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"I was just like her. I was so scared. I was in such a dark place. I don't know how long I'd been in there. It seemed like forever." [...] "[...]That's where Roger kept me after he kidnapped me."

Sarah Evers, first known as "Tammy Gardner" in the episode Ball and Chain, is a woman who disappeared and was last seen with "her husband" Roger Gardner. She returns as a confused spirit, searching for Roger and confused when she finds out Roger has another "wife". It's revealed, along with her real name, that she's actually a victim of Roger kidnapping her years ago from her family, brainwashing her into a name Roger picked and keeping her prisoner as a "wife", Evers developing Stockholm Syndrome as a result. When she broke out of her domination from remembering her family and tried to escape, Roger killed her and kidnapped another woman, whom Evers helped save.


"What would happen to my family? I need to take care of them, of Roger."

Sarah was married to a husband named Thomas, with whom she had two sons, Rich and Joe. She eventually was stalked by Roger Gardner, a stranger with an unhealthy obsession over her. One night, when the rest of the family was sleeping, Gardner held her at knifepoint and kidnapped her, forcing her to leave a note saying she "was leaving" the family. Evers was forced into "being wife Tammy Gardner" and terrorized and brainwashed by Gardner by locking her in a tight, dark cell under the living room floor, continuously locked there when she "disobeyed" or just when Gardner wanted to reinforce the brainwashing. She eventually forget about her family and was deluded into believing Gardner's lies under the threat of her sanity and well-being, developing Stockholm Syndrome as a result of the terrorizing torture. When it became more successful, Gardner would let her out of the house, first being around to watch her, then leaving her to go out on her own, from buying groceries to her own little activities while alone. Eventually, she was reading a newspaper and she came across an article that snapped her back to all her memories and herself: her son's success in sports. When she tried to get away, Gardner stopped her, drugging and kidnapping her once again. But this time, Evers took her and her car out to the woods and killed her, asphyxiating her with carbon monoxide and making it seem like she disappeared, telling whoever asked she "ran off and left" Gardner.

Ball & Chain

"That's why I was late that night. Tammy: I stared at that picture for hours... My heart just aching."

At the farmer's market, Melinda Gordon comes across Evers, still assuming under the name "Tammy Gardner", saying she "needs to get back to [her] husband". The two go to Gardner's house and find a new "wife Allison", another kidnapped woman, which shocks and confuses Evers even more, especially with the lies Gardner rants to Gordon about with Evers hearing the whole thing. It only gets worse when her real family's tracked down, but she can't swallow that she'd ever leave her family even after hearing her heartbroken husband and seeing her sons again. It all suddenly comes flooding back: she never left her family-she was kidnapped and forced to leave the behind to save her own life. Her remains are soon found in the forest where she was left for dead. She then remembers all the brainwashing she went through, which cause Gordon to confront "Allison", who still has her sanity and is scared of Gardner's reactions if she doesn't make it back in time. Gordon takes it upon herself to rescue "Allison", who's found in the same cell Evers was held in. Evers screams when seeing Gardner try to attack Gordon with a fire poker. After enough a struggle, both she and "Allison" get the upper hand, and as payback, "Allison" throws Gardner into the cell and locks the door, while Gordon calls the police. With Gardner arrested, Thomas is told the truth and Gordon helps him come to closure. Sarah sees The Light and crosses over.

Behind the Scenes

She is portrayed by Rena Sofer.