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Hope and Mercy is the seventh episode of the first season of the CBS series, Ghost Whisperer, originally premiering on November 4, 2005. The episode was written by John Wirth and directed by Bill L. Norton, and received a total of 12.78 million viewers, so far the highest known rated episode so far of the series. A woman who passed away during a routine pregnancy will not cross over until she can get her husband to stop blaming himself. Andrea deals with a con artist in a very revealing manner that tells us a little more about her murky past.

Guest Starring[]

  • Eugene Byrd as Derrik Lee
  • Christian Camargo as Brad Paulson
  • Richard Herd as Stephen Devine
  • Erica Leerhsen as Hope Paulson
  • Jenny O'Hara as Margaret Devine
  • Karen Maruyama as Nurse Heather
  • Paul Leyden as Anthony deAngelo
  • Dariush Kashani as Bobby Toosh
  • Robert LaSardo as Julian - Tattooed Man / Crash Victim
  • Nate Torrence as Waiter

Plot Synopsis[]

The Ambulance tips with Jim in it

In the middle of the road late at night, an officer lays down a red light. A crash site, a motorcycle lies on the road, battered badly. Jim is seen, tending to the victim. The victim is lying on a stretcher bed, and Jim is pulling him along. Jim asks for some help, and a paramedic near him offers his help. They lift the victim's bed up on the count of three, placing him in the back of the hospital van. Jim runs to the front of the van and gets something from the front, and we can see a picture of Melinda hanging up. Jim goes back to the back and hops in, closing the doors, and the driver of the van begins to drive. While driving down the road, Jim speaks into a walkie-talkie, telling the person on the other end of the injuries John Doe has sustained and saying he is tattooed from head to foot. A car drives along in front of the hospital vehicle, and the hospital van drives around him until the tyre blows on the van and it goes off the edge of the road, tipping over and rolling down the hill. The man in the car gets out and calls 911, revealing his name to be Brad Paulson, and tells the operator that there is an ambulance upside down in a ditch. The driver of the ambulance is fine and asks if Jim is okay. Jim is alive but falls unconscious.

Melinda and Jim in a flashback

Soon after, Melinda is at home, and she gets a call from the Hospital, telling her that her husband was in an accident. Melinda runs from the house and into her car, driving quickly down the road. As she drives, she has a flashback of her and Jim. Melinda is putting some cream on his plate, but Jim sticks his arm out, and she accidentally gets it on his clothes. Melinda laughs and apologizes, and Jim gets cream all over Melinda's face before they start kissing passionately. Melinda wakes up from her flashback when a car beeps his horn, and Melinda continues to Mercy West. Melinda arrives at the Hospital and runs down the hallway where she sees Bobby and hugs him, and Bobby tells her that Jim is going to be fine. A female ghost appears next to Melinda and Melinda sees her, the ghost asking if she can see her. Melinda ignores her, and the ghost continues to say that her husband needs her help. Brad, who found the Ambulance, comes over, and Bobby tells Melinda that he was the one who called 911. The ghost then tells Melinda that she has to return the favour since her husband helped hers. The ghost says she's desperate, and Melinda is confused.

