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Mended Hearts is the fourth episode of the first season of the CBS series, Ghost Whisperer, originally premiering on October 14, 2005. The episode was written and directed by John Gray, and recieved a total of 9.90 million viewers. After Jim saves the life of a woman who attempts suicide in order to be with her deceased fiancé, Melinda tries to help the fiancé cross over by finding the person who received his donated heart.

Guest Starring[]

  • Sean Maher as Conor Donovan
  • Joey Slotnick as Cliff Aimes
  • Patirica Herd as Madge
  • Michelle Nolden as Gwen Alexander
  • Pamela Roylance as Lucy
  • Sarah Hunley as Old Nurse
  • Garrey Guerrier as Dave
  • Paul Kent as Patient
  • Karen Maruyama as Heather

Plot Synopsis[]

Melinda, Jim and Andrea celebrate

Late at night, Melinda and Jim have visited Andrea at her apartment. Melinda comments that she loves her apartment while Andrea pours out champagne for the three of them. She takes them over to them and they all clink glasses. In the apartment above, a woman pours out some pills and begins to fill the bath, just as Andrea takes out a batch out the oven. Jim is feeding Melinda grapes and they all laugh. The woman in the apartment above pours out even more pills of different sizes and colour while pouring out a glass of water. A young man in the apartment sees the woman looking in the bathroom mirror and asks her what she is doing. She says she can't do this anymore and swallows all the pills. The man shouts and tells her not to, but the woman ignores him and closes the door in his face. She steps into the filled bath and the man continues shouting her name, Gwen, telling her not to do it. She sinks lower and lower in the bath, trying to drown herself. The water overflows and leaks into a drain in the bathroom. Downstairs in Andrea's apartment, Melinda looks up and swears she could hear yelling, Andrea commenting that the walls in there are like tracing paper. They hear dripping in the other room and they all run to it. Water is pouring from the ceiling and Melinda tells them that they have to get up there. Running upstairs, Andrea tells them that Gwen lives alone and she hadn't seen her all day. They bang on Gwen's door but no one answers. Melinda tells Jim to break it down and he does. They run in and Jim breaks down the bathroom door also and they see Gwen in the bath. The man before stands in the corner and tells Melinda that she took pills while Jim and Andrea carry Gwen out the bath. It is revealed that this man is a ghost and Andrea calls 911, revealing her to live at 259 West Main Street. Jim tells her that he isn't getting a pulse and continues practicing CPR on her. Gwen then appears as a spirit in the room, and she sees the man and Melinda look at her. Gwen tells the man that she just wanted to be with him, and holds her hand out for him to take. He reaches out to grab it, but Gwen's ghost disappears, and she begins to cough and breathe again. Jim revived her.

Melinda talks to Conor Donovan

At Mercy Hospital, Melinda and Andrea wait inside as Melinda goes to have a drink from the water fountain, but it doesn't work. An elderly patient man appears, a ghost, and Melinda notices him. Andrea catches her glare at him but can't see the ghost. Melinda tries to sway her off and begins looking in all directions. She then sees another elderly man, who asks her if she can see him. Melinda tells him to go away, and a woman in red, another ghost, walks in the background. The man says he is looking for his doctor, but Melinda tells him its not a good time, Andrea watches. Jim walks out a room and towards them, telling them that she is stabilized so everything should be alright. Andrea asks what will happen to her, and Melinda sees the ghost of Conor, the man who was with Gwen, and tells them to go ahead and she will catch up. They walk away as Melinda goes into Gwen's hospital room. Conor asks her how she can see him, and Melinda says she as been asking that herself for years. She asks who he is, and he tells her that he is Conor Donovan, Gwen's fiance, but Melinda corrects him and says that he was her fiance. Melinda asks if Gwen has done this before, but Conor says she hadn't as she was only depressed since he left, and Melinda asks how he left. He tells her that he was in a cycling race, until a young boy stepped out with his bike and Conor dodged him, but smacked into the side of the road and went flying. Paramedics failed to save him as he didn't die instantly. Melinda says she is sorry and asks why he hasn't crossed over yet since it's been a year. He won't leave because Gwen has no family and is all alone. Melinda tells him that he isn't present for her, and he tells her that there is something else, but before he can say, doctors walk into the room and he disappears, so Melinda leaves also.

