Steven was the train conductor. Dylan walks into the store and says Hi to Andrea, before saying hi to Melinda. Dylan asks if Andrea got the rock wet yet, but Andrea says not yet. Dylan then tells them that Kenny told him that their are more rocks by the railway tracks, but he isn't going down there again. Andrea asks if Kenny is there, and Dylan says he is but he isn't talking to him because his mum said that Kenny isn't real. Kenny retaliates and tells him that he is real, but Dylan insists he isn't because his mom told him that he is just in his head. Kenny and Dylan get into an argument about it, and Dylan says Andrea can't even see him, but Kenny says that she's blind, so Dylan asks Andrea if she's blind and she says no. Kenny gets angry when Dylan calls him a ghost and smashes some baubles hanging from the cieling before leaving, and Melinda runs out to follow him, but can't see him.


Kenny realizes he is dead

Melinda is looking through Grandview Square for Kenny, which is filled with people, making it harder. She then sees Kenny sitting by himself on wooden crates. Melinda walks over to him and sits next to him, Kenny is clearly upset. Melinda was hoping that his mom would talk to Kenny about this, but Kenny asks about what. Melinda asks him if he knows what it means to die, and Kenny tells her that his turtle died. He woke up one day and his turtle wasn't there, and his dad threw him away so he didn't have a chance to say goodbye. He asks if that is what's going to happen to him. Melinda assures him that it isn't going to happen to him, but he says he can hardly remember the turtle, but Melinda tells him everyone will remember him. Melinda says that their is a part of him in his mom, dad and sister, and Kenny asks if he will ever see them again, but Melinda says he has a chance to say goodbye. Kenny doesn't want to say goodbye or he will be lonely, but Melinda promises him he won't be alone, that people will know him and take care of him. Faith suddenly appears and asks why Melinda is sitting there and she tells her she was meditating. Faith and Melinda are then walking through the square, and Faith tells Melinda she bought some souviniers for her friends becaus that's what they always do when one of them goes away. She pulls a Spider Ornament out of her bag, and Melinda sees Kenny in a window and runs over to him, leaving Faith confused. She reaches the window, but he is gone. Faith runs across the road and asks if Melinda is alright, and Melinda says she is and she just thought that a baby outfit she saw was cute. Faith then tells her she knows what's going on and Melinda begins to worry. Faith tells her that her behaviour is transparent and asks if there is something she would like to tell her. Melinda tells her that there is a lot she would like to tell her but she will tell her when the time is right and hopes she understands. Faith understands and gives Melinda a hug.


Kenny cuddles his mother

At Candace's home, she is sitting in the dark in her living room. She has her daughter lying in her lap, and she then says Kenny's name, wondering if he is there. Kenny has his cheek against his mothers, and she can feel his prescence. She looks around in hope. Kenny then goes to his paren't bedroom, his dad is sitting on the bed in the dark. Kenny tells him he is home and begins crying. Kenny tells his dad that he didn't mean to leave him and wants him to stop crying. He then pulls out a gun and Kenny looks at it scared. Back in Grandview Square, Andrea and Dylan meet Melinda and tell her that they couldn't find him, but Melinda tells them that she did. Dylan's mother walks over to them and tells Dylan that she told him not to cross the Square. Dylan tells her that he was on a hunt with Andrea, but his mother tells him to go back to the store. His mother tells Melinda and Andrea that she is trying to teach him rules and that he isn't allowed in her store anymore. Dylan's mom walks away but Andrea gets her to stop as Melinda picks up her ringing phone. Andrea tells his mum not to punish Dylan because of her bad judgment. His mom walks away as Melinda answers her phone. It's Candace, and she is at home. Melinda goes there and Candace lets her in. Candace tells Melinda that she felt Kenny's cheek up against hers and that she really needs to talk to him. She tells Melinda that Kenny was standing next to the sofa when she felt him, but Melinda tells her he is not there anymore so she takes a look around the house to find him. Melinda enters a child's bedroom and Kenny appears behind her. He seems sad and scared and Melinda asks if he is alright. Kenny tells Melinda that his dad is going to do something bad.


Kenny seconds before his death

Melinda walks out of the bedroom and into the living room where Candace is standing. Melinda asks Candace where Hank is, and Candace tells her that he left 10 minutes ago but she doesn't know where. Melinda asks about the accident, and Candace begins to tell the story of what happened. She tells her that they were in the car and coming back from a fair a few towns over. Kenny was in the backseat and a Spider Ornament hung from the car's front mirror. Candace was on the phone and Kenny kept asking her for the spider he got from the fair. Candace was on the phone to Hank who was furious because the person who gave them the car promised it was in perfect condition. She went off the phone just as the car stops again, but it stops on the train tracks, and the barriers come down and the alarm sounds. The car won't start up again, so Candace gets Kenny out of the car and tells him to run to the side of the tracks as fast as he can as she gets her daughter out of the baby strap. She got her out the car and ran to the side, trying to find Kenny, but he was gone. She turns around to find Kenny had went back into the car to get his Spider Ornament as Candace screams for Kenny and the train comes closer to the car. Melinda gives Candace her condolences, but Candace said she was distracted. Melinda then asks about the man who told them that the car would be in perfect condition, and Candace tells her that the person who said it was the person who sold it to them, a horrible and arogant man, who they got from a newspaper, a private owner. They tried to sue him for negligence but they lost the case yesterday. Melinda realizes that the man lied, and remembered what Hank said to her, that once in a while someone pays for it.


