No Safe Place is the fourth episode of the third season, and the fourty-eighth overall episode, of the CBS series, Ghost Whisperer, originally premiering on October 19, 2007. The episode was written by Jeannine Renshaw and directed by Peter O'Fallon, and recieved a total of 8.95 million viewers.

An attorney seeks Melinda’s help. Shane tells Melinda that the ghost is of his dead stalker. Melinda soon finds that Shane has not told Melinda the truth about the ghost and confronts him but Shane finds another way to deal with the situation.

After witnessing a nearly fatal accident, Melinda is asked by a female ghost to give an object to the victim, a man. But when Melinda cheerfully accommodates the ghost, handing the object over to the man with the message that it comes from Colleen, the man recoils in disbelief. "That woman," Colleen, was his worst nightmare, he says. She had been obsessed with him and had subjected him to stalking and harassment.

Melinda researches stalking and visits the man, Shane, who is a lawyer. Immediately beforehand, she witnesses Colleen frustrating Shane in small, cruel ways and tries to reason with her. Colleen refuses to stop, muttering about orange roses and stating that he needs to know how she felt. For his part, Shane claims that he knew how Colleen felt because she constantly made him aware of it. He describes her as delusional, with a range of romantic fantasies that had no basis in reality.

After complaining to Jim about her lack of progress, Mel visits Colleen's apartment under the guise of a possible renter. The landlady describes Colleen as quiet and scared to talk to people, to the point that she habitually took the stairs for fear of being trapped in an elevator with other people. She points out that this could have led to her unfortunate death when she fell off the fire escape stairs, breaking her neck. Melinda finds a restraining order with the name Shane Carson in the Defendant's space, revealing the truth, that Shane had been stalking Colleen, not the other way around. Colleen reappears and reaffirms that he needs to know how she felt, how he made her feel. Melinda tells her that it is over, that she is safe. Colleen says that there is "no safe place."

Later, Melinda tries again to bring Colleen back from her vengeful plans, telling her that these actions are not her, they're him. She tries to remind her of her loved ones. Colleen says that she had nobody, that he made sure that they all left her. All except Campbell that is. Campbell never left her.

Campbell turns out to be a detective who had been trying to help Colleen. He hates Shane and, after describing the ways in which Shane isolated, menaced, and harassed Colleen, warns Melinda not to have anything to do with him, not to attract his attention to her in any way.

Colleen lurks around Shane in his office. Sensing her, or believing that he could sense her, he gloats while she screams uselessly in his face. Shane begins to talk to her, telling her that it's time she moved on...especially since he already has. Turning to his computer, we see pictures of Melinda.

The next morning, Shane intercepts Melinda on her way into her store. He gives her a gift, an angel statue, and appears unmoved by her disgust. Delia steps in and Shane becomes eerily focused on her as well. That night, Melinda and Delia are horrified to discover that Shane may have ruined Ned's chances at a spot in a prestigious private school.

Melinda goes to Campbell for help but he informs her that there is nothing that he or she can do unless Shane crosses certain lines and, because he's a lawyer, he rarely crosses those lines. This, Campbell says, is why he hates him so much.

That night, Melinda arrives home to find candles lit and music playing. She smiles and looks for Jim but cannot find him. Upstairs, she thinks that she has found him in the shower but reels back in terror when the tub holds an orange rose instead of her husband. Shane stands outside, taunting her that Jim wouldn't be coming for her as he'd arranged an appointment for him instead. In the ensuing panic, Jim races home from his fake appointment while Melinda frantically hides in their house. Melinda asks for Colleen to help but Colleen is frozen in fear and remorse that her revenge led Shane to a new victim. With Shane just outside, Jim arrives home, seemingly just in time, to find Melinda cowering with no sign of the stalker. Melinda begs Colleen to help her. While Colleen can't seem to see a way to escape Shane, Melinda tells her that they will not escape, that Colleen was right and Melinda was wrong. They had to work together to punish Shane and make sure that he couldn't do this anymore. Colleen protests that he's too careful, that he never lets anybody else see. Melinda says there are things a ghost could see.

