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The Cradle Will Rock is the sixteenth episode of the second season, and the thirty-eighth overall episode, of the CBS series, Ghost Whisperer, originally premiering on February 16, 2007. The episode was written by Jed Seidel and directed by James Chressanthis, and recieved a total of 11.35 million viewers.

Delia has her engagement ring restored at a local jeweler and when she and Melinda go to pick it up, the store is violently robbed at gunpoint. Later, Melinda is visited by the ghost of the jewelry store salesman, Randy, who died after the robbery of a severe asthma attack. He and his dangerous brother-in-law Wyatt had planned the robbery together but when Randy hid $75,000 from Wyatt, Wyatt became angry and locked him in the basement, causing the attack.

Guest Starring

  • Brian J. White as Officer Barrett
  • Shawn Christian as Wyatt Jenkins
  • Chad Donella as Randy Cooper
  • Josie Davis as Sally Jenkins
  • Bre Blair as Lynn
  • Ismeal 'East' Carlo as Man
  • Catherine Christensen as Woman

Plot Synopsis