On the Wings of a Dove is the eighth episode of the first season of the CBS series, Ghost Whisperer, originally premiering on November 11, 2005. The episode was written by Catherine Butterfield and directed by Peter O'Fallon, and received a total of 11.41 million viewers. The 5 year anniversary of Jim's father's death is getting close and Jim begins to act very strangely. Melinda notices this change in his behavior and believes the problem might be caused by a tortured spirit lurking around. While Melinda tries to help Jim, she is also presented with the surprise visit of an old friend. This visit brings back painful memories of times past for Melinda.

Guest StarringEdit

  • Estella Warren as Alexis Fogarty
  • Robert LaSardo as Julian Borgia
  • Angela Alvarado as Rachel Borgia
  • Georgann Johnson as Angela Farrell
  • Dariush Kashani as Bobby Tooch
  • Allan Miller as Sean Farrell
  • J.R. Villarreal as Joseph Borgia
  • Patrick Gorman as Elderly Gentleman
  • Shannon Welles as Old Woman
  • John Colton as Jim's Father
  • Patricia Martinez as Lily
  • Whitney Anderson as Paige

Plot SynopsisEdit

PDVD 692

Melinda watches a horror movie

The episode opens with a screaming young girl being attacked by a monster, before being revealed that it's only a horror movie Melinda is watching. She is obviously freaked out by it until Jim walks in, just getting back from work. Melinda tells him its not a movie she wants to watch alone, and Jim tells her that she's seen it before so why is it so scary. Melinda thinks it just is, and then asks Jim if he will watch the film with her to hold her hand, and he says he will once he's taken a shower. Melinda keeps hold of his hand as he tries to pull away, eventually breaking free. Jim walks out the room as the tattooed ghost from the previous episode briefly flashes in and out of view, and Melinda doesn't notice, staying glued to the TV screen. Jim begins to run the shower, asking Melinda if she has ever had days that just feel weird, and Melinda continues to shout at the TV, wondering why the character is doing that. Jim continues to talk to Melinda, even though she isn't paying attention. Soon, red liquid that looks like blood starts pouring out the showerhead, and it takes a while for Jim to notice, but eventually backs away and scares Melinda, telling her that a plumbing job he did yesterday must have put some rust in the pipes. Melinda apologizes for not telling him as she had the same problem when washing her face. Soon, Jim walks into the bedroom looking depressed, and Melinda asks him what's the matter, but he just tells her he has to lock up. When he goes, the ghost briefly appears again, and Melinda looks at the wrong time and doesn't see him. Putting her attention back on the screen, Melinda screams and moves her eyes away.

PDVD 681

Jim and Melinda have an awkward lunch

The next day, a building burns with fire as Jim runs out the front door with a young girl in his arms. He puts her on a flat surface as he tells other paramedics what was wrong. Firemen try to set out the blaze as the tattooed ghost appears behind Jim. Suddenly, the ghost steps into Jim's body and Jim begins to feel dizzy and unaware of what is going on. Bobby, the other paramedic, tells him to snap out of it and Jim does, the ghost steps out and Jim attempts to save the girl's life. The girl then becomes fine and Bobby asks if Jim is okay, and Jim lies and says he is. That night, at Melinda and Jim's house, Melinda and Jim are having dinner. Jim appears blank as he moves his fork on the plate, Melinda watching him uncomfortably. Jim thinks Melinda said something, but she didn't. Melinda was about to tell him who she bumped into that day, but Jim interrupts, then apologizes. Jim asks about the ghosts and he doesn't know how she does it all, and asks if there are any around at that time. Melinda tells him no and asks what is going on. He admits to her that he is beginning to have these feelings, that he feels like he is being watched. Jim laughs it off and walks into the kitchen, but not before he throws a funny glance at Melinda.