Together, Colleen and Melinda infiltrate Shane's office and copy his files. While there, Mel recognizes the art on Shane's office wall as photographs depicting Colleen's dead body. She takes this information to Campbell, who denies that Shane could have been present at Colleen's death. Security cameras and his alibi confirm that he was nowhere near. However, he must have accessed her file because the pictures are part of her death scene documentation, taken by a forensic photographer.

Melinda takes this back to Shane's office and happily informs him that she has sent copies of the picture by email to everybody in the entire firm, along with a note identifying them as the art on his wall and the files copied from his computer. The files contain the personal and confidential information on everybody in Colleen's life and prove that he had surveilled her to an inappropriate degree.

Colleen wants one more thing--to tell Campbell how much he'd meant to her.

Ned's school application is sorted out and he is accepted. Shane is fired and charges are pressed against him. Jim decides that he will still be walking Melinda home from work.

At the very end, however, we learn that Melinda unfortunately may not have seen the last of Shane Carson.

Guest StarringEdit

  • Sarah Utterback as Colleen Finn
  • Josh Hopkins as Shane Carson
  • Dash Mihok as Dt. David Campbell
  • Joseph C. Phillips as Richard Vahn
  • Jodi Hettinga as Frances
  • T Lopez as Thea

Plot SynopsisEdit


Melinda gives Shane the Rose

The episode opens with an old black and white film playing on the screen, Melinda is seen holding a tissue to her face as Jim silently watches the movie, Melinda exclaims that the movie is so sad as Jim makes a joke, Melinda playfully hits him and says that the movie really gets to her, Jim asks "for the eighth time?". She then explains that she should actually be crying at how overwhelming the store has been for her lately, She refuses to hire new help when Jim suggests it because Melinda explains that Delia has other things on her mind lately, like getting Ned into a private school. Jim suggests they go away for the weekend while his mother gets another one of her "procedures", Melinda admits to liking the idea. A drunk man begins stumbling through the tables and distrupts the movie, Jim rushes over to see if he's okay when he falls over. Melinda turns to see a young woman standing next to her, she stands watching the drunk man but then disappears and reappears by a flower stand, Melinda walks over to her, the woman's head twiches as Melinda stands next to her as she speaks saying "he needs to know...I'll always be with him" and Melinda says that she can help her talk to him, The ghost asks for Melinda to give her an orange rose and says "Then he'd know", Melinda takes a rose and asks the ghosts name. Cut to Jim and the man sitting at the back of an ambulance, The drunk man claims himself to be an idiot for being so drunk, he grabs his jacket and a tube of pills falls out, Jim picks then up and reads the label saying that it contains a "pretty serious sedative", the man replies that hes been going through a rough patch so he took some and that he feels like hes going crazy. Melinda appears holding the rose, the man appears to be shocked and asks who its from, Melinda replies that its from Colleen, the man explains that Colleen his worst nightmare and that she become "stalker obsessed" with him.


Melinda explains to Jim about stalkers

Later that Night, Melinda and Jim are back home, Jim comes into the living room yawning as Melinda researches the "five classifications of stalkers" on the internet, Melinda explains that the classifications start off creepy then go to terrifying, she then asks why Jim is still up, he explains its getting lonely upstairs without her, Melinda apologises and says she couldn't stop thinking about the man, Jim offers to make Melinda a sandwich, she declines and asks if he knows that most stalkers actually believe that they're in a relationship with the person they are stalking to which Jim asks if Colleen thinks Shane (the drunken man) is her boyfriend, Melinda says yes and says stalkers are usually mentally ill but Colleen has a weird twitch with her neck, Jim says that muscle twitching can be side effects of anti-psychotic drugs, Melinda says that she thinks Colleen is more of an intimacy seeker and wants to be loved by her "victim", referincing to Fatal Attraction. Melinda explains that she must convince Colleen that the best way to help Shane is for her to move on.