Hope doesn't see a reflection

Melinda and Bobby walk down the hallway, the ghost following, demanding Melinda's attention. Bobby tells Melinda of what happened, how he was driving and the patient in the back didn't make it. Jim doesn't know yet, and the ghost continues to pester Melinda. Melinda shouts out to her that she needs to be with her husband right now, and Bobby apologizes again before walking away. Melinda then walks into Jim's room, seeing him lie on the hospital bed with a bandage around his forehead. The ghost appears in the room, and Melinda walks towards Jim. Jim wakes up and asks if he is dead, and Melinda laughs and says no. Jim then tells her that he never knows with her. He then asks about the patient, but Melinda gets sympathetic, and Jim realizes that the patient didn't make it. Jim gets sad, and Melinda climbs into bed with him and the ghost watches with tears in her eyes. Melinda walks into the bathroom and sees an older man with blood all over his hands, washing them in the sink. Scared, Melinda hears one of the toilets flushes and a young girl walks out, washing her hands in the same sink, the man was a ghost. Melinda goes to wash her hands, and the ghost appears behind Melinda and tells her no one can see her but her, and she asks why. Melinda tells her of her gift, commenting that she is pushy. Melinda asks what her name is, and the ghost tells her she is called Hope Paulson, and she died on July 4th after the doctors said everything would be fine. Hope looks in the mirror, but she can't see her reflection. Melinda stands in front, and Hope continues to tell her that the doctors said she had an ectopic pregnancy, and she didn't even know she was pregnant. She says she is only 26, and that she hasn't had the chance of being a mommy, and asks Melinda how that is fair. Melinda tells her it isn't but tells her that when people have passed away, she helps them cross over. Hope tells her that she has to help her husband as he hasn't been the same since she died and he blames himself for what happened. Melinda asks if she stayed with him after she died, and Hope tells her she has, that he hasn't been sleeping, or all he does is sleep, and he hasn't seen his family or friends. Hope says he's a wallower, and he could wallow for the rest of his life, and she doesn't want that. Melinda says she will try to help him, and Hope disappears.

Andrea got sold a fake watch

The next day outside Same As It Never Was, Melinda leaves her car with a box and walks towards her shop, accidentally bumping into someone on the phone. The man goes off the phone and apologizes for bumping into her, and Melinda assures him she is fine. He says he would like to buy her lunch, but Melinda shows him her wedding ring and tells him he is too late though she loves the accent. She walks into the store and greets Andrea. Andrea asks how Jim is, and Melinda tells her that he is going home that day. Andrea comments that he is sexy, sensitive and indestructible, and she has to find a man like that. Melinda tells her she can with the Australian man she bumped into outside. Andrea then tells Melinda of an antique watch she just bought from a man with an Australian accent and shows Melinda it. Andrea is over the moon that she got it for only $1,100. Melinda then tells Andrea that it's fake, and Andrea seems crushed as she can't believe she got the cutest crook, and his accent was probably fake too. Melinda tells her that he will be back, and she asks why, and Melinda jokes that he found a sucker to sell to. They laugh, and Melinda tells her that when he comes back they will just demand their money back, or they will call the cops. Andrea thanks Melinda and they continue to laugh.

Brad tells Melinda how Hope died

At Inniswell Realty, Melinda pulls up outside, looking at Brad Paulson, who was looking at the notices of the houses for sale. He sees Melinda and waves, and she waves back. Later, they walk out of Village Java, and Melinda thanks him for being a good Samaritan, and Brad tells her that he didn't do anything anyone else already would. Melinda tells him not anybody, and thanks him again. He asks how long Melinda and Jim have been married, and she tells him seven months. Brad tells her that he had been married three years, but his wife, Hope, died last summer. They sit down, and Melinda asks what happened, and he tells her is the fourth of July, and they were at a BBQ, and they were having a fight, he can't remember what it was about, but it was something stupid. Hope was complaining of having a stomach ache and wanted to go home, but he was having too much fun to go home. The flashback shows they were playing Softball with other people, and he thought she wasn't enjoying it, so she wanted to make it difficult for him. So they stayed and played Softball like they did every year, and then she fell over. He thought she was messing with him, but she wasn't, she was hurting. Someone called 911, and when they got to the hospital, she was in shock. Then the doctors told them she was pregnant, and there was no problem to worry about. The fallopian tube had ruptured and was hemorrhaging, and needed surgery. After the surgery, the doctor told him everything went fine, and he sat with Hope while she was still asleep. He thought it would be alright to go home and have a quick shower and change his clothes, and that was when he got the call. Melinda tells him that it wasn't his fault, but he corrects her and says it was, he just left her there. Brad begins crying, and Melinda tries to comfort him.