PDVD 690

Melinda runs into Alexis

The next day at Same As It Never Was, Melinda confides in Andrea about Jim's strange behavior, thinking that their romance may be fading, but Andrea convinces her otherwise, telling her Jim's crazy about her and you could feel their chemistry from Pluto. Melinda still doesn't know what is wrong, then a customer comes to the counter with an umbrella, getting Melinda's attention. They appear to know each other. Melinda reveals her to be Alexis, and Melinda appears awkward while Alexis seems cheerful and gives Melinda a hug, and Andrea appears a little weirded out, perhaps feeling a little jealous and confused. Melinda asks what she is doing there and she tells her she is writing an article for a travel magazine, then shaking Andrea's hand introducing herself and telling her that she and Melinda were best friends for like forever, and calls Melinda her nickname, Migs. Melinda doesn't reply, however she tells Lexi that Andrea co-owns the store with her. Lexi seems disappointed before telling Melinda she has so much to talk to her about, how they left things a little bumpy, and she would like to see her for lunch. Melinda tells her she can't as she is very busy with the store, though hardly anyone is in it, and so Lexi gives Melinda her card and says she will be there all weekend. Lexi then leaves and Andrea asks why she totally iced her. Melinda tells her she didn't, but Andrea protests that she has freezer burn from it. Andrea asks what happened, but Melinda just tells her they drifted apart.

PDVD 713

Melinda realizes Jim's problem - a ghost

At the Firehouse, Jim is about to eat when Melinda walks up to him. They greet, and Melinda tells him she is bringing him lunch. She asks how he is and he says he is fine and that he has figured it out. It's the five-year anniversary since his father died, and he forgot about it so it must have been weighing on him and he didn't even realize. Jim tells her she worries too much, but she says she worries just enough. Melinda is on her way back to the store when a ghost, a Victorian Horse-and-Carriage Driver, comes up to Melinda and asks if she has seen his horse and carriage. She tells him no and he walks away. Melinda then sees Jim and a tattooed ghost behind him. Melinda can see Jim is bothered by his presence, and the tattooed ghost looks at Melinda. Melinda backs away, knocking into a tree, making her turn around. When she turns to look back at the tattooed ghost, he is gone. Melinda walks back to the shop as the ghost follows Jim.

PDVD 712

Melinda tells Andrea she doesn't scare easy

Later, at Same As It Never Was, Melinda and Andrea are in the back. As Andrea paints, Melinda tells her that the ghost she saw scared her and she doesn't scare easy. Andrea tells her they watched The Ring together and she spent the whole movie under her seat. Melinda corrects her by saying that was fiction and this is real life, that when she saw him he made her blood run cold as if all the evils of the world were just seeping out of him. Andrea asks if she really thinks Jim has a nasty ghost attached to him, and Melinda says yes based on how Jim has been acting. Andrea then asks her what she will do to get rid of a malevolent spirit. Melinda doesn't know as her grandmother didn't walk her through it. Melinda tells her its time to open, and goes to the front. At a Paramedic Training Program, a video outlining how to perform CPR is playing and potential paramedics take notes, including Jim. Suddenly, Jim sees a patient in the video turn into his deceased father, begging for his help. Freaked out, Jim stands up and backs away, then runs out of the room, the other paramedics watching him. The tattooed ghost stands at the door, keeping his eyes on Jim and then disappearing.

PDVD 737

Melinda confides in Andrea

At Melinda and Jim's house, Jim is sitting in a chair in the living room as Melinda walks in calling Jim's name. Finding him, Melinda tells him she was told he was sent home and asks if he is okay. Jim says he is, then tells Melinda he saw his father. He asks her what is going on, and Melinda confesses that she thinks a spirit is attached to him, and she saw him at the Firehouse that morning. He asks what he looked like, and Melinda tells him he had short hair, dark eyes and completely covered in tattoos. Jim stands up, remembering when he had the Ambulance accident, that the patient who died was covered in tattoos. Jim tells Melinda, and she is worried because they think he was going to kill his wife. Jim asks if he is out for revenge, though Melinda doesn't know. The next morning at Same As It Never Was, Andrea is prepping flowers as Melinda and Jim walk in. Andrea greets them, and asks them what was up. Jim says he is there to fix the cabinet, and he goes to the back as Melinda talks to Andrea in private. They sit on the sofa and Melinda tells Andrea of Jim and about his problem. Andrea asks if Jim is seeing ghosts, but Melinda says she thinks its just the ghost messing with Jim's head, and Jim walks into the room. Melinda asks Andrea if she wants them to go because she doesn't want to freak them out, but Andrea tells her it's alright, what's one or two malevolent spirits between friends? Melinda notices some flowers and asks where they came from, and Andrea says Lexi brought them by. Andrea comments that Lexi must be reaching out to her, and Melinda confesses they didn't drift apart, they more like crashed and burned. Andrea asks if she wants to talk about it, and Melinda tells her in freshman year at College, Lexi had told everyone about her ability and she became a laughingstock, she ended up leaving. Andrea tells her she must never speak to Lexi ever again.