Melinda and Andrea talk Business

The following day, Melinda and Andrea are at the store. Melinda asks if Andrea had stopped by the Hospital, and Andrea tells her she did on her way in, but Gwen was asking for Melinda. Andrea asks how she would even know Melinda since she was unconscious the entire time Melinda was with her. Melinda tells her that Gwen had an out-of-body experience before Jim brought her back. She also tells Andrea that her dead fiance was also there and told her about the pills. Melinda looks at a letter and doesn't believe it. It's a County Tax Bill, and she shows Andrea, who also doesn't believe she has to pay $15,000. For a small business investment, Melinda said that its three times as big as it was going to be, and if she is right it could blow all of her savings. That night, Melinda visits Gwen at Mercy West Hospital. Gwen tells Melinda that she saw her fiance, and she knew he was there all along. She also saw Melinda talk to him and she asks how, and Melinda tells her that she can see spirits, and Gwen had briefly died when she saw Melinda and Conor. She asks if Conor is with them now, and Melinda tells her he is right next to her on her left. Gwen cries and tells him that he didn't leave her, and Conor tells Melinda to tell Gwen that he misses her, and Melinda does and Gwen tells him that she misses him too, and that she can feel him everywhere she goes. Conor tells Melinda to tell her that he is furious at her for trying to kill herself, and Melinda tells Gwen to which Gwen says she would never do that again. A female doctor walks in and tells Melinda she has to leave now, and she does, but Conor stays with Gwen.

Conor tells Melinda his unfinished business

Melinda walks outside Mercy West Hospital and walks past Conor who was sitting on the side. He follows Melinda and Melinda asks him what the other thing was. He tells her that he was an Organ Donor and the day he died they took his heart. He wants to see who has it, and Melinda is confused to why he would want to know, and he says he wants to see if it went to someone worthy. Melinda asks if he sees the person will he cross over, and he says that he is happy there, but Melinda insists that he has to cross over. He agrees to cross over when he sees Gwen happy and is ready to cross over. The next day, Melinda walks through Grandview Square until she goes into an apartment building above a Drycleaners. It's Andrea's apartment building but she goes to visit Gwen. Gwen is inside looking at old photos and belongings of Conor. Gwen tells Melinda that Conor was the kindest man and tells Melinda a story of whenever they went to a restaurant he would brush the crumbs off the table and hold them in his palm until he could throw them out. Conor is sitting on the seat in the room and asks if she remembers the time they got lost in Boston. Gwen realizes Conor is there and tells Melinda she could feel something like a feather before. Melinda explains to her that ghosts sometimes let the living feel their energy and it feels nothing more than just a brush of air. She also says he dims the lights, and Melinda says ghosts can mess with electricity if they try really hard. Gwen asks how she knows all this, and Melinda tells her that her job is to help people get closure and get spirit's messages across, and to also help people move on. Melinda tells her that Conor has to move on, and Gwen doesn't appear happy. She proceeds to tell Melinda that Conor used to read to her when she couldn't fall asleep. Gwen tells her that there will be no one like him, and that its just fate how Conor is still there and there is nothing Melinda can do about it.