Melinda gets a scare from Hope

At Mercy West, Melinda walks along a corridor and turns the corner into Jim's room, but he isn't there. Instead, a Nurse is changing the sheets. Melinda tells her she is looking for her husband, Jim Clancy, and the Nurse tells her that he is in a Cat Scan in Room 133. Melinda says thanks and turns around and screams when Hope stands there out of nowhere. Melinda asks her if she had to do that, and Hope apologizes, asking if Melinda talked to Brad. She says she did, and Hope asks what happened. Melinda picked up on the fact that they loved each other very much, and while walking down the side stairs, Hope tells her they did, and they met in High School. Melinda looks up and sees six other spirits looking down at her. They disappear, and Hope tells Melinda that there are a lot of spirits here. Hope asks how Jim is, and Melinda tells her he is fine and that she gets to take him home today. Hope begins crying, telling Melinda she cries a lot for no reason, and then tells Melinda that she was lying before when she told her she didn't know she was pregnant. She did know, she just didn't tell Brad, and always knew it would be a girl. The ghosts on the stairs return, watching Hope talk to Melinda.

Andrea watched Melinda fail at getting her money back

Outside the Hospital, Jim is walking with Melinda, and he asks what took her so long, and Melinda tells him of her ghost, which he figured since Hospitals would be full of them. Melinda tells him it isn't all it's cracked up to be, and Jim then asks who the ghost is this time. Melinda tells him that it's a young woman, and Jim asks what he deal is, and Melinda tells him she won't be able to enjoy all the things with her husband that Melinda enjoys with Jim, and she will never take him for granted. Jim kisses her, and Melinda tells him she's happy that it isn't him she is helping, and Jim hugs her. She helps him into the car and tells him not to get used to it. At Same As It Never Was, Melinda is in the back as Andrea walks in with drinks. She asks Melinda if Jim got home, okay, and Melinda tells her safe and sound. Andrea asks why she isn't with him now, and Melinda tells her that she will go to him once she has finished something. Then, the Australian man walks in who ripped Andrea off with a fake watch, and Andrea is about to give him a piece of her mind until Melinda asks if she can do it. Andrea thinks Melinda thinks she can't handle it, and Melinda tells her that she think she should keep the emotion out of it. Andrea says fine and Melinda goes to the front. They talk for a bit until the man shows her a diamond necklace she might be interested in, and Andrea stays watching in the back. The man puts the necklace around Melinda's neck, detailing it and making it sound perfect. He offers to sell her it, but Melinda tells him that she would like to see him something for $1,100, and no one but him and her would know the truth, showing him the watch he sold Andrea. He asks what's wrong with it and Melinda tells him it's fake, but he acts like he doesn't believe her. He then asks why he should believe that watch is the one he sold her and she didn't just replace it with that piece of junk. He then walks out, and Melinda pulls a face. Andrea comes to the front and even though she watched it, she asked how it went. When Melinda doesn't reply, Andrea nods, smiles and answers for her.

Melinda and Jim talk about fate

That night, outside Melinda and Jim's house, Melinda and Jim are sitting at the table eating when Jim asks Melinda if she believes in fate if they have any control over their destiny. Melinda asks if that was a trick question, and he says no. Melinda then answers that she believes they have free will, that she doesn't have to love Jim but she chooses to, and, however, that affects her destiny or what God or the Gods have in store for her then so be it. He then asks if she believes in accidents, and Melinda asks if he wants to talk about what happened. Jim says he should have checked the tyres on the right side as he always did, but he didn't that day because he was late for work. Melinda then points out that she made him late for work, but Jim says he doesn't mean it like that, he loves that she wanted to make him french toast. Melinda tells him that it was an accident, and Jim says it cost someone's life. Melinda says it did, but it isn't Jim's fault; accidents are a necessary part of life. Jim gets up and leans against the porch fence, saying his accident happened for a reason, and now a person is dead, and he asks what kind of reason is that.

