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This portal shows the characters who have been featured in a starring billing on the show, in order of first starring billing. This only includes characters whose actor appeared in the opening sequence of the show.

In Season One, Jennifer Love Hewitt was first to appear in the starring billing, with Aisha Tyler second and then David Conrad third. In Season Two, Aisha kept the second starring billing in episode one, but departed at the end of the episode. In the next episode, Camryn Manheim was billed as starring, being third in the opening sequence with David promoted to Second. Recurring throughout Season Two, Jay Mohr was promoted to starring in Season Three, he was credited third between David and Camryn who was given a "and" title, the credits stayed that way until the end of the season. For the first episode of Season Four, Jay Mohr was credited as a Special Guest Star. Recurring in Season Three, Christoph Sanders was then promoted to starring, being billed third in the opening sequence for Season Four, followed by newcomer Jamie Kennedy.


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