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The Lost Boys is the fifth episode of the first season of the CBS series, Ghost Whisperer, originally premiering on October 21, 2005. The episode was written by David Fallon and directed by Peter O'Fallon, and recieved a total of 10.55 million viewers. Andrea and Melinda are contracted to auction furniture from a community inn before it is torn down. While cleaning the basement Melinda finds the lost spirits of three boys and their dog that perished in an orphanage fire 50 years ago. Melinda tries to help the boys pass on before the inn is destroyed and they are forever locked as earth-bound spirits.

Guest Starring[]

  • Zach Mills as Ernie
  • James Henrie as Rat
  • Max Jensen Weinstein as Vic
  • Terrence Hardy Jr. as Marty
  • Bruce Weitz as Tobias Northrop
  • James Patrick Stuart as Lew Peterson
  • Rance Howard as Dirk Abrams

Plot Synopsis[]

Melinda hears Ghosts in a old Basement

In the basement of an old house, Melinda and Andrea walk into the darkness and walk down the stairs. Melinda says it will be a great new chance to break out and meet new customers, and Andrea tells her she doesn't have to be the one standing up in front of loads of strangers. Melinda says that she has set up about 50 auctions before and they're fun. She finds the light and switches it on. Andrea asks if all the boxes have to be taken up, and Melinda says yes. Melinda tells Andrea that it would cost a fortune for a pro to run the auction, and Andrea is beautiful so people would listen. Andrea asks why Melinda doesn't listen to her, and Melinda tells her that she listens she just doesn't pay any attention. Someone watches from the shadows, and Andrea finally agrees to do the auction. Melinda finds an old painting, but then Andrea begins to smell smoke. Melinda tells her its probably the old furnace until she sets her eyes on a young boy who tries to hide from her. Andrea can feel something, assuming its rats. Melinda sees another boy, and Andrea goes back upstairs as the lights flicker. Melinda then sees a dog run in the shadows, and tells the ghosts that she knows they're there. They come out of hiding and tell Melinda that it's their stuff so she has to leave it be, the two boys only look under ten years old and scruffy. He tells her that if she doesn't leave the stuff alone then he will do something she won't like, and suddenly the lights behind Melinda blow, and the ghosts disappear.

Andrea and Melinda collect antiques from an Old House

Melinda comes back from inside the basement, and Andrea asks her if was rats, and Melinda tells her no, it was ghost boys and a dog. Andrea questions this, and Melinda says they want them out of there, and Andrea says that works for her. Melinda says they look like they have been there a long while and her grandmother once told her that when a ghost child gets attached to a place it's really hard to cross them over. Andrea asks what she'll do if they don't leave, and Melinda says it will make her job harder but she can't leave them there. An elderly man walks over to them and greets Andrea, who he hadn't met previously, and she introduces herself as Melinda's partner. He introduces himself to be Dirk Abrams, the former owner of the house. Andrea asks if the place used to be a hotel, but he says it used to be an orphanage, "St. Michael's Home for Boys". Andrea comments that the place hasn't changed a bit, but Dirk says it has due to a bad fire way back in 1956. Melinda asks if anyone was killed in the fire, and Dirk tells her that a certain few boys did. Melinda tells Andrea to show Dirk the stuff they brought up as Melinda goes back down into the basement. She can hear someone singing, and a small ball rolls out from nowhere and Melinda stops it with her foot. Melinda picks it up as Andrea opens the door to the basement. Melinda rolls the ball back to the dog, and Andrea then leaves the room. One of the boys is sitting under the stairs as the ball rolls to him. He tells Melinda that Rat wants to talk to her, and she asks who Rat is. He tells her that she will find out, to just follow him, and she obeys. Melinda enters a room upstairs and sees another boy sitting down, who tells Melinda to go to him. He seems a little older than the boys, and bossier. Melinda doesn't like his attitude but tells him her name, and the ghost that brought Melinda to him says he is Marty and the bossy one is Rat, and the other boy is called Vic. He asks her what gives her the right to take their stuff, but she says it isn't their stuff, she was called over by Mr. Abrams to auction them off. Melinda asks if they know if they're dead, and Rat says they do and they're not stupid. Melinda gets annoyed with him and asks if she really has to call him Rat, and Rat stands up, breaking the windows.

