Rick Payne was one of the main characters on the show Ghost Whisperer and was portrayed by Jay Mohr. He is a widower; his wife, Kate, having died before his first appearance in the series.

The character joins the main cast in season two. Come the beginning of this season, Rick appears to be worried about Melinda after her near death experience. It seems Rick had somewhat of a crush on Melinda when they first met, clearly embarrassed by everything he said to her, afraid it might sound stupid. The crush went away after he met Jim, Melinda's husband. After, Melinda and Rick became close friends. In the fourth season premiere, Rick left Grandview for a new important find in the Himalayas. He said he would be back, and he and Melinda hugged. He drove off, leaving Melinda in tears.

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  • Professor Payne spent three weeks in Peru documenting native cultural traditions.
  • Sound of Silence by Paul Simon was a big make-out song for Rick.
  • Payne collects fetishes - carvings from an ancient tribe in New Mexico - of animals that give you special powers.
  • Payne is great at racquetball.
  • Payne's Latin is rusty.
  • During the shooting of Deadbeat Dads, Jay Mohr's (Payne's) real life wife played Nina Hayes.
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