Slow Burn is the fourteenth episode of the fourth season, and the seventy-sixth overall episode, of the CBS series, Ghost Whisperer, originally premiering on February 6, 2009. The episode was written by Jeannine Renshaw, and directed by Steve Robman, and recieved a total of 11.41 million viewers.

As Melinda and Sam/Jim decide to give dating a try, Melinda must also help the ghost of Deborah Marks protect her teenage daughter Kristy from a supposedly bad-news boyfriend.

Guest Starring

  • Gretchen Egolf as Deborah Marks
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt as Melinda Gordon
  • Brittany Curran as Kristy Marks
  • Brian McNamara as Douglas Marks
  • Will Rothhaar as Tim Dwight
  • Kenneth Mitchell as Sam Lucas
  • Sabin Rach as Craig
  • Romy Rosemont as Gail Dwight
  • Kendall Schmidt as Jeff

Plot Synopsis



  • Gretchen Egolf (Deborah) also worked with David Conrad (Jim) in the season 2 episode "Skin And Bones" of Roswell.
  • Romy Rosemont (Mrs. Dwight) also worked with Jennifer Love Hewitt (Melinda) in the episode "The Time She Got Mobbed" of Time Of Your Life.



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