Melinda talks to Vic the Ghost

Melinda carries stuff outside as Andrea follows. Andrea asks how ghosts can make things explode, and Melinda explains to her that ghosts can build up so much energy over the years that they get really powerful, leading to them to break things. Andrea tells Melinda she will go to the shop with all the stuff, and Melinda tells her she will meet her there. A black car drives up and stops next to Melinda. An old man inside winds the window down and asks Melinda what she is doing. She asks who he is and he tells her that he is the owner of the property. Melinda tells him that she is getting ready for the auction. Melinda had heard from him by Mr. Abrams, that he saw the house over the internet and bought it over the phone. He wants to make sure everything will be out by Sunday, and Melinda tells him they are right on schedule. Melinda asks what he would be doing with the place, and he tells her that he is going to tear it down. He then drives away and Melinda catches Vic watching her at the doorway. He appears to not have known to be dead. Melinda asks if he didn't know, but he says he figured since he never gets hungry, or sleeps, and no one can see him except Melinda. They sit down on the stairs and and Melinda tells him he is very smart. He tells her that he is afraid of the dark, and Melinda says she is too. Vic asks if Melinda could spend the night with them, and Melinda says she can't as she has to get home. She asks if they ever leave the Inn, and he says they don't because Rat told them that if they do then their feet will catch fire. Vic tells her no one stays anymore, everyone just leaves.

Melinda doesn't like Jim's friend

At Melinda and Jim's house, Melinda tells Jim no to Lou Peterson fitting the boiler in, but Jim protests he is the only one who knows how to do it. She asks if he is reliable as he hasn't seen him in months. He's Jim's friend, but Melinda protests that he is rude, crude and he's like an eighth grader with a car. Jim says he likes her, but Melinda doesn't think so as she apparently stole him away from the bars and nightlife. Jim agrees with Melinda and says he will ask him to stay somewhere else while he works on it, and Melinda is surprised that he asked him to stay there, that they will have to host him tonight, but Jim says Melinda will have to do it alone as he has a midnight shift to do. Melinda tells him that she has something else to do that night that she "forgot" to tell him. Melinda walks out the house with Jim following, telling her that it's a little extreme, but Melinda says three little boys need her help. Jim is worried about it still, being in a haunted house by herself, but Melinda says if the house goes boom with them in it then the boys will be earthbound forever, and Mr. Abrams has a spare room there. Jim almost stepped on Melinda's bush, which she cherises. Melinda gets in her car and promises Jim that it's safe there. Melinda pulls out with her car as another truck comes speeding in and runs over Melinda's plant. Lou gets out the car and says hi to Melinda and that she looks really good. Melinda says he is too kind and tells him not to burn the house down and drives away. Lou asks Jim if Melinda is still mad at him, and Jim tells him that he did pass out before the wedding even began, and then ran over Melinda's favourite plant.

Melinda stays the night at Mr. Abram's house

At Mr. Abrams house, Melinda walks in and the lights are switched off. She calls out for Mr. Abrams, but he doesn't answer. The lights don't come on, so Melinda gets a flashlight out from her purse and looks around. Going into the living room, she has a fright when she sees Mr. Abrams sitting at a table reading a book with some candles lit. Melinda hoped she didn't scare him and says she wants to spend the night so she can get an early start in the morning, but Mr. Abrams says she only lives a mile up the road. Melinda tries to cover up her real intentions by saying it's her first auction so she has a lot to prove. Mr. Abrams then decides to let her stay, and Melinda tells him she met Mr. Northrop before, the man who bought the house, and Mr. Abrams says he is a little strange. Melinda asks if he told Mr. Northrop about the house being an orphanage years ago, and Mr. Abrams says he hadn't as he never asked. Melinda asks if he knows he wants to tear the house down, and Mr. Abrams replies that he has the demolition scheduled for Monday. Melinda accidentally says she needs more time, really meaning to cross over the ghosts, but covers it up by saying she'll need more time to persuade him not to tear down the place. Mr. Abrams gets up to show her to her room, and he asks if Melinda believes in ghosts. Melinda says she does, and Mr. Abrams says he think there are ghosts there all around. Melinda and him laugh as he walks up the stairs to take her to her room.