Hope watches Brad put their house up for sale

The next morning in Jim and Melinda's house, Melinda is in the kitchen on her laptop, telling Jim that he doesn't have to go to work for another two hours, but he wants to get their early, and he asks what Melinda is working on. She shows him a newspaper with something circled, and Jim reads out Hope Paulson. He then realizes that she's Brad's wife, and tells Melinda to save her as her husband saved him. Melinda says she's already dead, and she wouldn't call what she is doing saving her. She will be going to the Hospital with Brad so the doctor who performed the surgery would tell him specifically what went wrong so he knows that he isn't to blame and will get some closure. Jim comments about the chain, of how just making french toast would lead to what she is doing now. Melinda leaves, and soon pulls up outside Brad's house, putting a 'for sale' sign outside with Hope sitting in the car watching. Melinda walks up to the house as Hope reappears beside her, telling her that he does this every day, he puts the For Sale sign there and then pulls it out before he goes to work. Melinda greets him, and he asks if she wants to buy a house, and both Melinda and Faith respond similtaneously that it's nice. Melinda asks him about Hope's surgery, and apologizes for bringing it up but because he helped Jim and Melinda she wants to return the favor. Melinda says she can help people during their grieving process though she isn't a shrink nor a kook, Brad says he doesn't want her help, he doesn't deserve it. Hope tells him to wait, and he turns around. Brad tells Melinda that he has sold zero houses since Hope passed away, and Melinda tells him she wants him to meet someone who was there when Hope died, and he asks what the point is, and Melinda tells him that the reason he is hurting so much is because of the guilt he feels over her death because he wasn't there. Brad says he already talked to the Surgeon and the hospital, and he even hired a lawyer, who only told him whatever he accomplished wouldn't bring his wife back. Brad walks away.

Hope shows Melinda the doctors who operated on her

Melinda walks into the Hospital canteen with a tray of food, looking around. Hope appears next to her and points out a doctor sitting and eating, saying he is Derrik Lee, and Melinda walks over to him and asks if she can sit in the seat opposite. He tells her please, and she sits down. They introduce each other, and Derrik says he hasn't seen her around and asked what department she works in. Melinda says she isn't with the hospital and struggles on how to say her real intentions. She tells him that she is a representative of a former patient of his, and he asks formerly discharged, but she tells him formerly departed. She says Hope's name and he seems to remember her, and Hope appears next to Melinda. Melinda asks if he was her surgical nurse, and he asks if she is her lawyer, and Melinda tells him no, she is her advocate. Melinda tells him that she is actually there for Brad, her husband, she has a favour to ask. Derrik stands up and says he can't help her and walks away, but Melinda follows him. Derrik meets another doctor, who Hope tells Melinda he was the one who operated on her. Melinda greets him and he tells her he is Doctor Devine. Melinda tells Devine that Derrik was just telling her what a wonderful surgeon he is, and Devine tells her that if it wasn't for him he would be bagging groceries at the supermarket by now. Devine goes into the elevator and says goodbye, leaving Derrik with Melinda. Derrik ushers Melinda into an empty room, and asks what Melinda wants. Melinda wants his help, Hope's husband has been blaming himself for Hope's death and she wants Derrik to see him to make him think otherwise, but Derrik says it won't do any good. Melinda asks him to have a little empathy for a man who lost his wife in his care, and Derrik caves in, telling Melinda to meet him at the Hospital Archives after his shift at 4 o' clock.