Jim and Melinda in Grandview Square

Outside Same As It Never Was Antiques, on the little grass area in the middle of the square, Jim and Melinda are sitting on a bench. Jim asks how a ghost wouldn't know where his heart is, and Melinda tells him that he must have stayed with Gwen after he died. Jim doesn't think its a great idea of Conor finding out his recipient as some people won't want to know who gave them their organ. Melinda needs to cross Conor over, so Jim tells her that the heart would have been flown out as soon as it was taken, so Melinda needs someone who works at the Hospital who is willing to bend the rules. At the Hospital, Melinda is trying to get the information from a receptionist, who won't tell her anything since she isn't family. The lights go off and the receptionist has to go and get the generator restarted. No one is around and she hears noises coming from the shadows. An olden-times doctor walks out of the shadows and disappears. A female doctor walks up behind Melinda and Melinda gets a fright. Melinda asks if she can help, and the ghost reappears behind the desk and points to the computer, telling Melinda to type in some information into the computer to find out Conor's recipient. The receptionist is on her way back and Melinda finds that his heart was donated to someone called Clifford Aimes. Melinda says thank you and asks if there is anything she can do for the ghost, but she tells her rain check. The lights go back on and the receptionist returns, and tells Melinda she can go now. Melinda walks away and the receptionist looks at the computer. It goes fuzzy.

Melinda attends the Study Group

Melinda has stopped driving and takes out a note with Clifford's address on it, she is in Centerville and begins to get out the car. She then sees someone walk out of the address Clifford lives at, so Melinda gets back in her car as he goes in his own car. He drives away and Melinda follows, finally stopping outside a church. Melinda follows Clifford inside where a Support Group is being held. Clifford is at the front and is introducing himself when Melinda walks in and sits down. Clifford tells the group that he had a bad heart all his life, and after making a joke, no one laughs. He tells them he is grateful to have it, but he doesn't know if he deserves to have it. But then he stands up and suggests someone else should talk before walking out. Melinda soon follows and catches up with him outside. They greet each other and he walks away, but Melinda follows him. Melinda uses a cover story saying she is a student studying the impact that kind of thing does to people. Melinda asks if he would be able to talk to her, but Clifford says he is bad at talking to groups so he can't talk one-on-one either. As he walks away, Melinda asks if he ever wonders about the donor, and he asks why she would ask him that. He begins getting angry with her, wondering what else she would ask, like if he gets hungry for things he never liked before or smelt things that are so familiar yet he never smelt them before. Clifford tells her he is guilty that some guy is dead and he is there talking to Melinda about it. Clifford then gets into his car and drives away.

Conor watches Melinda and Jim

Back at Melinda and Jim's House, Jim asks Melinda what she expected. Melinda tells him she expected to see someone who had joy to have a second chance at life and Jim asks how Gwen is and if Conor is still haunting her. Melinda tells him that she doesn't know who is holding who back, and everytime she sees Gwen and Conor together it makes Melinda feel lucky to have what her and Jim have. She tells Jim to never let each other take that for granted and he agrees. Melinda tells Jim that if anything ever happened to her she would want Jim to be happy after she was gone, but Jim disrupts her as he doesn't want to hear it, but Melinda insists that she would want him to find love again. She asks if he would want the same for her if it was vice versa, and he tells her no in a joking manner. He tells her that she can be happy with friends, make money but no other guys. They laugh and Jim kisses Melinda, just as Conor stands on their lawn watching. After watching how happy they are, reminding him of how Gwen and him were, he smiles, turns and walks away.

