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Shadow Boxer is the eleventh episode of the first season of the CBS series, Ghost Whisperer, originally premiering on December 9, 2005. The episode was written by Emily Fox and directed by Joanna Kerns, and recieved a total of 11.53 million viewers. A woman who recently died will not pass over until her young son, who is a boxer, reconciles with his father, her husband. Melinda is enlisted to help this family come to terms with their loss but has a lot of difficulty getting these two men to reunite.

Guest Starring[]

  • Sonia Braga as Estella de la Costa
  • Julio Oscar Mechoso as Gilbert de la Costa
  • Nicholas Gonzalez as Teo de la Costa
  • Peter Onorati as Anthony Masters
  • Ashley West Leonard as Olivia

Plot Synopsis[]

The episode starts in a boxing place, Jim enters and he sees a few of his boxing buddies, in a room there is Melinda and her long time Andrea taking self-defense classes, Jim sells tickets to the women for upcoming fight. Jim and Melinda make their way out the building until Jim stops and introduces Melinda to a boxer named Teo De la costa. Teo says hello Mrs. Clancy and Melinda being humble tells him to just call her Melinda, in the background there is a Spanish woman saying "That's what I taught him, never to call a grown-up by their first name unless given permission" Jim asks Teo if he could 'Take a dive' on the eighth round because he bet $100 that he would. The woman steps forward and says that her son would never do such a thing, Melinda says that it was just a joke, Jim says no it was wasn't and tells Teo good luck out there, the woman looks at Melinda and just when Melinda was about to leave she appears in front of her and speaks in Spanish "Can you see me?" She says.

Melinda nods and she walks away with Jim but she stops and looks at the woman when she speaks "Something terrible has happened to my family, help me save them, I'm afraid they will kill each other" Is what she said.

The scene moves to Melinda walking down the square being followed by the ghost woman who demands for her to talk to her. Melinda says not here and she enters the antique shop, Melinda asks who she is, the woman replies she is Estella de la costa, the mother Teo. She tells Melinda that before she died everything was fine, her husband and son would always train together but after her death they drew apart, the father stopped training his son for the Olympics, something the family always talked about. Melinda says that sounds like a domestic disputes and that she shouldn't get in the way. Estella gets frustrated and disappears but she isn't far as her son Teo is walking at the square and she is right as his side holding him by the waist.

Melinda goes back to the gym and talks to Teo and asks if his parents will be there for the upcoming fight, he says no and explains that his mother had passed away last year. Melinda assures him that she is watching over him. Teo says he doesn't believe in stuff like that only that you live and then die and the only reason because he is living is cause he's fighting he was born to fight. After that he asks her not to talk about his mother. Estella appears at a chess table in the Jim and talks about her days in Cuba how she left with nothing but made a home raised a son and she had many challenges in her life and never thought cancer was going to be one of them. Estella confesses she had brain cancer, the doctors gave her six months to live and there was a flashback showing Estella laying on the bed with loads of medicine bottles beside her and her caretaker watching Teo on TV fighting and winning the tournament, on TV Teo and his Father were celebrating, on that night she died and her family were torn apart, Teo moved out after Estella's funeral.

The scene changes and Melinda goes to talks to Alberto, Estella's husband, she tells him that she is an acquaintance of Estella's, they talk about Estella about how her and him met in Cuba, he took a picture of her with an old fashioned camera before they even met, Melinda confesses about her abilities and tell Alberto that Estella is still there and wants to talk to him. Estella asks him why is he not training their son for the Olympics and what happened. Alberto looks at her (though he doesn't know it) and says "What's done is done, I did what you ask me to do"

Estella looks at Alberto and Melinda confused. Melinda asks Alberto what did she ask him to do and he says that's between us and he excuses himself and walks away, Melinda asks Estella the same question of what did she tell Alberto to do, Estella has no idea and she disappears but she is walking with her husband at his side.