Andrea goes to a Flea Market

At a Flea Market, Andrea is browsing and comes across a Beatles album she seems to like. Smiling, she looks up and sees the Australian man who sold her the fake watch. She walks to him and tells him long time no see, and he asks if she is stalking him, and she says hardly, that it's small town. The man suggests it was fate, and puts a bracelet on her wrist, and she sees that it's only seven bucks, his latest cheap. The man calls her funny, and Andrea says she is easy. He asks her to lunch, but she says she isn't that easy. He asks if she is married, and she says she isn't. He asks if she has a boyfriend, and she says not at present. He says she will let her chose the restaurant, that he isn't really a bad person, and she says she will think about it. She then walks away. At Mercy West, Melinda walks into a dark deserted corridor. She walks down the hall and a ghost appears who looks like a fisherman. She opens a door and goes into what looks like a morgue. She looks around, the lights flickering, and suddenly one of the compartments open and a body comes into view. He's tattooed from head to foot, and hand from nowhere reaches out the shadows and touches Melinda's shoulder. Melinda screams.

Melinda gets lost and ends up in a Morgue

It's Derrik, and Melinda tells him she almost had a heart attack. He tells her that she wasn't at the archives, so he went looking for her, and Melinda admits she got lost. Derrik pushes the body back into the compartment and closes the door, telling Melinda that the place is apparently haunted, and Melinda tells him that it is, before telling them to go. She then stops, telling Derrik she doesn't know where to go. Derrik then takes Melinda to the Hospital Archives, pulling open a drawer and taking out a red file and a videotape. Melinda asks what it is, and he tells her she will see. Derrik puts the videotape into a video player where Melinda sits in front of the TV, looking at the file Derrik handed her. The tape plays, and it shows Doctor Devine performing a procedure on Hope. He tells Melinda that Doctor Devine closed without suturing the backside of the fallopian tube, and that is what he thinks killed Hope Paulson. Melinda asks that they have it on tape so why haven't they done anything about it, and Derrik tells her Devine has been working there for thirty years, which means he is respected and untouchable. Melinda is shocked no one did anything about it, and Derrik tells her that he tried and he complained to the review board, they investigated and dismissed it. No one would take Derrik's word against Devine's. Melinda finds a note written by Hope with Brad's name on, and Melinda asks if she can keep it, and he tells her she can as the case is dead and buried.

Andrea uses her date with Anthony to get her money back

At Lento's late at night, Andrea and Anthony, the man who sold her the fake watch, sit talking. He asks how a girl like Andrea ends up in a small town like this, shouldn't she be ruling the world somewhere. Andrea laughs and says she already did. She was an assistant DA in New York, fraud cases mostly. Andrea takes out the watch and puts it on the table, telling him he sold her a counterfeit watch, and a waiter walks up to them asking if they would like to hear the specials, and Andrea tells him to hold on junior. She then tells Anthony he is going to do the right thing and give her the money back for it, or she will make it her singular ambition to put his ass in jail. The waitor tells them he will come back, and Andrea tells him not to bother. Andrea stands up, tells Anthony she knows where he can find her, and then thanks the waiter. Andrea leaves and the Waiter asks if Anthony just wants the check. He says yes and the waiter goes away, leaving Anthony to think about what just happened.

Melinda tells Hope of Dr. Devine's illness

The next day, Doctor Devine and his wife leave the house. Melinda watches in her car as Devine goes into his car and drives away, his wife waving as he went to work. His wife tells him to drive carefully and then goes back into the house. Melinda leaves her car and walks over the road and knocks on the door, his wife telling Melinda to come in. Melinda walks in and introduces herself to Mrs. Devine. Melinda tells her she would like to talk about Doctor Devine. A few minutes later, they are sitting down, and Mrs. Devine tells Melinda that her husband has an illness called Early Onset Dementia. She was in denial for years, and Melinda wonders if it's that bad when she looks through some cards. Mrs. Devine says not yet, but he will be. She made those cards for him for in the house, but she can't protect him out there at work. Melinda says it must be hard to watch her husband go through that. Mrs. Devine says she needs help, and Melinda coming to her is like a blessing, but Melinda suggests it was fate. Melinda says she will be right there to hold his hand if he doesn't go gently, and she says she will. In Grandview Square, Melinda and Hope are sitting on a bench. Melinda had just told her about the information she collected, and Hope asks Melinda whether Dr. Devine is losing his mind, but Melinda tells her losing his mind would be a blessing, that his mind is deteriorating slowly. Some people can hide it until they can't and then sometimes people will get hurt. Hope uses her as an example, and Melinda says that due to Devine's illness, he forgot to suture her fallopian tubes, something he had done a thousand times. Hope asks if Melinda is telling her that he made a mistake and Melinda says she is sorry.

