Pilot is the first episode of the CBS series, Ghost Whisperer, originally premiering on September 23, 2005. The episode was written and directed by John Gray, and opened to 11.25 million viewers.

Melinda Gordon has seen, heard and talked to ghosts since she was a child with the guidance of her grandmother, helping spirits to cross to the other side. On her wedding day with the paramedic Jim Clancy, the ghost of Sergeant Paul Adams, who was missing in action in Vietnam, comes to her, asking Melinda to contact his son Michael Adams. Michael believes Melinda is a fraud, but when his wife forces him to call the Pentagon giving the leads Melinda gave them, the army finds the remains of his father.

Guest StarringEdit

  • Wentworth Miller as Sgt. Paul Adams
  • Balthazor Getty as Michael Adams
  • Rodney Scott as Dan Clancy
  • Allison McDonell as Vera Adams
  • John Bentley as Army Chaplain
  • Jon Polito as Joe Grimaldi
  • Grace Fulton as Young Melinda
  • Jody Hart as Honor Guard

Plot SynopsisEdit


Melinda sees the body in the open coffin


Melinda's story starts as she walks into a funeral holding hands with her Grandmother as a young girl. They walk down the center towards the front until they stop and Melinda's grandmother whisperers in her ear to sit down next to a man who they are to help. Melinda nods and sits next to an old man. He stares at her and she stares back briefly, until Melinda's Grandmother returns to her. Melinda stands up and takes her Grandmother's hand and stands up, walking to the front and stops at an open coffin. The body inside is that of the old man she had just sat next to. She looks back at the ghost of the man, her face displaying shock and confusion. She looks up at her Grandmother, who assures her that it's alright. The old man walks towards them and talks to Melinda, telling her that Melinda and her Grandmother are the only people who can see him and asks for her help. Melinda raises her shoulders unsurely. He tells her that the woman mourning is his wife of 26 years, and that he didn't have time to say goodbye to her. He needs Melinda to tell her a message that he loves her, and Melinda asks how she would know it's from him. He leans over and whispers in her ear and whispers exactly what she would need to say in order for his wife to believe the message is from him. She listens atentively, still confused as to what is happening.

OLD MAN: Tell her I want her to keep having a glass of champagne every friday night, I want her to light the fire as we always did, and make our secret toast to the moon and stars like we always did. And tell her never to feel alone.

Melinda walks over to the elderly woman and whispers what he said into her ear. The woman smiles and begins to cry, and shortly Melinda pulls away and walks back to her Grandmother. She tells her Grandmother that she doesn't understand, and her Grandmother assures her that she will. The Old Man looks at her and disappears, crossing over.


Melinda throws the flowers that Andrea catches


Years later, an older and wiser Melinda looks up as she wears a wedding dress, and the scene becomes a party filled with friends and family. It's Melinda's wedding to Jim, and she is about to throw the flowers. She turns around to look at her bridesmaids, noticing Andrea smiling back, and so Melinda turns away smiling, and throws the flowers behind her. Andrea catches them and laughs as photographer flashes go off. Guests are having a great time at Melinda and Jim's wedding party, as Melinda and Jim dance together before kissing. Melinda suggests sneaking out but Jim tells her they haven't collected all of their gifts yet, so Melinda decides to stay. Still dancing, Melinda looks away to notice a circle of fog appearing on a window, and a drawing of a compass mystically gets wrote on. Jim notices Melinda looking away, and looks to where Melinda is looking, revealing that he can't see the drawing on the window. He asks if he is seeing something, meaning that Melinda has already told him of her ability to see and talk to the dead. She tells him that she doesn't see anything important, and Jim seems happy about it, wanting the celebration to be only among the living. They kiss again until the scene changes to Melinda by herself staring at the same window the mysterious drawing appeared on. A man walks up behind her who she knows, but jumps, and he says "Don't tell me I scared you" to which Melinda replies "Haha very funny". He reveals himself to be Jim's older brother, that he wouldn't miss seeing him finally settle down. Melinda admits they are both happy but Jim is struggling with the job of it. Jim is revealed to be a paramedic who hates the sight of blood, and discovers that someone died on him the previous week. Jim's brother tells Melinda a story of what happened to him at college when he was on the roof, only to fall and Jim was there to help him through it. Andrea then pulls Melinda away as loud music comes on, and both Melinda and Andrea dance. Dan smiles and walks away, just as the figure of a sergeant appears at the window the compass appeared. The man is looking inside.