Melinda reads Peter Pan to the Lost Boys

Sometime later in the night, Melinda is lying in bed with a candle above a book and throwing a ball one hand to the other, looking bored and telling the unpresent ghosts that she thought they wanted company. The candle blows out and Melinda notices a roll of tissue paper floating about outside her room. Melinda smiles and walks out her room and comes up behind two ghosts, Vic and Marty. She asks them if they have been practicing that, and Marty tells her that they haven't got anything better to do. Vic asks why Melinda is there, and Melinda begins to say that Vic asked her to, but as he shakes his head Melinda quickly changes her story saying she knows they are as tough as nails, especially Vic, and thet she wanted to help them. Marty says if she wants to help then she should go downstairs, and she follows them down there. In the living room, Marty points out a book and Melinda picks it up, and they all sit down, with Melinda in the middle, and asks her to read it out to them. The book is Peter Pan, Vic's favourite, and Melinda asks if he can read, and he says he can't, none of them can. Marty tells Melinda that Ernie could read, and Melinda asks who Ernie is. They say he is a pal of theirs, and Melinda asks if he is around. Vic tells her that he hasn't been for a long time. Melinda asks them what the deal is with Rat, why he is so angry with everyone, and Marty tells her that he can't trust anybody, apart from Vic and Marty. And his brother, Mikey. Melinda asks why nobody adopted them, but Marty tells her that Mikey was adopted, but they left Rat there. Melinda thinks Mikey is out there, but Vic tells her that Mikey drowned at the beach, and it was the summer Rat told Vic and Marty that they could only trust each other. Marty asks her to read the story now, and she says she'll need some light. Marty looks at the candles and they light, and Melinda calls him talented. Melinda begins reading the story, and Rat is standing in the hallway, crying and listening in. He says he knows what she is trying to do, that she's trying to get them out of there, but he won't let it happen.

Melinda consults Andrea about the "Grandview Historical Society"

At Same As It Never Was Antiques the next day, Melinda sits down on the couch, and Andrea can't believe she spend the night at the Inn. Melinda tells Andrea that the boys are under the influence of Rat, and Andrea questions there's a ghost named Rat. Melinda wants them to cross over before the place is torn down, and Andrea doesn't want it to be torn down either because she thinks it's a great old place. Melinda tells Andrea that is why the new owner will hear from the Grandview Historical Society, and Andrea tells her she never knew there was one, and Melinda says there isn't one yet, and Andrea can be vice-president. Andrea tells her no in an auction style and uses the hammer to say "sold". Sometime later in the day, Melinda is at the Inn again, following Mr. Northrop and telling him about the Grandview Historical Society, and he tells her he had never heard of it before, and Melinda tells him its a small group. Melinda suggest some options where he still would make a profit, but he doesn't want to keep an old hotel that no one stays in anymore, so Melinda asks him to postpone the demolition. He asks her why when the hotel is just crumbling and was a hapless orphanage long ago. He appreciates what Melinda is trying to do, but he doesn't cave in, and he leaves Melinda to go back to someone checking the place.