PDVD 743

Melinda watches Jim

That night at Melinda and Jim's house, Jim is lying in bed with Melinda watching him. Melinda isn't seeing anyone yet, telling Jim that ghosts feed off the living's energy as if it's recharging their batteries, so when they're attached to someone they are still free to wander off for a while. The lights go off and Jim goes to fix it, and he asks if she could unplug the heater. She does so and the ghost appears behind her, Melinda telling him that she can see him and that she isn't afraid of him. She asks what he wants with her husband, but he tells her that he isn't after her husband, he is after her. Melinda asks what he wants with her, and he says he needs her help. Melinda feels a lot of bad vibes from him and she can't help him unless she knows what she is feeling. He confesses to her that he killed a man, and Melinda asks his name, and he tells her he is Julian. Melinda asks who he killed, and he says someone innocent. In a flashback, he was robbing a bank with some other people and they needed to get away, so Julian pulls a man out of a car with a loaded gun. The man struggles with him and tries to take the gun off him, and they accidentally shoot a man walking across the street. They were all arrested but him, and he knew his wife had moved but he found her and he saw his son Joseph for the first time. He wanted the three of them to start over, but he lost his wife Rachel's love but she didn't want him back. The police showed up at the house that night, and he was taken to Jail. During his time in Jail, he realized he wasted a life and promised he would start clean when he got out. The day he was released he was asked by a cellmate to do a job for him, but he refused. He believed he could make amends. In a flashback, as Julian rides his motorcycle late at night, a car drives behind him and then to the side of him, knocking into him and causing him to fly off his motorcycle. Soon after that, the ambulance came and Jim was there. Melinda asks how she can help him, and he says that he wants to beg forgiveness to the parents of the man he killed, as he was going to do it himself before he died. Melinda tells him she doesn't know if she can trust him as she thought he wanted to kill his wife. Julian gets angry, but tells Melinda he would never do that. Melinda is his only hope for help. The lights turn on and Jim walks into the room, noticing Melinda and realizing he is there. He then throws the baseball bat in anger asking what he wants. He then hugs Melinda and apologizes.

PDVD 758

Andrea confronts Lexie

In the living room, Melinda has told Jim of what the ghost had told her. Jim is quick to judge him, but Melinda defends him saying he has had a terrible life and that doesn't mean he doesn't have a spark of good in him. Jim can't believe he wants them to drive across the state to find the parents of the man he killed, and Melinda tells him that is exactly what they're going to do. Jim says it won't go well with them, and Melinda knows that but it's not a reason why they shouldn't help him. Jim begins to shout, telling her she is as stubborn as he is. Jim apologizes, he just doesn't want that ghost attached to him or in his house. The following morning, Andrea is jogging along some grass when Lexie, also jogging, runs to join her. Lexie begins telling Andrea about how her and Migs used to do it ages ago, but Andrea interrupts her and tells her she prefers to run by herself. Andrea jogs away as Lexie seems a bit crushed, then Andrea stops and walks back to her. Andrea tells Lexie she isn't trying to be a bitch, she just thinks that loyalty should be a personal asset. Lexie realizes what its about and wishes Melinda would get over the costume party, but Andrea doesn't know anything about a costume party. Lexie then tells Andrea about what happened, how some guys decided to throw a costume party, wearing your favorite fantasy.