Someone paid the tax for the Store

At Same As It Never Was Antiques the next day, the shop is full with customers and Melinda walks over to Andrea reading a letter saying her tax debt was paid in full. She asks who would have paid it as she doesn't know anyone who has that kind of money, so she decides on ringing the board to find out. Andrea then changes the subject to Gwen, telling Melinda that she thinks that Melinda and her should take Gwen out on a girl's night out. Melinda thinks its a great idea and they decide on Lento's on Saturday night and Melinda makes Andrea promise not to do Karaoke. Sometime later in the day, Melinda is in her parked car watching Clifford, who has dropped some money on the floor. He picks it up and puts it in the parking ticket machine and walks inside a shop called "Cliff's Family Photography". Melinda walks inside as Clifford is busy taking photographs for a family, Melinda watches them as he makes a miserable young boy laugh. Conor appears and Melinda tells him that he is haunting the wrong girl. Conor is in disbelief when he sees the person who recieved his heart, and Melinda walks over to Clifford. He asks what she is doing there and she says she needs pictures, but he tells her she doesn't reach the height requirement. He tells her to excuse him as he goes to develop the pictures. In the dark room, Clifford is telling Melinda how electronical cameras don't catch the emotion. Conor also appears in the room and Clifford takes the bite out of a burger. Conor tells him no, and asks Melinda if he knows what he is doing to his heart. Clifford can smell flowers but Melinda can't. Melinda asks if he was happy when he got a new heart, and he tells her he is grateful, but they wasted the heart on him, Conor tells Melinda that he thinks too much. He says he doesn't know how to use it, and Melinda suggests that he was sick for so long he doesn't know how to be well. Melinda tells Clifford there is someone she wants him to meet, someone who has a profound in common with and he has to keep an open mind about it. He asks who, and the scene shifts.

Melinda sets Gwen and Clifford on a date

Outside Lento's, Melinda introduces Clifford to Gwen. Clifford comments that Gwen looks so familiar, but doesn't know where he had seen her from. Melinda tells Gwen and Clifford to go on ahead, but Andrea tells her that they won't know where the table is, so Melinda suggests Andrea to show them and then go back to Melinda so they can talk for a minute. Andrea goes to show them the table and Conor appears to Melinda and tells her that she was supposed to introduce Clifford to him, but Melinda says he only wanted to see him not meet him, and Conor comments that Clifford isn't Gwen's type. Andrea comes back to Melinda and they take a walk, wanting to give Gwen and Clifford some time alone. At the table, a violinest plays for Gwen and Clifford before walking away, and Clifford suggests that they order. Gwen asks about the familiar comment and wonders what he meant. Clifford tells her that he meant like he seen her before, and that he gets that way a lot lately. He then begins to smell Gardenia, and it happened to be Gwen's perfume. He tells her he was smelling it for such a long time he just wondered where it was coming from. The violinest comes back and Clifford pays him to play for the couple that look like they're breaking up. He goes and Gwen laughs, and he asks what work Gwen does, and she tells him that she is a teacher for fourth grade. Clifford tells Gwen that he loves kids, that they're the only original thinkers in the world. Gwen asks if he has any kids, but he says no, that he has had so many health problems that he figured he wouldn't be around long enough to have one. Gwen begins to cry and says she has been crying a lot lately, and Clifford says he has too and he doesn't know why. Clifford then wipes the crumbs of the bread into his palm and keeps a hold of them, just like how Conor did, and Gwen notices this. He asks if she is okay, but she tells him she has to go and walks away. The violinest then comes back and plays for him.

Melinda tries to cross Conor over

Melinda and Clifford walk through Grandview talking about what happened. Melinda asks what he thought of her, and Clifford responds that he feels like he knows her. Melinda tells him to take a chance and he asks why. Melinda tells him to ask himself why he took the heart, if it was to choose life or death. Later, Melinda arrives home with Conor sitting on her porch asking what she was doing. Melinda thought Gwen and Clifford had something in common, and Conor responds that it's him they have in common. Melinda says they had a deal, that he would cross over, but he says Gwen isn't ready. Melinda tells him that Gwen isn't the problem, but Conor is, and that it's not that Gwen doesn't want to move on it's just that Conor won't let her. Conor tells her that is ridiculous as he doesn't interfere in any way, but Melinda argues that she feels his prescence and because of it, it's holding her back. She says the thing with Clifford is for her to move forward and for Conor to let go. Conor says Gwen loves him and Melinda understands, but Gwen can't love a dead man the way Conor wants her to. Jim walks out the house and asks Melinda is everything is okay, and Melinda tells him that its fine, only Conor has a boundary problem. Jim goes back inside and Conor tells Melinda that they should let Gwen decide, and whatever she says goes, whether its for him to stay with her or for him to go. If she wants Conor to stay with her, then Melinda has to leave them both alone.

