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Imaginary Friends and Enemies is the sixth episode of the fourth season, and the sixty-eighth overall episode, of the CBS series, Ghost Whisperer, originally premiering on November 7, 2008. The episode was written by Vivian Lee and directed by Eric Lanueville, and recieved a total of 10.37 million viewers.

While Melinda and Jim are at his friend's wedding, a young girl's imaginary friend plays a dangerous game of hide and seek. It is up to Melinda to calm the ghosts who are causing the havoc. Jim and Melinda's participation in their friend's wedding brings a change to their own relationship.

Guest StarringEdit

  • Bahar Soomekh as Tricia
  • Tanner Maguire as Owen Grace
  • Brennan Elliot as Hunter Clayton
  • Kut Caceres as Det. Carl Neely
  • Ariel Winter as Natalie
  • Monnae Mitchell as Doctor Deborah Goldstein
  • Isabella Peregrina as Young Tricia
  • Paul Yoo as Nurse

Plot SynopsisEdit

Falling asleep while waiting for Jim to wake up, Melinda wakes to find him next to her. He tells her he has had an embolism before she realizes he has become a ghost.



  • Although credited, Christoph Sanders (Ned Banks) doesn't appear in this episode.
  • Monnae Michaell (Dr. Goldstein) also worked with Jennifer Love Hewitt (Melinda) in the 2001 movie Heartbreakers.
  • Bahar Soomekh (Tricia) also worked with Dariush Kashani (Bobby) in the season 1 episode "In Extremis" of Without A Trace.
  • Concetta Tomei (Margaret) and Andy Comeau (Christopher) also worked together in the season 4 episode "The Whole Truth" of Providence.
  • Brennan Elliot (Hunter) and Monnae Michaell (Dr. Goldstein) also worked together in the 2006 TV movie Flight 93.
  • Monnae Michaell (Dr. Goldstein) also worked with Jamie Kennedy (Eli) in the 2001 movie Bug.
  • Monnae Michaell (Dr. Goldstein) also worked with Camryn Manheim (Delia) in the season 6 episode "Suffer The Little Children" of The Practice, and, in the season 5 episode "Cinderella In Scrubs" of Strong Medicine.
  • Monnae Michaell (Dr. Goldstein) also worked with Kart Caceres (Dtve. Neely) in the season 3 episode "What Power Is..." of The Shield.
  • First appearance by Dariush Kashani (Bobby) since the season 1 episode "Miss Fortune". However, he wasn't credited.
  • This episode was originally entitled; Imaginary Friends.


  • Goof: The ghost in the final scene is wearing different clothes than the hospital gown his dead body is wearing. In Season 3's Unhappy Medium, Melinda said that ghosts appear in whatever clothes they died.


"You're awake!!! I LOVE YOU!!"

"No. Not you. Oh god, please! Not you!"

"I will always love you Melinda . . . ALWAYS!"

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