PDVD 764

Melinda is humiliated at a "fancy dress" party

In a flashback, we see a younger Melinda dressed as a fairy, walking down a corridor and opening a door into a room. Lexie tells Andrea that they only told Melinda to wear her favorite fantasy. In the room, everyone is wearing a sheet, looking like ghosts. Melinda, being taunted by the other students in a ghost costume making ghostly sounds and movements, begins to cry. Andrea can't believe she humiliated Melinda in front of all her friends, and Lexie tells Melinda she kept her secret all through High School, and she was her only friend at her grandmother's funeral. She continues to say she listened to all of Melinda's problems all of the time, but Andrea stops her and tells her that's what friends do. Andrea then jogs off, leaving Lexie. In a car, Jim is driving Melinda and Melinda tells him it's a shame that the only chance they get to go away is doing something like this. Julian appears in the backseat, and Jim apologizes to Julian about how things went down on the night of the accident. Julian tells him he was already dead so he doesn't blame him. Melinda tells Jim and Jim thanks him. Julian says things went the way they were supposed to as it led him to Melinda. They pass a "Do Not Enter" sign.

PDVD 776

Melinda follows Julian's wishes

Melinda knocks on a door and a woman opens the door. She is Mrs. Farrell, and Melinda tells her that she doesn't know them but she has recently become acquainted with someone who is familiar with her son. Julian begins to whisper in Melinda's ear, knocking off her concentration, so Jim takes over and tells the woman, and the man who has just came to the door also, that his wife has an ability to talk to and see the dead. Mrs. Farrell asks if she has seen her son, but Melinda tells her she hasn't, but she has seen the person who killed her son. Soon later, they are all sitting in the conservatory. Melinda repeats what Julian tells her, that it was an accident and he never meant to kill him. Julian tells Melinda that it doesn't matter since he is guilty for their pain, but Melinda tells the parents that he was on his way to them when he was released to beg for forgiveness, and the father is shocked that he was even let out. Melinda tells them he wanted a clean slate, that he wanted to start his life over but it didn't work out that way. The woman asks why, and Jim tells them that he was killed. Julian leans in front of Jim, and Jim begins to feel wierd and claustrophobic. The man asks why he is talking to his son's killer and not his son, but Melinda tells them that their son might have crossed over straight away, that he had no problems to fix, but Julian is tortured by what he did. Mrs. Farrell tells Melinda good, and Melinda begs her pardon. Mrs. Farrell is glad he is tortured, how she can't imagine how many times she wished him dead just to ease the pain. The father proceeds to tell them that their son was a good boy, he wanted to make a difference, and they will never give him their forgiveness. Julian screams out in anger then disappears in a puff of black smoke. Jim starts to feel funny and Melinda hugs him.

PDVD 790

Andrea tries to hide from Lexi

Driving back, Melinda is driving the car as Jim recovers from a headache. Melinda tells Jim that was horrible, and Jim asks her what she expected when their only son was killed. Melinda believes Julian isn't an evil man anymore, and she wishes they could have heard her speak. Outside a cafe, Andrea hides behind a Travel Magazine as Lexie walks over. Lexie stops at her table and tells Andrea she knows she can see her, so Andrea puts the magazine down. Lexie knows Andrea doesn't like her, and Lexi tells Andrea she was right about her not telling anyone about Melinda's gift, but she tried so desperately to fit in with it being freshman year at college. Lexi wants Andrea to set up a meeting with Melinda, and forgiveness is not easy sometimes, but she really wants Andrea to talk to her, to which Andrea sighs. That night, Melinda and Jim are sitting in a Cafe when a waitress asks what they would like. Melinda orders a Tuna Sandwich, while Jim takes his time to respond and saying he isn't hungry. Melinda asks what he feels, and he tells her he feels alone, but Melinda tells him they are Julian's feelings, not his. Melinda tells him to just focus on her love for him and that may hold Julian off. Melinda concludes that they have to find Julian's wife and son, but Jim tells her no, and Julian appears next to him, using Jim to tell Melinda that it is beyond hope with them. Melinda disagrees, and convinces Julian to do it, with Jim telling him it's his only chance so he should take it.

PDVD 812

Julian helps Melinda find his wife and son

In a messy part of town, Melinda and Jim pull up and Jim tells Melinda he respects what she does, and Melinda tells him it will go well. Julian points Melinda in the right direction to where his wife and son live, and Melinda goes the way he showed. They begin to walk as a young woman with a bag of groceries walks around the corner. Julian confirms her to be Rachel and Melinda introduces herself to her. Rachel asks how she knows her, and Melinda tells her through Julian. With a sigh, Rachel asks what Julian has done now, and Melinda tells her he didn't do anything, except die. Rachel begins to cry, but walks to her front door and tells Melinda she knew it would happen sooner or later. Trying to talk to Rachel more, Melinda tells her Julian has some last words to tell her. A young boy opens the door, Julian's son, all grown up. Rachel tells Melinda she can come in, but only for a minute.