Hank pulls out a gun

Hank is parked outside a house in a truck, looking agitated and angry. Kenny appears nect to him and tells him not to be mad and suggests that they go home. Hank gets out of the car and walks over to the house and knocks on the door. Steven answers the door, the person who sold the Dales the faulty car. He asks what he is doing here and Hank asks him how it feels to get away with murder. Steven steps out of his house and tells Hank to get off his property, but Hank jumps on him and attacks him. Jim has drove Melinda to the house and they see them fighting on the lawn. They run out of the car and Jim breaks the fight up and Kenny asks Melinda to get him to stop. Hank begins to run away, but he then pulls out a gun and points it at Steven. Melinda tells him not to and that Kenny is there, watching him and he doesn't want him to do this. Hank tells her to shut up, but Melinda tells him that Kenny wants him to remember what he told him when he was mad, to get all his feelings and roll them into a big ball and kick it hard, kick it to the moon. It's what Kenny wants him to do right now and it will get rid of all his mad feelings and will make him feel better. Hank puts the gun down and cries and Jim walks over to him and picks the gun up. Kenny runs over to his dad and tells him it's going to be okay. Steven goes back into his house as Jim walks over to Melinda.


Candace talks to her son

Later in the day, Candace leaves her home and thanks Melinda, who is standing on the porch, but Melinda tells Candace to thank Kenny. Candace asks if Kenny is here with them, and Melinda tells her that he is right beside her and thinks he is ready to go. Melinda tells Candace that he'll have to cross over into the light to find peace. She says he is not upset anymore, and Candace asks that he was mad with her before. Melinda tells her that he wasn't, but he thought she was mad at him for getting back into the car. Candace tells Kenny that it wasn't his fault and that mommy should have made sure he wasn't in the car. Candace starts crying and sits down on the porch steps, and Melinda sits next to her. Melinda tells Candace that Kenny loves her and doesn't blame her for anything. He's at peace now. Melinda asks if Candace wants to say goodbye to him, but Candace says she can't, and Melinda tells her that it would help him so much. Candace tells Kenny that she loves him so much, she doesn't want him to be scared, that grandma will be waiting. Kenny asks if Stubby will be waiting too, and Melinda asks who that is, and Candace tells her it was his turtle and he will be waiting too. Kenny tells Melinda he can see something really cool, and Melinda asks if its the light, and he says yes. Melinda tells Candace he is ready to cross over now. Kenny gives his mum a kiss and tells her he loves her. Kenny crosses over and Candace could feel it, and Melinda confirms that he has gone. Candace cries in Melinda's arms.


Melinda talks to Faith on the porch

Outside the 'Tickle Me Pink' Salon, Dylan is flying a toy airplane in his hands until the wind blows it away. He watches it and hears Kenny saying "see you Dylan, be nice to your mommy". Dylan turns around and looks at his mum, who is tending to a customer. Dylan runs in and hugs his mum, telling her that he loves her. She hugs him back as he says he will never yell at her anymore. At Melinda and Jim's house, Faith walks in the door as Melinda and Jim were waiting for her. She says she had to go back to the town for another little shopping spree. She gives Jim and Melinda their own presents, and Jim gets a mug with "Worlds Best Dad" on it, and Melinda gets the baby dress she saw in the market when Faith was present. Faith then tells Melinda that she knows that she is pregnant, but Melinda tells her that she is not pregnant. Faith seems disappointed but Melinda assures her that they will get to that stage further down the line. Faith then asks what it is because its starting to seem like extremely bad manners, but Jim and Melinda try to cover it up. Melinda tells Faith that she has been quite jumpy lately because an acquientance of hers lost her child and Melinda has been helping her through the grieving process. Faith understands and leaves the house. At night, Melinda walks out the house and finds Faith sitting on a chair on the porch and gives Faith some tea. Melinda apologizes to Faith about the craziness of the last few days, and Faith tells Melinda she can see that her son loves her very much, and she loves him very much too. Faith wishes Melinda had of told her about her friend sooner, that when she lost her husband and Dan, she couldn't so anything but continue forward. When Faith feels like she is going to cry, she feels Dan and her husband with her. Faith believes that Dan and her husband are out there watching over her. Faith tells Melinda she should share that with her friend as it may give her some comfort. Melinda and Faith sit in silence as the crickets sing.


  • Kenny Dale
  • Woman in Book Shop

Altogether: 2 spirits


  • This episode gathered a total of 10.87 million viewers.
  • This episode is the first to feature Melinda's opening narration.
  • Joseph Castanon (Kenny) won the 2006 Young Artist Award for Best Performance In A Television Series (Comedy or Drama)-Guest Starring Young Actor.
  • This is the first appearance of Faith Clancy.


MELINDA: My name is Melinda Gordon. I just got married, just moved to a small town, just opened an antique shop. I might be just like you. Except from the time I was a little girl, I knew that I could talk to the dead. Earthbound spirits my grandmother called them. The ones who have not crossed over because they have unfinished business with the living and they come to me for help. In order to tell you my story, I have to tell you theirs.

FAITH: Why won't she take Clancy? She got something against the Irish?
JIM: I'm sure she loves the Irish.

KENNY: I want my mommy...
MELINDA: I think I know where your mommy is... Let me take you to her.
KENNY: She told me to wait if I ever got lost.
MELINDA: Maybe she doesn't know where to look. Maybe it's time to find her.

DYLAN: Hey, Andrea, I've got something for you.
(Dylan gives Andrea a rock)
ANDREA: You shouldn't have.

FAITH: That's one talented cat!

KENNY: (to Melinda about Andrea who is still talking to the table) Is there something wrong with her?
MELINDA: Uh. She's blind.

MELINDA: Honey, are you all right?
(Kenny shakes his head)
KENNY: Daddy's gonna do something bad...

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