Andrea is made Partner

The next morning, Melinda is in the back of Same As It Never Was with Andrea. She tells Andrea that she called the board and they told her that the person who paid the bill was one Andrea Marino. Andrea didn't want Melinda to know, and Melinda asks how she had that kind of money. Andrea told her that she had it put away and that it was fine and Melinda shouldn't worry. Melinda says she is stunned and she can't accept the offer as it's just too much. Andrea tells her to just pay her back when she can afford it and gives Melinda a second option. Melinda asks what, and Andrea tells her she can accept the money as a down payment. Melinda asks for what, and Andrea suggests to make her a partner. Melinda tells her she already considers her as her partner, and Andrea tells her she loves it there and that she has money put away and she would love to help Melinda grow the place together. Melinda doesn't know what to say, and Andrea suggests that she says yes. Melinda smiles and says yes. Andrea smiles and hugs Melinda and Melinda hugs her back. They begin dancing and celebrating Andrea being made partner.

Melinda watches Clifford's talk to the Support Group

Clifford is at the Support Group, with Melinda in the audience watching him. He talks to them as he tells them why he thinks he isn't good with women, that he never had to give or take too much as he hid inside his illness, as he had more intense matters to deal with. He says he stopped thinking about it and enjoyed being alone, thinking of a risk-free life. Conor appears behind Melinda, listening intentively to what Clifford was saying. He says he has a brand new heart that it feels like its trying to beat out demanding more, and Conor listens to him with curiosity. Clifford doesn't want to stop the feeling, he wants to fill it, that he needs to fill it, but he doesn't know how to do that exactly, and while looking at Melinda, who smiles and sheds a tear, he says he is willing to try. The audience clap, and Conor whispers in Melinda's ear that he could be talking about Gwen.

Gwen and Melinda cross Conor over

At Gwen's apartment, she is lighting some candles as Melinda asks what she thought of Clifford. Gwen asks if Conor is there, and Melinda tells her she can speak freely. Conor is present, and Gwen tells Melinda that she did like Cliff, that he was funny, but she feels like she is being unfaithful, how Conor is her guardian angel that its so comfortable and so familiar when he is there. Melinda says if its safe, and Gwen says that being with Cliff last night, even for the few minutes, was fun, that he felt so familiar to her. Gwen says that talking about kids for that few seconds made her want to go back to work, but she craves Conor so much. Conor puts his hand close to Gwen's cheek, and Gwen feels his prescence, and Conor tells her that he loves her so much, that all he wanted to do was be with her every day and every night. Melinda repeats what he says to Gwen, and Gwen says she loves him too. Conor tells her that she shouldn't lead a risk-free life and to not waste her heart on a dead man. Melinda tells Gwen that he is letting her go, and Gwen says no, she doesn't want that to happen. Gwen doesn't want him to leave, that she can't do it without him, but he says that's why he has to go, and Melinda says he is ready to cross over. He tells Gwen to look back at their memories and remember that love is possible. Melinda tells him she will tell her, and Conor puts his face right up to Gwen's and she feels it, and then she looks directly at him and at the same time, they tell each other that they love them. Conor moves away and a gush of air is felt by Gwen and Melinda, and Gwen knows he crossed over. Gwen then turns to Melinda and hugs her while crying. Outside Gwen's apartment, Clifford stands with a bunch of flowers and he sorts them out before walking into the building.