Melinda asks Jim to take Lou out

That night at Melinda and Jim's house, Melinda walks in and calls for Jim. Not getting a response, Melinda walks upstairs and hears a noise from the bathroom. Thinking it's Jim, she walks to the door to open it, but someone inside opens it first, it's Lou, standing with nothing but a towel wrapped around him, and also has some green stuff on his face. Melinda asks where Jim is and he says he doesn't know. In the basement, Jim is doing some fixtures and Melinda asks Jim to take Lou out so she can get some peace and quiet. Melinda doesn't know why they are friends, and Jim tells her that they known each other since they were 14, and Lou was the kind of person you call at 3 in the morning if your car wouldn't start or you got lost, and he had always been there for him. Melinda says she gets it, and Jim says he will take Lou out but it won't be at the movies and Melinda asks why, to which Jim responds, no margheritas. Later, Melinda is researching the fire at St. Michael's Home for Boys on the internet. She then comes across an article that says the exits had been chained shut, keeping the inhabitants from escaping. It goes on to say that four boys tragically died in the orphanage, showing pictures of them, one of them, Ernest Sutter, isn't haunting the house with the other three. Suddenly, the front door bursts open and four men fall in, including Jim and Lou, all appear drunk. Melinda asked if they had fun, and Lou said he kept Jim out of trouble and they all laugh. Jim tells Melinda the other two are Harry and Ralph, and three of them go into the kitchen as Jim apologizes to Melinda for the intrusion, but Melinda says it's fine, that she will stay at the Inn tonight. Melinda tells Jim that she figured it out, that it's not about Melinda not liking Lou, it's about Melinda not liking the way Jim is when Lou is around.

Melinda stays at the Inn again

At the Inn, Melinda and Mr. Abrams sit in the living room as Melinda apologizes for coming around so late again. Mr. Abrams tells her it's fine as he pours her out a drink. She tells Mr. Abrams she has been reading about the fire and she found out that four boys were killed, but she thought only three were. Mr. Abrams confirms that four boys were killed, Rat, Vic, Marty and Ernie. They talk about Ernie, as Melinda hasn't been seeing him as a ghost yet, and Mr. Abrams tells Melinda that Ernie and Rat were the best of friends, inseperable. Mr. Abrams proceeds to say that you would have expected to find Ernie lying right next to Rat when they found their bodies, but they never found Ernie's body. He tells her that the two little ones, Marty and Vic, were holding hands and Homer the Dog was right there with them. As Mr. Abrams cries, Rat appears next to him and tells him to shut up, that he doesn't know what he is talking about. Melinda tells him later, and Mr. Abrams hears her, and Melinda says it's getting late. Mr. Abrams glass smashes, and as Melinda gets a shock, Mr. Abrams just says that it does get spooky around there.

Melinda reads to the Boys

Outside the Inn, Jim pulls up in his car and gets out. Rat and Homer the Dog sit on the roof and watch him as he makes his way towards the front door. Rat makes the "R" from the sign above fall, almost hitting Jim. In Melinda's room, Melinda is reading Peter Pan again to the boys, showing them how Wendy is taking care of Peter. Vic tells her like a mother, and Melinda proceeds to tell them more about the story. Jim stands outside the door, listening to Melinda read the story. Jim accidentally drops the sign and it scares Melinda and the boys, and the boys disappear. Melinda asks for them to come back, and they're hiding under the table. Melinda hugs Jim and tells him that she is glad to see him. Marty and Vic watch, smiling at them hugging, Jim explaining that he got worried when she didn't return home. Jim asks what is wrong, and Melinda tells him that the boys break her heart. Jim offers that he will stay there tonight as well, but Melinda tells him it's a small bed, and Jim replies that they will manage. Melinda laughs and agrees. Vic and Marty, still hiding under the table, smile and look at each other.