Melinda and Andrea in the store.

The following day, Melinda is driving through the small but beautiful town of Grandview, on her way to her newly opened Antique Shop, 'Same As It Never Was'. Melinda walks in and greets Andrea. It is revealed that Melinda is Andrea's boss in the shop. Andrea tells her she can't be in today, but Melinda assures her its only until Jim is finished with the surprise for her. Melinda comes across various Latin books, all of which are Andrea's as she is attempting to learn the language. She is appealed by it because no one speaks it anymore. Melinda and Andrea talk, Melinda telling her that the surprise is to make up for her not getting a honeymoon with him. Melinda soon comes across a compass that neither Melinda or Andrea brought in, however Melinda had seen it before, or something like it. It's now night time, and Jim is carrying a blind-folded Melinda down a deserted road. Jim almost drops Melinda and they both laugh. Jim is carrying her to their new home, a one that is still being worked on, and are planning their first night there. Jim removes Melinda's blind-fold and reveals the house to her, that seemingly looks like it is falling apart. Despite this, Melinda loves it and hugs Jim for it. Jim had been working extremely hard on fixing it up for them both to live in it and Melinda is very grateful. They kiss as Jim carries her to the door. That same night, Melinda wakes up suddenly while in bed. Jim wakes up also. He already knows she had a bad dream, showing their perfect connection as a couple. Melinda reveals that it was just the usual. Jim worries about Melinda, and enquires about her dream. Melinda is bagging a lot of other people's pain, not her own. They kiss as Jim goes back to bed and Melinda leaves the bedroom and goes into the bathroom. She brushes her teeth and bends down to spit, then looks back up to see the same compass drawn into the mist on her bathroom mirror. She hears a bang from outside the room and looks back at the mirror to find the compass gone. She goes to investigate the noise. She looks down the stairs to see the ghost of a sergeant walking up the stairs towards her. He gets too close for comfort and she gasps and runs backwards. Although looking like a scary ghost, he asks Melinda to help him. She looks away and looks back at the stairs, only to find that he isn't there anymore.


The ghost walks towards Melinda.

The following day, rain storms down on Grandview. Melinda and Andrea are together in Village Java drinking coffee and talking about the ghostly experience Melinda had that night. It's revealed that Melinda has never had a ghost in her house before. Andrea enquires whether there's a difference between spirits in the house to spirits on the streets, but Melinda tells her they are all the same earthbound spirits, just some are stuck on earth longer than others. Andrea asks if there are any spirits in the store they are in, and Melinda tells her there are two- an older woman sitting next to a man with a laptop, assuming her to be his mother. The other ghost is an older man shouting at another man in spanish, who is making an esprasso. He doesn't understand why his son can't hear him. Andrea asks if Village Java is haunted, but Melinda corrects her by saying that people are haunted, not places. Andrea shows an enthusiasm and a thirst for knowledge about ghosts, finding them interesting. The ghost Melinda is being haunted by is lost. That night, thunder cracks and lightning strikes as Melinda suddenly wakes up. She puts her arm out to feel for Jim, but he isn't there. She gets up to look for him and walks down the stairs. She calls for Jim, but he doesn't answer. She goes through some see-through sheets hanging down from the cieling, just as the shadow of the ghost walks past which Melinda doesn't realize. She looks out of the window to see a hooded man climb the ladders at the side of the house. Shocked, Melinda walks towards the window to get a closer look, realizing it is Jim. She opens the window, only to have it fall off in her hands. She asks what he is doing and he tells her that the wind blew something off and that he was tying it back on. He tells her to go back to bed and he will be inside in a minute. Melinda tells him to be careful and turns around, the ghost standing directly in front of her, giving her a freight. Melinda backs away as he comes closer, telling her that he doesn't know where he is and that he needs Melinda's help, and that 'they' told him that she could. She asks who told him, but he doesn't know. She tells him he can't be at her home, but he begs her, telling her that he needs to go home as his wife is pregnant and she doesn't know where he is. Melinda asks what he sees around him, and he answers that he sees a valley. Melinda tells him she doesn't know if she can help him, but asks his name, to which he replies is Paul Adams, a sergeant. He then disappears in a flash.


