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Same As It Never Was Antiques is an antique store that was founded by Melinda Gordon who has served as store-runner from its opening to present. Since, Andrea Marino was also made a co-owner on October 14, 2005 ("Mended Hearts") until her death on May 11, 2006, but had worked in the store as Melinda's employee months, or presumably years, pre-series. When Andrea died, Melinda hired Delia Banks as an employee late-2006 and is still currently an employee, though she quit in 2007 after finding out about Melinda's gift before returning to work soon after. Ned Banks also helps out in the store from time to time, usually cleaning up or stacking shelves.

The store serves as one of the most important locations in Ghost Whisperer, being the place where Melinda usually spends her time, and finding ghosts usually attached to various items and objects that she collects for the store.

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