Jim and Melinda stayed the night

The next morning, Melinda and Jim wake up and kiss. They hear noises outside, and Melinda goes to see what is going on. She sees the demolition trucks and realizes that they are getting ready for Monday. Jim's phone rings and he picks it up, it's Lou, saying the fusebox shorted out on him, but there's no fire. Jim says he'll be right there and puts the phone down. Melinda is worried about the house but Jim says it's nothing he can't handle. Jim leaves and Melinda turns around, Rat sitting on the chair, saying he heard what Melinda said last night. Melinda asks what he is talking about, and Rat tells her that Mr. Abrams tells the fire story all the time, but he missed out the most important part. Melinda asks what the important part is, and Rat begins telling her the story. He says he knew the way, and he got everyone up when the fire was spreading and they all followed him. They got separated, Ernie stayed upstairs while Rat, Vic, Marty and Homer went downstairs. Ernie was on the stairs when the balcony door exploded. Rat tried to opened the doors, but they were all locked, and he didn't know why. He didn't know what to do, he never saw Ernie again, and they died. Rat blames himself for what happened, but Melinda tells him it isn't his fault, how was he to know the doors would be locked. Rat tells her that they trusted him, and he let them down, Melinda tells him that isn't true, that they still love him. Rat responds that most of the time they do, and Melinda tells him that he is Peter and they are the Lost Boys and they need him, and Rat tells her that's why he keeps them together. Melinda hears Vic and Marty outside the room and tells them they can come in, that it's time for them to move on, that they can't stay there forever. Marty tells her that the Inn is the only place they know, and Melinda tells Marty that he is going to have to trust her that there is a better place. Rat tells them that nobody wants them and this is the only safe place for them. Melinda asks if they want to go outside for just a day so they can see, and Marty asks Rat if they should, and Rat tries to scare them by saying if they want their feet to burn. Rat says he isn't going anywhere and disappears.

Melinda shows Vic and Marty Grandview

Outside the Inn, Marty and Vic are taking their first steps outside from the house they've been staying in. They realize that Rat was lying, their feet doesn't burn, however they are still cautious. They get into Melinda's car and Melinda sees Rat watching them from inside, and Homer barking. Melinda drives away with the boys. Driving through Grandview, Vic and Marty are in awe by the beautiful sights they see. They watch boys throwing a ball around, and some other kids throwing a frisbee. They stop in the Square, the Same As It Never Was auction being held that day. Vic asks why they can't stay with Melinda, as they both love her, and she could be their mother. Melinda tells them that she would be proud to have them two as her sons, as any mother would be, and Marty asks why can't they. Melinda says they don't belong there anymore, that there is a better place, and Vic asks Melinda if they can go swimming there, have ice cream, but Melinda isn't sure, but what she is sure of is that they would be wanted there, and no one would abandon them again. Marty says that Melinda won't be there thought, but Melinda tells them that she will be someday, but for them it will feel like no time at all. Marty tells her that if Rat doesn't go, then they don't go.

Andrea hosts the Auction

In the middle of the Square, the Grandview action is being held with Andrea hosting. Melinda is at a table as a man pays her, and Vic and Marty sit on the bench bidding for whatever Andrea is trying to sell. Melinda asks them to be quiet, and Andrea loses her train of thought when Melinda does this. Melinda notices something and gets up, turns around to tell Vic and Marty to "Shh", turns back around and Rat appears in front of her. Rat realizes what she was up to, thinking she could sell their stuff and keep the dough, and Melinda tells him to go into her store over the road. Mr. Northrop notices Melinda talking to herself, and Melinda walks to her store as Andrea continues the bidding. In Same As It Never Was, Melinda tells Rat that it isn't about the furniture, and Rat has to ask Melinda something. He tells Melinda to tell the truth as grown-ups always lie, but Melinda promises, and Rat asks if his brother Mikey will be there. Melinda tells him that Mikey will be right there waiting for him. He asks if Vic and Marty will go, and Melinda tells him they will all be together. Rat looks scared, but Melinda tries to comfort him by masking up her own feelings of sadness.