Colleen talks to Melinda

The Next Day, Shane is heading into work as Melinda sits across the street in her car, Shane's cell phone rings and he looks at the caller ID, seeing the name Colleen appear on his screen, he enters the building through the revolving doors but gets stuck inside. Colleen appears before him, watching as he struggles to get out, Melinda shouts for Colleen to stop, Colleen hears and soon vanishes, appearing in Melinda's car as Shane hurries inside. Colleen says "every monday, an orange rose...don't forget!", Melinda tells Colleen that she thinks she has it wrong and says that Colleen is confused, Colleen protests saying that Melinda has to send the flowers every monday, Melinda says Colleen must go into the light. Colleen replies saying "no, he needs to know how I felt!", Melinda turns to face the building but turns back to see Colleen is now gone, She visits Shane in his office and Shane says last night is fuzzy. Melinda tells him she see's spirits, saying she has seen Colleen, he seems to accept it easily and asks if Colleen is here now, Melinda explains she was, to which Shane realises Colleen was behind the stuck door. Melinda says she has to help Colleen cross over, Shane asks what he needs to do, Melinda tells him he needs to talk to her, Shane explains he can't because Colleen was warped, she "made up these insane stories" like trips they'd never been on, even arguments they'd never had. Shane says he never felt threatened completely but says Colleen was mentally sick. Shan'e boss enters and is introduced to Melinda, his boss explains Shane is the law firms "resident heart-breaker". Melinda asks how Colleen died, Shane says it was an accident but he doesn't know how, Melinda asks about Colleen's family and friends and then asks for her last name, Shane says its Finn. Melinda leaves her card with Shane and exits.


Melinda realises Colleen was the Victim

Melinda arrives at Same as It Never Was, sitting at her computer in the basement, Jim arrives and says he's going to check the circut breaker, Melinda searches for Colleen Finn on the internet, Melinda then says that the weekend getaway is do-able if she can figure out this Colleen situation but she says she is struggling, Melinda askss for Jim to use his police connections, he says he will if it means they can get away for the weekend, she says it will happen if he does. He then asks if she has battery left on her laptop, she says yes and he then shuts the power off, turning it back on right after and then leaves. Later, Melinda arrives at Colleen's apartment, her landlord explains that no one has got in touch to sort out Colleen's belongings as Melinda checks out the windows, Melinda and the landlord come to the conclusion that Colleen had no friends or family and the landlord explains that Colleen was only in Grandview for a couple of months and kept to herself, explaining that Colleen wouldn't use the elevator because she was afraid of being in it with someone else, saying it turns out it would have been safer, when Melinda asks what she means, the landlord explains that Colleen died using the emergency stairway, saying she broke her neck. Melinda asks for a moment alone, the landlord leaves. Colleen appears as Melinda finds a piece of paper with notes written on about Shane and then a restraining order to keep Shane away from her, Melinda realises that Shane was the one stalking Colleen. Melinda says he can't hurt her anymore because she's safe now, Colleen says there is no safe place, Melinda tells her that the light is safe but Colleen explains that Shane is everywhere and then says "you'll see" before vanishing. Melinda then finds some orange roses in the trash and a note from Shane saying "You are my destiny, Love Shane", she looks out the window to see Shane looking back at her, standing on the street corner.


Shane watches Melinda

As she exits the building, Melinda see's Shane again at the end of the street, watching her. A cat startles her and she turns away, turning back to see Shane is now gone. She begins walking down the street, ending up at the end of an alley, A young couple walk by and Melinda is soon startled by Colleen appearing. Melinda says she knows how upset and angry Colleen must be. Colleen then says shes going to ruin Shane's life. Melinda says Colleen is meant to move on and asks if she knows where she died. Colleen then explains that she was running, she doesn't know if Shane was even there, but a flashback shows her exiting through the door and falling off the stairway to her death. She then explains that Shane made all of her family and friends go away and says she only had Campbell, the detective who helped her. Melinda goes to see Campbell who asks if Shane is stalking Melinda now, she says he isn't and Campbell explains that Shane is an expert and isn't in jail because he's a lawyer and that he knows his way around stalking laws. Melinda says Shane seems like a solid guy, Campbell says a lot of stalkers are high powered guys but relationships would get in their way for their careers so they create an imaginary relationship that they can control and that Shane Carson really believed he was in a relationship with Colleen. He says Shane is what they call a sociopathic predator, saying he isolaed Colleen by scaring away everyone in her life so that he would be the only person she had left. Melinda asks how and he says he made it so Colleen wasn't even worth knowing, saying he harrased Colleen's friends and family, saying he'd make up lies. Melinda asks if Shane had anything to do with Colleen's death, Campbell says it was his first thought, but that he couldn't tie him to it. He says he wanted to see the light in Colleen's eyes again, Melinda says it meant a lot to Colleen. Campbell then leaves.