A dog forces Melinda to stop the car.

The following day, Melinda is driving to work while on the phone to Andrea, apologizing for being late for work and that she would be there soon. A dog runs across the road in front of Melinda, forcing her to stop. Andrea worries and asks if Melinda is okay. Melinda tells her she is fine, but that she may be a little bit more late after watching the dog run to a memorial in the middle of Grandview Square. She runs to it and looks at the names on the memorial and finds Sgt. Paul Adams on the Vietnam War Plaque, died June 1972 MIA. Melinda leaves and walks into V.F.W. A middle-aged man named Joe is sweeping up some broken glass, Melinda standing in a distance. He apologizes for the mess that occured last night because of a rough meeting about baseball. A woman sits on a chair behind him. Melinda tells him she is trying to get information on Paul Adams for his family, being referred to him by Jim who apparently said that if anyone would know, he would. Flattered, he asks how he can help, and Melinda suggests records of the whereabouts he went missing, stationed at Fort Driscoll. Joe tells her he will check on the computer in the back to see what comes up, and leaves the room with only Melinda and the woman inside. Melinda makes eye contact with the woman, who looks back surprised. Melinda realizes she's a ghost and looks away, trying to make her think she can't see her. Melinda attempts to ignore her, but gives in by the woman's persistance. Melinda confesses she can see her but it's not a good time, but the woman ignores this and tells her that she has to tell Joe that the key to the safe deposit box is in the pocket of her blue raincoat. Melinda tries to get out of it but the woman argues with her until Joe comes back with some information on Paul Adams, including an address. Melinda appreciates his help before quickly dropping in the information his wife just gave her about the key. She says goodbye and leaves, leaving a happy ghost and a confused man.


Michael feels the belly of his pregnant wife.

Melinda drives in broad sunglight with the information Joe gave her in her hand, the compass that she found in the store is sitting in her car. She pulls up outside a house and lifts up the compass, which points north as a man named Michael walks out of the house with a bin filled with paper. She leaves the car and walks to the man who has just put the bin down, apologizing for bothering him. She asks if a family named Adams lived there, Michael revealing that they still do. She asks how long its been in his family before they introduce themselves. He tells her his parents used to live there, but when his mother died he took it over. She asks if he is Paul Adams's son and he asks why so Melinda tells him some information about him. He asks how she knows it and she uses a story of how she is looking up local Vietnam vets and came across her dad. He doesn't know much about him, and that his father was presumed dead before he was born. A marker is in the cemetery however no one ever found him. She asks what unit he was in, he says he was in fifth inventory, red diomands and had a brown star and a purple heart. He tells her more of his personality and appearance, revealing his mother told him stories of his dad every night, that she wanted Michael to know his father, to know he was a hero. He asks Melinda that if she finds out anything about his dad, he should tell her. Melinda tells him she will and he walks back to his house where Melinda notices a pregnant woman on the porch.


Melinda wakes up from a bad dream.