Melinda sees Mr. Northrop looking at the items on auction

At Melinda and Jim's house, Jim is inside and lets the handyman out, telling him thank you. Lou sits down on the couch with a beer, and Jim tells him that the handyman can fix it. Lou says he knew it as he didn't think it was that bad. Jim tells Lou that he can't do this, and Lou asks do what, and Jim says he can't play along and make believe that what Lou does makes him mad. He reminds Lou that he comes into his house, disrespects his wife and acts like nothing is going on, and Jim tells him they're not 18 anymore, and tells Lou to pack his stuff and he will see him later. Lou tells him fine, gets up and walks away. Back at the auction, Mr. Northrop is looking at all the stuff that is being auctioned off. Melinda watches him, seeing him open the boxes as if he knew what each of them were. He pulls out a box from under the table and puts it down and closes his eyes for a few seconds, as if remembering something. Melinda walks over to him as he opens the box and sees that it has the name "Ernie" scratched into it. He smiles and touches it, then notices Melinda standing looking at him. He tells her that he might bid on the box, and Melinda asks if he is Ernie, the boy who got away. He doesn't reply, however he pulls out some money and gives it to her. Melinda tells him he doesn't have to pay for it since it's already his, but he walks away with the box.

Ernie escaped the burning building

Melinda follows Mr. Northrop to his car, who he hands the box to someone who works for him, and Melinda asks him if his name is Ernest Sutter, but Mr. Northrop insists he doesn't know what she is talking about. He wishes her good luck with the auction, but she tells him not to go, that he's too important for the boys who died there. Mr. Northrop confesses his true identity, telling Melinda that he spent 50 years trying to outrun those memories, that every child he sees reminds him of them. They died and he lived and he doesn't know why. Melinda says she can help him, and he asks how. Night has fallen and Melinda and Ernie are at the Inn. Melinda opens the door and Ernie reluctantly walks in, having flashes of that fateful night. He begins telling Melinda that he used to hide in the basement, it was his alone place, that no one would ever look for him there. He says he kept his little secrets down there, matches, candle. He heard Homer barking and thought he was in trouble, so he went upstairs, leaving the candle alight. He says he was meant to go back and blow out the candle, but one thing led to another, and the staff called bedtime and he forgot all about it. Ernie walks up the stairs and Melinda follows. He tells her that he only remembered when the fire started, and he just tried to get out like everyone else. He got out through the balcony, and he kept watching to see if the other boys got out, but they didn't. He ran and he just kept running, and he knew he would never go back there. The next day he saw a newspaper with the pictures of the boys that died in the fire, and one of them was him. He says he can remember crawling into a trash bin and crying until his throat hurt.

Rat, Vic and Marty cross over

Ernie walks into an empty room, the light on, and Melinda follows him in. He tells Melinda that the room was his friend Rat's hideout, his real name's initials spelled out Rat, and so he adopted the nickname, hated his real name but loved his nickname, that no one would mess with you if you were okay with Rat. Rat, Vic, Marty and Homer appear, and Rat tells Melinda that she has to tell him. Melinda asks what if Rat was still there. Ernie is confused, but Melinda tells him their spirits were afraid to move on, but Ernie tells her that can't be. Ernie says he doesn't believe that kind of stuff, and Melinda tell him that not many people do either. Rat tells Melinda to tell Ernie that it's still there, where he hid it. Melinda repeats this and Ernie knows what Melinda means. Ernie turns around and finds his magazine scrunched up in the wall and smiles. Ernie begins shouting out for Rat, and the boys laugh, Rat telling Melinda to tell him to use his indoor voice because they're not deaf. Ernie believes Melinda that it is Rat after she tells him, and the boys begin saying things about Ernie at once. Vic wants Ernie to know that Homer is there, Marty tells him he is getting old and Rat tells him that he got his teeth fixed. Ernie laughs and tells them they're all false, and they laugh. Ernie asks where Rat is, and Melinda points him out. Ernie tells Rat that he was the brave one, trying to save them, that whenever he was out he would think back at all the things Rat told him, and he always wondered if Rat was there, what would he do. Rat says he is so full of it that it's coming out of his ears, so Melinda asks him if he really thought that, and he says he does, that he would give all the money in the world just so he could see him one more time, to see all of them. Rat tells him he isn't going to make him cry, though a tear runs down his cheek, and Melinda tells Ernie he is crying, though Rat didn't want her to tell him that. Rat says he can tear down the Inn if he wanted, because they're gone. Melinda tells him they're leaving, and Ernie asks where they're going, and Rat tells him that they're going on a new adventure. Ernie and Melinda walk downstairs, and Rat appears on the stairs telling Ernie goodbye. Rat, Vic and Marty lean in and give Melinda a kiss on the, Rat on the forehead and Vic and Marty kiss her cheeks. Melinda steps back smiling, asking them if they see it. Rat looks behind him and tells Melinda he can, and the dirt fades away from their faces. She tells them they look handsome, and Vic tells Melinda that he is going to tell everyone that she is his mom. They turn around, and Marty tells Rat he isn't scared, and neither is Rat. Rat can see his brother Mikey, and they walk up the stairs towards the light. Rat turns around and says to Melinda, "Goodbye, Wendy", and Melinda responds, "Goodbye, Peter". They walk away, and disappear into the light. A small breeze is felt by Melinda and Ernie, and Ernie asks if they are gone. She says they are, and Ernie says he feels free. He thanks Melinda and walks away.