Colleen attempts to scare Shane

The power cuts out in Shane's office as he sits at his desk, the pictures on the wall begin to shake as Shane asks "Is that all you've got?" joking about being scared, he says he really loved Colleen and that they were a good couple, he says Colleen never did appreciate the things he did for her, saying she cheated on him, he says he forgave her and Colleen appears when he talks about a previous relationship Colleen had, she says Shane hacked into his clients records, Shane says he never told her but he was there when she broke up with her boyfriend and saw how he had left Colleen alone at a restaurant. Colleen says Shane cancelled his credit cards and that the waiter wouldn't let him leave. Shane asks who was there for her through her tears, saying it broke his heart and that she won't hurt him again. Colleen becomes upset, saying Shane is alone and desperate. Shane says its over that they are through. Colleen screams and punches at him, he isn't phased, saying Colleen should move on, he claims that he has and looks at his computer where several photos of Melinda appear. He says that Melinda "needs" him, he laughs and asks if Colleen was there when she said it. He says love is funny and then leaves. Colleen realises she must warn Melinda.


Delia defends Melinda

Cut to Same as It Never Was, Delia is on the phone with the private school, she looks to a customer off screen and says she'll be right with them. A folder for the school drops and the customer picks it up, revealing themself to be Shane. He reads out the name of the school and says it's a good school, asking if her son goes to it. Delia replies saying not yet, she asks if she can help him with something and he says he is looking for Melinda. He sees her approaching the store and exits, Melinda notices Shane and asks why he is here. He gives her a gift and she says she knows who he is, and what he did to Colleen. He explains that he knows she'll think he's a bad guy bcause she's only heard Colleen's side of the story, he says Melinda knows he's not a bad guy deep down and that they should sort it out. Melinda says she's married to a guy with lots of cop buddies. Shane says that he's sorry Colleen mislead her but she will want to hear him out. Delia comes outside as Melinda says she's onto Shane and says its not going to work with her. Delia asks if Melinda is okay and says its time for Shane to leave. Melinda says don't bring Delia into this. Shane asks if this is a bad time, saying he'll come back later. Melinda says she wants him to stay the hell away from her. Shane says a real friend doesn't tell someone who they can and can't date (referring to Delia). He then leaves as Melinda and Delia head inside.


Melinda is startled by a knock on the door

Later that Night, Melinda is lying in bed, she hears a noise and goes leaves the room, heading downstairs to find Colleen in the living room, crouched down in the corner crying. Melinda goes up to her and Colleen's neck twitches, Colleen says its happening again but Melinda says Shane can't hurt her. Colleen says "but he can hurt you" a knock on the front door startles them as Melinda looks out the window. Delia is at the door, Melinda lets her in asking what's wrong. Delia says she was driving home when she got a call from the school saying that Ned's school councelor called to inquire about special ed resources for Ned, Melinda realises it was Shane, trying to push Delia away from Melinda. Colleen says that it's starting, she says that Shane destroys everything you love until there's no one but him, until there's No Safe Place.


