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In the United States, original episodes of season two aired between September 22, 2006 and May 11, 2007. For airdates on other networks and in other countries, see: International Airdates. Season two had a total of three main characters in the first episode, Melinda, Andrea and Jim. When Andrea departed at the end of the episode, the following episode featured a new main character, Delia. The second season follows Melinda again as she struggles with her fight against a dark force from taking over the town of Grandview.

Principal Cast[]

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Recurring Cast[]

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Main Plot Points[]

Season Two still concentrates on Melinda Gordon getting visits from earthbound spirits in need of her help. However, Melinda must seek the help from Rick Payne on several occasions while containing her secret from him and new employee, Delia Banks. Melinda also begins seeing signs leading to a disaster to happen on May 11, and must figure out what the five signs mean in order to prevent the disaster.

  • Melinda crossing Andrea over.
  • Melinda crossing over spirits.
  • Bleeding Man Mystery.
  • New main characters Rick Payne and Delia Banks.
  • Melinda keeping her secret from Rick and Delia.
  • The Five Signs.
  • The Five Disasters.

Episode Summaries[]

# Image Episode Name Ep # Original Airdate Written by Directed by
23 2x01.png Love Never Dies 01 September 22, 2006 John Gray John Gray
Melinda worries that Andrea is being influenced not to cross over by the villain in a wide-brim hat named Romano. Melinda seeks the help of an expert, Professor Rick Payne, in history and the occult in helping to identify the wide brimmed hat man. Melinda battles Romano for Andrea's soul until finally Melinda wins in the end.
24 2x02.png Love Still Won't Die 02 September 29, 2006 John Gray John Gray
Melinda encounters a ghost who asks her speak with his wife. He leads her to a woman who is confused and angered by Melinda's visit. The ghost reveals himself as someone from Melinda's past. Melinda must try to cross him over before he harms her or Jim. She must also deal with a teenage shoplifter.
25 2x03.png Drowned Lives 03 October 6, 2006 Jed Seidel Ian Sander
When Melinda goes to visit friends who are experiencing problems with their house, she finds the ghost of six-year-old little girl who drowned. Melinda then tries to help the family of the little girl.
26 2x04.png The Ghost Within 04 October 13, 2006 Lois Johnson Fred Toye
After purchasing a set of ornaments at a flea market, Melinda finds that they are haunted by a ghost who won't speak to her. Melinda receives a series of visions from the ghost to deduce his story and help a friend he left behind.
27 2x05.png A Grave Matter 05 October 20, 2006 Catherine Butterfield Eric Laneuville
The ghost of a man who was buried in the wrong grave starts to haunt a cemetery as someone else’s wife is coming to mourn him every night. Melinda must reconcile the man with his hostile wife and daughter in order for him to be able to cross-over.
28 2x06.png The Woman of His Dreams 06 October 27, 2006 Catherine Butterfield John Showalter
Jim has a ghost who died during surgery come to his dreams. Melinda and Jim find that the ghost, a supermodel, cannot cross-over as she wants to save her little sister from suffering the same destiny. Jim's friends are frightened by the crazy events that occur at his house.
29 2x07.png A Vicious Cycle 07 November 3, 2006 Jeannine Renshaw Eric Laneuville
Melinda and Jim's first camping trip is interrupted as Melinda helps the ghost of a woman who left her husband and young daughter. Before the woman can cross over, Melinda must find the woman’s daughter and help her to learn the truth about her parent’s past in order for her to be safe.
30 2x08.png The Night We Met 08 November 10, 2006 David Fallon Peter O'Fallon
The ghost of a chef who died in a fire at a Chinese restaurant meets Melinda after the restaurant he died in burns for a second time. He tells Melinda that she must find out who set the fire that he was blamed for.
31 2x09.png The Curse of the Ninth 09 November 17, 2006 Breen Frazier Peter Werner
When Melinda meets a nightclub waiter who has not played his guitar since his friend died, she finds that he is being haunted by two ghosts- a musician who believes he's been cursed has a much more complex problem that Melinda must help him solve.
32 2x10.png Giving Up the Ghost 10 November 24, 2006 Jim Kouf Fred Toye