PDVD 814

Melinda talks to Rachel about Julian

Inside, Rachel doesn't believe Melinda is talking to Julian at that moment in time. Jim also admits that he can feel his presence, but Rachel tells them how she left Julian from her life a long time ago, that she raised her son. Julian knows Rachel can feel him, but Rachel says she doesn't believe in that spirit stuff. Julian tells Melinda she did, like when they went to Cony Island and the Fortune Teller told them they were going to get married. Rachel asks how she knows, and Melinda tells her Julian is telling her. Julian uses Jim to talk to Rachel, saying it was the most beautiful day he can remember. Rachel tells her to stop it and sits down, and Julian tells Melinda to tell her he loves her, that he is sorry for the pain he caused. Julian tells Melinda to tell her he deserved to die, but Melinda can't say it. Rachel asks her to, so Melinda tells her. Julian also forgives her for turning him in to the police, but Rachel reveals to them that she didn't turn him in. Rachel then shouts at them, asking if her blowing the whistle on him is what this is all about. But Melinda assures her it isn't, that Julian thought she turned him in. The son walks out of his bedroom, and tells them that he did.

PDVD 820

Julian steps into Jim, and crosses over

Rachel asks Joseph why he called the police on Julian, and he tells her that he didn't want to make her miserable, he didn't want him to die he just wanted him to go away for a while. Julian begins to laugh, and so this makes Jim laugh. Rachel asks what is going on and Melinda tells her Julian is laughing and she doesn't know why. Julian is laughing because his son turned him in, not Rachel, he was protecting his mother. Melinda tells them but Joseph thinks she is lying. Melinda assures him she isn't, so he asks for proof: what is behind is his father's right ear? Julian had gotten a tattoo there when Joseph was born. Melinda stands up and looks behind his ear. She tells him it's of a white dove with wings outstretched. Through Melinda, Julian tells them that he wants Joseph to become the man he was trying to be, to learn forgiveness, because, if you don't forgive, it's like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die. He asks if Rachel got his letters, but she tells Melinda she didn't open them because she was mad at him. He asks them to read them to help them both understand. He says he is sorry for throwing his beautiful wife and child away, but Rachel tells them he didn't throw them away, she has always loved him. Melinda tells them he needs to cross over now, but he can't do that until he knows they forgive him, and Joseph tells her that they do. Joseph tells Melinda that he wishes there was something he could do, and Julian tells her that there is. He wants Joseph to go to the parents of the man he killed without revealing his real identity and make a difference in their lives, do good things for them and help to make their lives easier. Julian then steps back and into Jim's body before lifting up into the light, relieving Jim of the baggage he had been feeling.

PDVD 826

Melinda talks to Alexis

The next morning, Melinda is having lunch with Alexis. Alexis is glad that Andrea talked Melinda into doing this, but Melinda tells her that, actually, Andrea had told her not to go. Melinda tells her that she has learned a lot about forgiveness and Alexis thinks its so cool of her. Melinda then says they probably need to talk about freshman year, but Alexis tells her that it's "not her thing to dwell," and that she believes in what Melinda can do and it's the reason she is there. Melinda is stunned, and Alexis continues to tell Melinda of her Aunt Ruth, who was a pain in her butt, with bad breath too. Aunt Ruth appears next to Alexis, and Alexis tells Melinda she put in a lot of hours with her in her last few weeks and she was promised a gorgeous emerald necklace, and then Ruth died. Melinda plays with her food as if she is annoyed, and Alexis tells Melinda Ruth didn't leave her the necklace. Melinda laughs and Alexis asks what was so funny, and Melinda tells her that she feels a lot better, and Alexis tells her good because she does too. Melinda says she realizes that what she did to her is nothing compared to what she does to herself every day. Melinda stands up and tells her she has to go, that today had been fun, and even though she can see the necklace hanging on Ruth's neck (which would mean Ruth was buried with it), she tells Alexis to keep looking for it. Melinda walks away, and soon looks at a huge flock of doves outside Main Street's Dry Cleaners.