Shane stands outside Melinda's home

The next morning, at the store Melinda asks Detective Campbell how she can stop Shane. He asks if he's stalking her now, she says he is and says she doesn't want to end up like Colleen. Campbell says Shane must have latched onto Melinda because she knows Colleen, he says everyone in her life may be at risk now and Melinda then explains the stunt he pulled on Delia. When asked how he can do what he does, Campbell says that Shane knows his way around a computer to access passwords. Melinda says thats illegal. Campbell agrees and says he needs evidence to prove he did it but can't because Shane is a lawyer. Melinda arrives home, its raining outside, the whole house has been set up for a romantic dinner for two. Melinda thinking it was by Jim, heads upstairs and changes into one of Jim's shirts and talks to Jim as she hears the shower running. She says her phone wasn't working and heads to the bathroom saying Jim really went all out, she looks at the shower and then pulls the curtain open to find an Orange Rose sitting in the bathtub. She rushes through the house, looking for Jim saying "this is not happening" as thunder and lightning erupt through the skies outside. Melinda runs to her bedroom to close the window and finds Shane outside looking at her, she says Jim will be home any second now. Shane says he doesn't think so and tells her that Jim recieved an urgent call about his mother and that Jim rushed down to see her, Melinda tries to close the window but its stuck so she rushes over and locks her bedroom door.


Jim comes to Melinda's rescue

Jim arrives at the hospital and asks to see his mother, the hospital phone rings and the receptionist answers. Back to Melinda, she turns off the bedroom lights and sneaks over to her bed, searching for her the house phone, the connection is out so she finds her cell phone to see that there is no service on it either. Back at the hospital, the receptionist tells Jim that Faith Clancy checked out already. Jim becomes confused and says he got a call from her doctor saying there was a complication. He asks her to check again, she then replies that his mother was released at 11am that same day saying Jim should have called first, he says his cell phone is dead, he then realises that Shane is behind it all and desperately tries to call home to check on Melinda. At home, Melinda exits her bedroom quietly, going downstairs, she checks that the front door is locked and then enters the kitchen, she grabs a knife and Colleen appears saying he's here. Melinda says she knows and that he's in the front yard but Colleen says he isn't, saying he is now going round back, Melinda asks where he is now and screams as he stands outside the kitchen window. She rushes to the double doors by the dining room table and Colleen says she can't see him, Melinda says he has to be out there, pulling the blinds open so she can see. She says that he must be gone but suddenly he appears at the door, trying to open it. Melinda tries her hardest to keep the doors closed as Jim rushes in to her aid. Jim chases after Shane as Melinda is left alone and realises that Colleen is now gone. Jim comes back and says that Shane is gone. Melinda says Shane has cut the phone lines. Jim leaves to go to the neighbors house to call the police as Melinda throws Shane's gift at the wall, shattering it.


Melinda and Colleen discuss Shane's files

The next day, Melinda enters Colleen's apartment and looks for Colleen, she finds her in the bedroom, sitting by the door. Colleen says that she thought she could stop Shane but ended up leading him to Melinda, she says he will take Melinda's life too. Melinda says she was wrong and it's time for Colleen to get her revenge. Melinda says she will make sure he will never do this again. Melinda then asks what Colleen has seen since she has been watching Shane. Colleen explains about files that were on everyone in Colleen's life. Melinda asks where they are and Colleen says they are on his computer, saying he was looking at Detective Campbell's file last time she was there. She says Shane was keeping track on when Campbell started smoking again, she says she remembers that too, saying she gave him such greif about it. Melinda says Detective Campbell must have meant a lot to her. Colleen says Shane couldn't push him away saying he was too strong for that and saiud that he made her feel safe. Melinda then heads to Shane's office and comes up with a cover story that she left "a personal item" in his office when he was "working late" last night. She then begins "searching" for it while actually checking his computer for the files. Melinda enters the password and finds the files, she copies them to her memory stick. The receptionist is distracted by a visitor as Melinda looks at the photos on Shane's wall, both she and Colleen realising that the photos are of Colleen's body after her death. A flashback reveals someone had knocked at her door, she panicked and exited through the back where she fell and died.