A high school baseball pitcher named Justin finds that he is haunted by the former star baseball pitcher. The ghost is out for revenge on the coach, who he blames for his death. Melinda must help him find the truth before the ghost goes to extremes and hurts the living.
33 2x11.png Cat's Claw 11 December 15, 2006 Jim Kouf Victoria Hochberg
While Melinda is at the university’s botany lab, she deals with some telekinetic events while dealing with a plant from Peru that is bleeding. Melinda finds that she must help a professor save herself. Melinda tries to rescue a woman driven by guilt, and Professor Payne presses her for answers.
34 2x12.png Dead to Rights 12 January 5, 2007 Wendy Mericle Peter Werner
Melinda has been having these weird visions. She thinks that a ghost has been trying to communicate with her in. Later on, she realizes that the ghost who is trying to communicate with her is not actually a ghost but a man who is in a coma whose wife and family are in a legal battle to take him off of the life support.
35 2x13.png Deja Boo 13 January 12, 2007 Lois Johnson Gloria Muzio
Melinda meets the ghost of a young man named Eric. After figuring out Eric has been reincarnated many times as different people, Melinda must convince Eric to come back and not fight being reincarnated again when he starts to threaten the woman who is carrying a baby that Eric might become.
36 2x14.png Speed Demon 14 February 2, 2007 Alan Di Fiore James Frawley
Melinda's Jeep breaks down on a deserted road and a young woman who owns an auto shop comes by to help. Melinda meets a ghost who comes to her in the form of a skeleton. Melinda must first decipher the mysterious code that is linked to a drag racing society called the Midnight Circle.
37 2x15.png Mean Ghost 15 February 9, 2007 Jeannine Renshaw Ian Sander
While Melinda is at a school she sees a group of cheerleaders who are having some mean and vicious things happening to them just as their cheerleading semi-finals are approaching in just a few days. Melinda discovers that a dead cheerleader can't cross over and someone else has been casting spells on the squad.
38 2x16.png The Cradle Will Rock 16 February 16, 2007 Jed Seidel James Chressanthis
Delia has her engagement ring restored at a local jeweler and when she and Melinda go to pick it up, the store is violently robbed at gunpoint. Later, Melinda is visited by the ghost of the jewelry store salesman, Randy, who died after the robbery of a severe asthma attack.
39 2x17.png The Walk-In 17 February 23, 2007 Breen Frazier Eric Laneuville
When a body disappears from the morgue, Melinda and Jim go hunting and find what Professor Payne posits to be a zombie - except it's not that easy. Melinda, Jim, and Professor Payne quickly realize that the body may have been taken over by an earthbound spirit.
40 2x18.png Children of Ghosts 18 March 30, 2007 Teddy Tenenbaum Fred Toye
Strange things are happening around a teenage girl, who's been cycling through the foster care system for several months. Melinda decides to become her foster parent, to see if she can help her. However, it's proving more complex than she thought.
41 2x19.png Delia's First Ghost 19 April 6, 2007 Jeannine Renshaw Kim Moses
Ned is haunted by an angry spirit after he pulls some pranks and Melinda is at a loss as how to handle the situation without telling Delia. A second ghost that is nude keeps popping up at odd times to speak to Melinda. Delia sees that Melinda is once again talking to herself and Melinda decides it’s time to share her gift with Delia.
42 2x20.png The Collector 20 April 27, 2007 Melissa Jo Peltier Ian Sander
Melinda meets a man called Gabriel who has the same abilities to see and talk to the dead. Melinda later learns that he has a different plan for the dead. Further encounters with ghosts encourage Professor Payne to help Melinda more. Gabriel may have some answers for her about shifts in the spirit world, but the information comes at a price.
43 2x21.png The Prophet 21 May 4, 2007 John Gray John Gray
Five accidents, and four signs, something else is going to happen. Melinda becomes concerned for the safety of the people she loves when a ghost prophet shows her visions of the future. The fellow Ghost Whisperer, who Melinda doesn't trust is still in Grandview. Melinda begins having visions that seem to predict the death of a loved one.
44 2x22.png The Gathering 22 May 11, 2007 John Gray John Gray
Melinda visits the Mayor of Grandview and asks him to cancel the memorial dedication they are holding. She speaks to the ghost of a mail person and is looking for a young girl named Kristen. Later, Melinda and Professor Payne search for missing children after their Nanny says that they left with a man named Gabriel.


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