The scene goes to the gym with Teo training using the punching bags, he has flashbacks of the tournament he won on the night Estella died. A man in a suit walks in and calls Teo, Teo looks at him and the man introduces himself as Anthony Majors, the two know each other in one of Teo's matches in Brooklyn and he Anthony handed him his business card. Teo asks him what is he doing here and he explains that he was looking for him. He noticed that back then Alberto was training Teo for the Olympics and was later disqualified for the national team even though he was "Big" (famous) and then all of a sudden Teo went off the grid and he finds out he moved to a little town fighting in small matches and that he had to see for himself. Teo leans on the boxing ring and Estella appears. Teo explains there was death in the family and that it was his Mother. Anthony says he's sorry and that he knows how it feels since he lost his Father a while back. Anthony asks if he is still into the Olympics and Teo says it doesn't matter to him anymore. Anthony asks if Alberto is still training Teo, Teo says no and Anthony comes clean and says that he didn't come to Grandview to look back in the past but wants Teo to come with him to Florida and train at his training with his 'real' pro-trainers and promises that he will have one-on-one training and fight matches with the right people and after a year or two he would be 'the main event' Anthony makes a move to leave and Teo says that he has never been to Florida. Anthony turns and says that it's time for a change of scenery and fight the joy in the sport again and make some money- a lot- of money. Anthony presses some more and says that they should hang out some more while he's still in town.

Scene changes to Andrea and Melinda and practicing self-defense, (Andrea kicks her butt) Melinda sees Anthony being buddy-buddy with Teo before Anthony leaves. Estella watches Anthony leave with an angry look then a worried look when looks at Teo. Melinda senses that something is wrong.

Melinda is in her store working then all of a sudden Estella appears and says that something is wrong, Melinda ignores her. Once they're alone Melinda asks why is bad that Teo to be set up with a promoter and says isn't that what fighters do. Estella says that only amateurs do that, once you are a professional it's all about the money and that Teo is to young to deal with all that.She also says that they have to talk to Alberto again, Melinda goes to Alberto's house and asks about Anthony if he knew, Alberto says he's known him before he changed him name to Anthony that it was just Toni at first. Melinda confesses that Anthony wants to take Teo to Florida with him to help him go pro. Alberto asks what does Teo think and she says that he is still thinking about it and says that Estella is upset about it. Alberto says that Anthony has seen what Anthony has done to his fighters, and that he's just going to use Teo to make his pro-fighters look good. And that in Brooklyn it wasn't the first time, Anthony asked Alberto for Teo to come with him to train but Alberto refused, said that he was his trainer and they don't need him and no that Alberto and Teo are not on great terms anymore he's going at it again to get Teo to come with him. Melinda says that Estella wants Alberto to talk to Teo even if it's just to warn him about Anthony Teo doesn't have anyone else to guide him.

Alberto thinks that no matter what he tells Teo he will do the exact opposite. Melinda says if Teo does go with Anthony does Alberto think he can live that. The scene goes back to the gym and Teo is training on the ring while Anthony continues to persuade Teo to come with him, ensuring him that he will be taken care of despite if he wins or loses in matches and that the contract is air tight. Anthony stops talking when Alberto enters the gym. Teo asks what Alberto is doing here and Alberto says that he came to talk to him. Alberto tells Teo that he is smarter than this and that Anthony is not his friend he is just using him. Anthony interrupts and says that he can take care of Teo. Teo says it's true and that Anthony believes it's time for Teo to go pro. Alberto says that him and Teo are so close to entering the Olympics, Teo says he's done with that, Alberto says that's what Estella wanted, Teo says who is he to talk about his Mother and how did she know what she wanted and that she's gone now and all that matters is what he wants. Alberto says " Can't you see that all she wanted matters more than anything because she's gone" Teo says he doesn't have to listen to him anymore and walks away.

Alberto gets angry and yells demanding for Teo to look at him, he looks and yells that Teo doesn't know how she feels because she was his Mother but to Alberto that was his wife and that he wasn't there either when she died. Estella appears and pleads for them to not fight. Teo says too late to his Father and continues training, Alberto gives up and walks away, Estella pleads for Alberto to wait and says that Teo is young he doesn't know what he's talking about.

Later that night Teo goes to leave the gym but he grabs a bible that has a picture of his mother when she was young, he looks at the picture and says "I fight for you Mami, I always do, everything I do is always for you, every time I win I feel closer to you, I wish you were here" Teo begins to cry and Estella appears sitting next to him with an arm over his shoulder Jim and Teo go out for coffee and gives Teo advice then invites Teo to dinner.

Estella gives Melinda cooking advice to make Teo's favorite meal. Teo comes inside and has nice conversation with the couples until Alberto announces his presence. Teo's smile goes away. Melinda serves dinner and before anyone could eat Estella says to her son put his spoon down and Melinda mimics her, Estella says they don't eat until they say grace. Melinda repeats grace from Estella and Teo and Alberto are shocked by the exact words Estella used for grace. Teo is still tense since Alberto is sitting next to him and Teo accuses him of telling Melinda Estella's recipes and words for grace. Melinda says that he didn't and confesses that Estella is here and she can see ghosts. Teo doesn't believe and says that Father put her up to it so that he could get what he wants. Teo goes to leave and Estella appears in front of him and says she knows he has a photo of her in his bible. Melinda repeats her words to Teo and he asks what is she doing.