Later in the day, Melinda and Andrea are outside a house, grabbing several boxes and putting them in the back of Melinda's car, taking them for items for the store. Melinda tells Andrea about her situation with Michael and Andrea shows a keen interest in the subject. Andrea asks if Michael is single, meaning that Andrea is in fact single. Melinda tells her he isn't, that his wife looks nine months pregnant, and her pregnancy must have awakened the ghost of Paul Adams by sending a ripple effect through the spirit world. Andrea tells Melinda she will have to tell Paul, so Melinda will have to wait until he comes to her again. The same night, Melinda wakes up and sits up in bed. Everything appears upside down, but suggests that the camera is looking through the eyes of the ghost, portraying his confusion and insecurity while being a spirit. Still upside down, Melinda walks to the bedroom door and leaves the room. She opens the door and walks into a hallway with other doors. Actually upside down, Young Melinda in a nightgown flashes into the older Melinda, and walks down the corridor and opens a door at the end. Inside the room is the ghost of Paul Adams and behind him is a waterfall in a valley. She asks who told him that she can help him, but Melinda wakes up abruptly, this time the right way around. Melinda screams as Jim comes out of the shadows and comforts her. She tells him that she can't ignore her gift to help the dead even though she said she would give it a rest. Jim tells her she doesn't need to explain herself to him. Shortly following, Melinda is at her laptop with a cup of coffee and searches 'Vietnam June 1972'. Loads of results show up, so Melinda tries on different sites by searching the same words. The words 'Lo Valley' is highlighted which is in the center of Vietnam.


Paul Adams remembers his last day.

Melinda is on her way to work but sees Paul Adams standing outside her store, looking at her. Melinda turns around, and Paul is right there. She gets a small shock but tells Paul to follow her and he obeys. The next scene shows Melinda walking in a cemetery with Paul Adams by her side. Melinda asks him questions about the Valley and asks him to remember his last day there. He says he remembers being in a helicopter, and a flashback reveals that his helicopter was under fire and it didn't take long for the chopper to go down. He remembers last seeing a waterfall, thinking how beautiful it was. He remembers crying because he will never see his baby. Melinda reveals a marker with Paul Adams name on, the marker says- "In Memorium, Paul Adams. Vietnam, Sgt 5th Inventory Division. June 1972 MIA. Husband. Father. Hero. Gone but never forgotten." He says it can't be as his wife is pregnant but Melinda tells him she had their son three months after he was reported missing, that his son is 33 years old with a baby on the way. Paul says he missed it all but it feels like he just woke up and its all over. Melinda tells him that his son is very proud of him, has all his medals and knows everything about him. He asks if his wife is alright, but Melinda reveals that his wife died a while ago. Paul cries and sits down, asking Melinda what his son's name is. Melinda tells him his name is Michael, which turns out to be Paul's father's name, just what he wanted. Paul asks if Melinda can see his wife, but Melinda can only see spirits who have yet to cross over. Paul asks to where, and she tells him into the light. Paul also asks if Melinda will tell his son and she reluctantly agrees.


Michael tells Melinda to get out.

At night, Melinda has went to see Michael and his wife in their home and is sitting on their sofa as Michael's wife hands Melinda a cup of tea. Melinda tells them that she has some information on his father, that he was in a helicopter crash in a place called Lo Valley. Melinda suggests taking the information to the Pentagon to see if they come up with anything. Michael asks how she knows this and Melinda stops for a second. She tells him that Paul was thinking of him during his last moments, heartbroken that he would never see his child. His wife asks how she could know that in disbelief. Melinda tells them that his father came to her for help, but Michael doesn't understand so Melinda confesses that she has a gift and the ghost of Michael's father appeared to her for help. Michael doesn't believe her and tells him that he has been lost for so long that it takes Melinda to see through that and take advantage, then tells her to get out of his house. Melinda pulls out a compass and tells Michael that his father would want him to have it, but Michael shouts at Melinda, accusing of it all being a scam, that if he gave her $100 she will give him a message for him, coming into his house and dishonouring his memory. Melinda tells him that she didn't ask for anything and didn't want anything from him, but begs him to call the Pentagon. Michael then slams the door in her face, leaving a tear-eyed Melinda. She tells him it isn't so great having supernatural powers and walks away from the house in tears.


Melinda tells Jim what Dan said to her.