  • Julian Borgia
  • Victorian Horse-and-Carriage Driver
  • Jim's Father
  • Aunt Ruth

Altogether: 4 spirits


  • This episode gathered a total of 11.41 million viewers.


  • Melinda tells Andrea she doesn't scare easy, but Andrea replies that they saw The Ring together and she spent the whole movie under her seat. This suggests that Melinda and Andrea went to the Cinema to see it, which would have been in 2002. Melinda and Andrea would have had to meet prior, but because Melinda doesn't know Andrea in her flashbacks in "The Night We Met", where it shows Melinda meeting Jim on November 10, 2001, then it would have had to be after this. Since it isn't confirmed in the show, this is only speculation.
  • Jim's father is revealed to have died in November 2000. Jim told Melinda in the "Pilot" that his brother died before they even met, which was November 10, 2001, so Daniel Clancy would have had to have died around about the same time as his father as he seems to be in his mid-20s when appearing as a ghost.
  • Goof: When Andrea and Melinda are sitting talking about the flowers that Alexis sent, Andrea switches between resting her head on her hand and sitting up straight between shots.
  • This is the first time that a spirit appears in more than one episode.
  • The is the first time we see Jim help Melinda cross over a ghost, though Jim witnessed Melinda cross over Zoe Harper in "Ghost, Interrupted".
  • Melinda's best friend in high school was named Alexis, or Lexie. When they were freshmen in college, Lexie told other students about Melinda's talent, knowledge of which was used to play a joke on Melinda. After this, Melinda broke off her friendship with Lexie and dropped out of college.
  • This is the first episode where a spirit possesses a main character, and even the first step-in the show.
  • Melinda's childhood nickname was "Migs".
  • This episode shows the second time Andrea has stuck up for Melinda, the first being "The Crossing" when Hank claims Melinda to be fake.


ANDREA: Are you kidding me? You can never speak to her again, never, ever, ever.

JIM: It's like I'm infected by him or something.

ALEXIS: I'm so glad Andrea talked you into having lunch with me today.
MELINDA: Actually, Andrea told me not to come.

MELINDA (to Alexis): I realize what you did to me is nothing compared to what you do to yourself everyday.

JULIAN: I betrayed her in every way a husband can betray a wife.

MELINDA: I love you so much, just focus on that.

JIM: However this goes down, I want you to know that I respect what you do.

MELINDA: We didn't drift, it was more like crash and burn.

ALEXIS: I kept her secret all through High School. I listened to all of her problems all of the time.
ANDREA: Alexis, that's what friends do.

JIM: This is not a benign spirit, not after the stuff I've been feeling.

JULIAN: There are a lot of things I never meant to do.

MELINDA: And I don't scare easy
ANDREA: Please, we saw The Ring together, you stayed under your seat.

JULIAN (to his son): Go to the parents of the man that I killed. Find a way to befriend them, but don't tell them who you are. Do good things for them. Make their lives easier. Make a difference.

RACHEL: What has that son of a bitch done now?
MELINDA: He hasn't done anything... except die.
(Rachel begins to get all teary)
RACHEL: Well. I knew it would happen sooner or later. I guess it's sooner.

MELINDA: What a shame. Our first chance to get away... look what we're doing.
JIM: It's not exactly a romantic getaway, uh?

JIM (to Melinda): Is he here?
(Jim grabs a baseball bat)
Tell me what he wants. (to Julian) Tell me what you want!
(Jim throws the bat and breaks something)

MELINDA: I can see you and you don't scare me, you don't. Who are you? And what do you want with my husband?
JULIAN: It's not your husband I want. It's you.

MELINDA: Do you want us to go? Cause I don't wanna freak you out...
ANDREA: No, of course not. What's a malevolent spirit or two between friends?

MELINDA (referring to an angry spirit): My grandma never walked me through this one.

ANDREA: Whoa! What was that?
ANDREA: You just totally iced that girl.
MELINDA: No, I did not.
ANDREA: Melinda, I have like freezer burn over here.

MELINDA (in reference to the rust in the water): Washing my face...gross!

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