Estella says she just wants peace between Teo and Alberto.

Alberto says Teo can't hate him forever but Teo says he doesn't hate him, that it was his choice for them to leave to fight in the tournament despite that she was dying. Teo walks out of the house and Melinda follows him, Teo asks her how did he know about the photo of Estella in the his bible. Melinda said how else would she know, Estella has been telling her everything. Teo finally comes to the realization that his Mother is here.

Estella says that she is so proud of him with everything he has done and confesses that she never wanted him to be boxer, "What Mother would want to see her baby get beaten up?" Melinda says. Estella laughs. Teo laughs as well and says that she would wrap him in band-aids from head to toe, Estella denies it by shaking her head. Teo says that he couldn't protect her because he wasn't there when she died and that he'll never forgive Alberto for making them leave to go fight in the tournament. Estella says no one is perfect and that everyone makes mistakes even your parents. Teo pleads to his Mom to stop making excuses for him, that Alberto took him away from her made him go to that tournament despite him refusing countless of times but he insisted, Teo didn't want to leave his Mother knowing she didn't have much time left and believes he will never be in the Olympics, that he doesn't deserve to go to because he wasn't with her and that is his punishment.

Estella disagrees and says everything that happened is in the past and he needs to let go of that anger. Teo says he can't and that he's sorry and leaves. Estella asks Alberto why did he take Teo to the tournament. Alberto reveals that Estella told Alberto to take him to the tournament.

The night goes on and it's the night of the fight. Teo gets ready for the fight and Anthony comes in and asks where's his head at? (Meaning Teo isn't focused-distracted) Teo say he's fine. Anthony says that after he wins he has papers for him to sign and then they will be on the next first class plane to Miami. Melinda and Alberto walk in. Anthony says "What is this Grand central station" Alberto says he has come to talk to his son and that it won't take long and it's important. Anthony says he will be waiting outside. He leaves. Alberto tells Teo that he needs to know why him and Estella made that decision for Teo to go on that tournament in Brooklyn. Estella appears and says that she told him earlier that everybody makes mistakes and says she meant her.

Alberto says that before her state of mind was giving away she spoke to him and told him that her will, birth certificate, and marriage licence is in the safety deposit box. Alberto is in denial and says that she's not going anywhere and to stop talking about it. Estells begs him to something for her when she is gone and that was to make sure that Teo's career always came first and that he shouldn't miss his chance to go to the Olympics. Estella says that she was just trying to protect Teo and realizes that it was a mistake letting him leave while she was dying not Alberto's. Teo automatically forgives Estella but Estella wants him to forgive Alberto since he was only doing what she asked.

Teo asks why Alberto why didn't he tell him sooner, he thought that all this time he was putting Teo's career 1st rather than Estella. Alberto says that it was easy for Teo to be mad at him rather than at his Mother, he didn't want his son to be mad at her after she died. Estella says they need to be a family again and to stay together. Estella is ready to go, giving Teo and Alberto the chance to say goodbye before she goes.

Estella caresses Teo's cheek and he cries as does Alberto,

Teo opens his locker and pulls out his bible,taking out the picture of Estella (the picture Alberto took when they met) and showing it to Alberto. Alberto looks at it then at Teo and throws a fake punch then the three of them laugh it off and the men hug it out. Melinda smiles in the background. Alberto preps him for the match and Melinda tells Teo that Estella wants him to win tonight and to not hurt the guys too badly. Teo laughs and Alberto gives him advice on what to do in the match, Estella laughs and watches the Father and Son moment.

Teo makes his entrance and Anthony appears and speak words of encourage "We're going to make it happen" He says. Teo says he is but just not with him. Anthony stops in his tracks and he is given the smug look from Alberto.

Estella wants to give Alberto the chance to say goodbye, Estella says he made her life so beautiful and hopes he would find love again. Alberto says he would never forget her and he will raise their son and he'll do everything again when she was watching when she was alive.

The match is ready to begin. Alberto kisses Melinda's forehead and she laughs so does Estella.

The match starts, Estella says goodbye to Melinda and she does the same. Estella says thank you and takes one last look of her family and goes into the light.

Teo wons the match and celebrates with his Father.

The end.


Estella De La Costa


  • This episode gathered a total of 11.53 million viewers.