Homer the Dog plays ball by himself

At Melinda and Jim's house, Melinda and Jim are lying in bed. They are talking, and Melinda tells Jim that she hates to admit it, but she feels a little sorry for Lou, and Jim does too, guessing that he changed. Melinda doesn't think Lou changed, but instead she thinks Jim changed. Jim tells her that all he knows is that he is glad to have Melinda. They share a kiss until they hear a noise downstairs. Alarmed, they rush up out of bed, leave the bedroom and look down the stairs. Melinda sees Homer the Dog with a ball, letting it go down the stairs, and then reappearing at the bottom to catch it. Jim can see the ball also, and asks Melinda if she can explain that. Melinda smiles and tells him that she will explain tomorrow, and they both should get back to bed. Jim goes and Melinda looks at Homer, who stands on the stairs with the ball in his mouth, growling and pleading for Melinda to play. Melinda tells him to stop, and then follows Jim back in the bedroom, leaving Homer alone on the stairs to play ball with himself.


  • Marty
  • Vic
  • Homer the Dog
  • Rat

Altogether: 4


  • This episode gathered a total of 10.55 million viewers.
  • This is the first appearance of Homer the Dog.


  • This is the first episode for Melinda to cross over multiple ghosts at once: the 3 boys who died together in the fire.
  • Melinda and Andrea hold their first estate auction, liquidating the items in Mr. Abrams's house.
  • Nitpick: Why are Melinda and Andrea talking about ghosts openly right in front of the movers? You'd think they would at least lower their voices.
  • Melinda reads the boys Peter Pan written by James M. Barrie.
  • The house can also be seen in Seasons 3 and 5


MR. ABRAMS: Do you believe in ghosts, Miss Gordon?
MELINDA: Um, yes...
MR. ABRAMS: I think they're here now...

ANDREA: How is that they can make things explode again?
MELINDA: They build up so much energy over the years that they can get really powerful. Then, they break things.
ANDREA: Great, another fun fact from Melinda.

ANDREA: Man, I wish I was there for that.

VIC (about Melinda): I'm telling everybody that you're my mom.

MARTY: Somebody adopted Mikey. But they left Rat here...
VIC: There was a lot of crying when that happened.

MARTY: Rat wants to talk to you.
MELINDA: Who's Rat?
MARTY: You'll find out soon enough.

ANDREA: Rats, oh I hate rats!

JIM (seeing a bouncing ball on their stairs): Umm, do you want to explain that?
MELINDA: Tomorrow.

RAT: Goodbye Wendy.
MELINDA: Goodbye Peter.

MELINDA: I just figured it out. It's not about me not liking Lou. It's about me not liking who you are around him.

JIM: I feel like I'm in a John Carpenter film.

MELINDA: Do I really need to call him Rat?
(Rat stands up and breaks the attic windows)

ANDREA: This would be me calmly going back upstairs.

MELINDA (to Andrea): I'm listening to you. I'm just not paying any attention.