Melinda drives back to her house, entering the door and calling for Jim, hoping they have some wine. Jim calls her from the living room, drinking the wine in the dark. Melinda wonders if they forgot to pay the light bill, but Jim tells her he just has a headache and crossed two wires and blew the circuit. Jim finds it funny how they are both in the death business, that he wanted to keep them from Melinda to lighten her load. Melinda asks him what happened, and Jim tells her that he almost lost someone today, a 55 year old man who collapsed in the street and worked on saving his life for 20 minutes, thinking that he wasn't going to let this man get to Melinda as a spirit. Jim revealed that the man didn't die, that he brought him back. But Jim cannot stand both of them being that way, both of them deciding who stays and goes, and Jim wants something different. Jim asks what Melinda is thinking, and Melinda tells him she is thinking of what his brother said to her, but Jim wonders how since he died before they even met, but Jim realizes what she means when she tells him that he was at their wedding. Melinda tells him what Dan had told her, that he wanted to see him settle down and to be happy. She tells him of the story he told her when he fell off the roof and Jim was there to help him, but couldn't save him. Melinda tells Jim that no one could have saved him, that it was just his time. Dan wanted Melinda to tell Jim something when he was ready to throw in the towel, so Melinda repeats what Dan told her at the party. Melinda tells him that they are in the life business, and death is just a part of it. Outside the house, Dan watches before he walks away whistling, and walks past a car with Michael in, who gets out of his car and walks to the house.


Melinda helps Paul talk to Michael.

Melinda walks to the front door and opens it, seeing Michael on the front porch. She closes the door and walks to Michael, who tells Melinda that his wife made him call the Pentagon with the information he was given by Melinda. The Pentagon found the place that his father was assigned to in a chopper in June 1972. Michael tells her that they are sending a search team to see if they can find anything. Michael asks her where she got her information, but Melinda stands by what she told him before about her gift to see the dead. Michael asks if it's real and wonders if she can actually talk to his father. Melinda nods as Paul Adams walks up behind her. Paul tells Melinda to ask Michael if he still has the last letter he sent to his mother, where he told her to set up a picture of him facing Michael's crib. Melinda repeats what Paul asks and Michael asks if his father is there with them. Melinda tells him he is, and Michael says that he still has that letter. Paul tells Melinda to tell Michael he grew up real good and that he is proud of him. Melinda repeats as Michael asks if his father was in pain, but Paul doesn't really remember any of it, that he thought of him and his mother. Michael asks Melinda to tell him something, but Melinda stops him and tells him that Paul can hear him, that he is standing right next to her. Michael tells his father, "She never forgot about you, she told me stories of you every night, mostly happy ones, sometimes sad ones, she made you alive to me but it just made me miss you more. Did you see me growing up?" Paul tells Melinda to tell him that he has been lost, but now he can, that he will see his wife and his grandchild. Paul says he will always be close by and will always be watching. Jim looks from inside the house at Melinda telling Michael what Paul had just told her. Michael tells Paul that he will find him, even if he has to go to Vietnam himself. Paul tells Melinda that Michael needs to go home to his wife who needs him, that it's all that matters now. Paul tells Michael to never miss a second of his baby's life. Michael doesn't want to leave, but Paul tells him that everything he needs is inside of him and if he gets lost then he has to look at the compass because it will get him home like it did for his father. Paul offers to walk with his son home, and Michael tells Melinda thank you. Crying, Melinda smiles as Michael walks down the steps to walk to his car with his dad. He asks if his dad is there, so his dad puts his hand on his shoulder, and Michael feels it and smiles, continuing to walk to his car. Jim opens the door and welcomes Melinda with an embrace.


Melinda notices the Ghost Family.