Colleen and Melinda get revenge

Melinda visits Detective Campbell next and asks if there is any way the police were wrong, saying that maybe Shane pushed Colleen to her death but he replies no. Saying there was a security tape, he says Colleen was alone when she fell, it was an accident. He says Shane's alibi was solid. Melinda asks how Shane could have taken the photos. Campbell says maybe he didn't and finds the crime scene photo which Melinda takes to Shane and Melinda asks how he has it and why he'd hang it on the wall of his office. Shane says that he's gonna have his hands full with Melinda and says he's a lawyer, saying he got it from a friend in law enforcement. Melinda says its strange that he'd hang pictures of Colleen's dead body on his wall to which Shane says its his way of remembering her. Melinda says Colleen is happy that he wants to remember her, he says that he hopes it brings her peace, Colleen says that it does because everyone is going to remember her, Melinda repeats what she has said and then says that Shane's whole firm has something to remember her by saying she sent copies to everyone in his firm along with the note explaining the "artwork" on Shane's wall, and that she's made a disc of all the files Shane kept on the people in Colleen's life, saying she sent emails to his clients but "that part was just for fun" she then goes on to say they have a paper trail showing how he destroyed Colleen's life and everything he did to her. Shane is angered by this and stands up shouting in Melinda's face saying she's just "some nut he talked to once" and how now she is all over him, saying no one cares about all the things she's accusing him of but Melinda replies with "Yes they do, because you're a lawyer, remember and you broke the law" Melinda then says he harrased, stalked and stole Colleen's life long before she fell down the stairs to her death and now his chances of making partner are "right now, by the way, zero". Shane begins sweating, getting worried as Melinda says now Shane has everything that he wished for Colleen, no friends, no fans and if there is justice, no job. She then leaves as Shane's boss enters his office.


Colleen and Campbell get their kiss

Melinda pays another visit to Detective Campbell where he says that they are going to charge Shane with indentity theft, He explains that the photographs along with the police report gave them enough evidence to take Shane's laptop, he says he wishes Colleen was here to see it. Colleen appears and Melinda says she think's Colleen knows. Campbell says he appreciates what she did and Shane will be put away and that his life is pretty much over, saying it feels really good to finally get this guy for what he did to Colleen, As Melinda is about to leave Colleen says she needs to say something to Campbell and Melinda explains that he meant a lot to Colleen and says she wasn't as alone as she thought she was, saying she had him. He recalls one time when he walked Colleen home from the station, telling her about his first arrest. He explains the story and then talks about how much he wanted to kiss Colleen that night, saying he hadn't seen her smile like that in such a long time. Colleen's spirit then kisses Campbell as Melinda leaves, he follows her as Colleen crosses over.


Shane is pulled into the Underworld

Delia arrives at the store where Melinda is sitting at the counter, she tells Melinda that Ned got into the academy, Melinda says she is sorry that Delia got caught up in all of this. Melinda explains that he got charged but was released on bail and is most likely in hiding, laying low, she then says Jim walks her home from work every night. Delia then leaves saying the lights in the basement went out again, Melinda then enters the basement and is talking on the phone with Delia, the lights go out , she is holding a flashlight when someone says "missed me?" she turns to see Shane standing in front of her, Jim calls her, when she answers he says "your not going to believe this" but Melinda cuts him off saying "Shane's dead right?", Jim replies saying that he overdosed on pills, saying he just got the call and asking how she knows, she explains that Shane is in front of her, he tells her to leave quickly, Shane then replies "This worked out for the best all around, don't you think? now we can be together...forever" he begins to step forward to grab her but before he can, two arms burst through the wall and dragged him back, pulling him into the underworld as Melinda runs away.


  • Colleen Finn
  • Shane Carson
  • Ghost in Wall

Altogether: 3 spirits


  • This episode gathered a total of 8.95 million viewers.



JIM: And know where to find me.
(whispers in Melinda's ear)
MELINDA: I know you are not about to take that peanut butter up into my bed!
JIM: Ah! I was gonna take this peanut butter up into my bed!

COLLEEN: It's started.
MELINDA: What has?
COLLEEN: He'll destroy everything you love...until there's no one but him, 'til there's No Safe Place.

COLLEEN: Tell him how happy that makes me.
MELINDA: Colleen is happy that you want to remember her.
SHANE: Well I hope it brings her some peace
COLLEEN: It does. Especially now that everyone's going to remember me.
MELINDA: It does, shes especially happy now that the whole firm has something to remember her by....we sent copies to all the partners along with a note explaining the artwork in your office...we also made a disc on all the files you kept on Colleen...we sent emails to all your clients but that part was just for fun.

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