Melinda is creeped out by the Laughing Man

Sometime later in the month, outside the Little Broadway Theatre, Melinda and Jim walk out and Melinda comments that she had been dying to do this since they moved there. They are going to see Grandview Players on Saturday night, and Jim hopes the theatre isn't haunted so they can sit through the entire play. Melinda tells Jim that Clifford and Gwen saw it just last week and they loved it, and Jim asks what would become of them, and Melinda says she doesn't know, however she does know they are good for each other now and that's all that matters. Jim suggests him and Melinda should sneak out right now and Melinda laughs, telling him he should get to work and so should she. They kiss and part and Melinda takes the tickets from him as he might lose them. Melinda begins walking to her store while looking around, noticing a man sitting down on a seat looking right at her. He stands up, and Melinda realizes he is a ghost. He starts laughing, which creeps Melinda out. A car drives right through him and he disappears, however his laughing continues. After a moment of horror, Melinda then makes back to her journey to Same As It Never Was Antiques.


  • Conor Donovan
  • Gwen Alexander - Revived
  • Male Patient
  • Old Male Patient
  • Woman in Red
  • Olden Times Doctor
  • Elderly Nurse
  • The Laughing Man

Altogether: 8 spirits


  • This episode gathered a total of 9.90 million viewers.
  • Andrea became a co-owner of Same As It Never Was Antiques in this episode onwards until her death.


  • At the end of this episode, Melinda glances across the town green to see a man sitting and staring at her. As she watches him, he stands and begins to laugh lightly, then more ominously. As a vehicle passes between the dark man and Melinda, he disappears. Though not further explained or explored at this time, the dark man seems to portend a sinister storyline in the future.
  • Andrea secretly pays Melinda's small business tax, which, at $15,000, was three times higher than Melinda had expected. When Melinda learns that Andrea paid the bill, she agrees to take Andrea on as a partner, the $15,000 being partial payment of her buy-in.
  • In this episode, Melinda is driving a red Jeep Liberty. In the first episode she was driving a red Jeep Cherokee.
  • Andrea says to Melinda, "Lucy, you have some splainin' to do." This is what Ricky always said to Lucy in I Love Lucy.


MELINDA: You said there was one more thing you needed to do before you could go. What is it?
CONOR: It might sound kinda morbid.
MELINDA: Hello, I'm talking to a dead person.
CONOR: I was an organ donor. The day I died they took my heart. I need to see who has it.
CONOR: I've-I've-I've gotta see what kind of person is...I-I need to know that they're taking good care of it.
MELINDA: Like waxing and cleaning it?!

MELINDA: If something ever happened to me and you were alone, I would want you to be happy. I'd want you to find someone and find love again. I mean, wouldn't you want the same thing for me if something happened to you?
JIM: No.
MELINDA: No? You wouldn't want me to be happy?
JIM: Fine. Sure I would, ok? Make friends, go out and make money, be happy, but no other guy.

GWEN: He's here... I knew it! I thought I felt him touch me. Well, kind of, anyway.

CLIFF: Was that a date?
MELINDA: Did it feel like one?
CLIFF: Considering she left before we even ordered food, I'd say roughly yes.

CLIFF: Was that a date?
MELINDA: Did it feel like one?
CLIFF: Considering she left before we even ordered food, I'd say roughly yes.

CLIFF (to the violinist): There's a couple over there in that corner breaking up. I think they need you more than we do right now.

MELINDA: Take my picture?
CLIFF: You don't meet the height requirement.

CLIFF: Don't tell me your a heart patient...
MELINDA: No... No, more like a student.
CLIFF: Studying what?
MELINDA: The impact on people of things like this...
CLIFF: Things like...
MELINDA: Transplants. The emotional impact and what it's like to have a second chance...
CLIFF: I'm still trying to figure out what went wrong with the first chance.

CLIFF (to his rehab group): I always felt I had one foot in the grave and the other one on a banana peel. (silence from the group) Wow! Tough room.

RECEPTIONIST: Are you family?
MELINDA: Well, in the family of man sense, I guess.

MELINDA: Sorry if we woke you. This one is having a bit of a boundary problem.
JIM: Don't they all?

MELINDA (to Cliff): Why did you accept that heart? Was it to avoid death or was it to choose life?

MELINDA (after nurse ghost helps Melinda gain access to the donor records): Can I do anything for you?
NURSE GHOST: Raincheck.