The following day, snow covers everything as both Melinda and Jim leave the house. Jim offers his company to Melinda, but Melinda tells him to go to work before they kiss. Melinda gets in her car as Jim gets in his. The next scene shows Melinda standing in the cemetery with Paul in the distance as a burial is taking place. Michael and his wife is among the people at the burial, his wife holding a baby she had just gave birth to. Military men blast their guns in the air and a man salutes Michael. Melinda asks Paul what he thinks of his grandson, to which he replies "it's funny, I look at him and it feels like I can go now". He asks Melinda if he can and that it feels like it's time. Melinda says that if its time he should see something or someone. He turns around and asks if what he is seeing is the light, but Melinda doesn't know as Paul is the only one who can see it. He can also see his deceased wife who is telling Paul to come with her into the light. He walks away from Melinda, then turns back and smiles at her before successfully crossing over into the light. Melinda sighs and turns her attention back on the burial. Noticing a family of four, Melinda feels their is something not quite right about them, and the father of the family looks at her. He stands up and walks towards her, asking if she can see them, but Melinda looks back at him scared without saying anything.


  • Old Man
  • Daniel Clancy
  • Sgt. Paul Adams
  • Elderly Woman in Village Java
  • Hispanic Man in Village Java
  • Joe's wife
  • Ghost Family (4 members- father, mother, daughter, son)

Altogether: 10 spirits


  • The series premiere gathered a total of 11.25 million viewers.
  • This episode marks the first appearances of Melinda Gordon, Jim Clancy and Andrea Marino.
  • This episode doesn't feature Melinda's opening narration, instead the following episodes starts the narrations.
  • Melinda's grandmother can see ghosts too, which is where Melinda gets her gift from.
  • Melinda reveals that people are haunted, not places.


  • Goof: When Melinda asks if they forgot to pay the light bill, Jim says he blew up the circuits. However, right next to him there's a lamp turned on.
  • Goof: Just after Melinda tells Jim what his brother told her, and his brother walks away from the house, when the camera goes over to Michael's (Balthazar Getty) car, if you watch the door, below the driver's side window, you can see the reflection of the cameraman (his pants mostly) walking toward the car for the close up, before Michael gets out.
  • Goof: The pilot shows a California license plate on a vehicle. Subsequent episodes show New York license plates.
  • In this episode we see that Melinda's antique store is called 'Same As It Never Was'. This alludes a lyric from Jennifer Love Hewitt's single entitled 'How Do I Deal' where she sings 'Same as it ever was...'
  • Melinda's first line in the series is "Can we sneak out, they'll never miss us"
  • Jim's first line in the series is "Uh, we haven't collected all of our gifts yet"
  • Andrea's first line in the series is "Boss, no way, you cannot be here today"


OLD MAN: Tell her I want her to keep having a glass of champagne every friday night, I want her to light the fire as we always did, and make our secret toast to the moon and stars like we always did. And tell her never to feel alone.

DAN: The thing about Jim is that he can take away your fear, he makes more of a difference than he knows.
MELINDA: He would so love to hear that from you.
DAN: I'm giving it to you, save it for when he is really ready to throw in the towel. You'll know.

MELINDA: Paul, you told me that you were in a low valley of some kind. I think you might have actually been in the place called the Lo Valley. L-O and... I just need for you to remember your last day there. Remember what happened?
SGT. PAUL ADAMS: Sometimes, I see bits and pieces. I remember being in a helicopter. I could see tracers coming up at us from the tree tops. I could feel the chopper slipping. I could hear the pain and bullets off the hallway. And I knew we were hit. We were going down. I remember seeing a waterfall as we went down. I remember thinking how beautiful it was and I was glad that the last thing I was gonna see was pretty. And I remember crying. Because I was never gonna see my baby.

MELINDA: You know, you only have to do this for the doorway, not the whole street.
JIM: Well now she tells me.

JIM: (to Melinda about their new home) Don't be too impressed. The inside still looks like Legoland.

ANDREA: In your house?
MELINDA: Yeah, it's never happened before.
ANDREA: Personna non grata. As we say in Latin. What did Jim say?
MELINDA: You know, I made an executive decision not to spoil the moment.
ANDREA: Good call.

JIM: Alright, step one. Remove blindfold.
MELINDA: Oh, thank you.
JIM: Step two, um, close one eye so you only see the part of it that's almost finished.
MELINDA: Damn, wrong eye.

MELINDA: The window just came off in my hand.
JIM: I meant for that to happen.

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