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Love Never Dies is the first episode of the second season, and the twenty-third overall episode, of the CBS series, Ghost Whisperer, originally premiering on September 22, 2006 as the season two premiere. The episode was written and directed by John Gray, and recieved a total of 10.33 million viewers.

Melinda worries that Andrea is being influenced not to cross over by the villain in a wide-brim hat named Romano. Melinda seeks the help of an expert, Professor Rick Payne, in history and the occult in helping to identify the wide brimmed hat man. Melinda battles Romano for Andrea's soul until finally Melinda wins in the end.

Guest Starring[]

  • Jay Mohr as Rick Payne
  • John Walcutt as Romano
  • Dondre T. Whitfield as Mitch Marino
  • Anthony Russell as Pete
  • Michael Landes as Kyle McCall
  • Jay Powell as Bob
  • David Douglas as Ray
  • George Hertzberg as News Reporter

Plot Synopsis[]

One week after the shocking news that Andrea is dead, Melinda has a dream that Andrea is in an out of body. coma. Melinda is very concerned about Andrea.