Melinda crosses Hope over

Some time later, Brad is talking to Melinda in the Square. Melinda, Brad, and Hope are all sitting on the bench, and Brad is in disbelief that his wife died because of a doctor's stupid mistake. Melinda tells him that he should feel relieved that now he knows he wasn't to blame for her death and then Melinda asks him if Hope was there right now what would he say. He says he can't say it, so what's the point, and Melinda asks why he can't, and he says she is dead, and wonders if Melinda can talk to the dead. Hope laughs and says he was always a know-it-all. Melinda asks again, and Brad says he would say goodbye. Melinda tells him to read the note she wrote that Melinda found in her chart, but he says he can't and hands it to Melinda for her to read. It says "Brad, I know you feel this is your fault, but I want you to know I don't blame you. You've always taken better care of me than I have myself. From the first day I laid eyes on you in detention, and that hasn't changed today." Hope reads along, but Melinda stops, and Hope tells Brad the rest of the letter. "I had never felt more in love with you than when I first watched you, all worried and sweaty and care-worn, running beside the gurney when they wheeled me in here. So please, please, don't wallow. Oh, and if I'm not awake when you get back, don't forget to feed Daisy and walk her. See you tomorrow. I love you. Hope". Melinda finishes the letter, and Brad tells Melinda that he guesses they're even and gets up and walks away. Hope tells Melinda to thank you before running after Brad and putting her arm around him. She then crosses over, and Melinda cries.

Melinda crosses Dr. Devine's wife over

At Mercy Hospital, Melinda walks into Dr. Devine's office. Dr. Devine smiles and asks if he can help her, but Melinda tells him she wants to help him if he will let her. He doesn't know what she means, and Melinda tells him she knows about his illness, and she tells him she talked to his wife, Margaret. He doesn't believe her and begins to dial a number, and Melinda tells him that Margaret has been dead for over two years, and she appears next to Melinda. She wants him to stop practicing medicine; it was the only reason she stayed, to get him to do that. Melinda tells him what Margaret said, and he sits in disbelief, as Margaret continues to say he had such a wonderful career, and that he achieved everything he wanted, and it's time to let go. Dr. Devine picks up the phone and tells her he is calling Security, but Margaret and Melinda tell him to wait. Margaret tells Melinda there was a proverb they used to quote, and Melinda tells Dr. Devine, who begins to believe her. "Who is this skilled physician, but he who prevents illness?". Melinda repeats it to him to which he finishes it off. Margaret tells him he isn't that man anymore. Dr. Devine asks how Melinda could have known, and Melinda repeats what Margaret had just said to her. He doesn't have to go on pretending; she is giving him permission not to.

The tatooed man watches Melinda and Jim's house

Melinda walks into Same As It Never Was Antiques, and Andrea greets her, telling her to guess what miracle happened while she was away. Melinda can't imagine, and Andrea tells her the watch guy showed up and shows Melinda the money that he gave back to them. Andrea doesn't tell her how she really got it back, instead she tells her that he must have felt ashamed living as himself knowing he ripped them off, commenting the glass really must be half-full today. That night, Jim is outside his house talking on the phone to Bobby. He puts the phone down and Melinda walks out the front door, looking like she had just came out of the shower. She sits on Jim's lap, and Jim tells her that he got news about the John Doe, he had just been released from prison on a charge of attempted murder after a seven-year prison sentence. He also found out that he told his cellmate that when he got out he would fix his old lady up for good and he was two miles from the house when he crashed his motorcycle. So they speculate that if he had recovered, he might have killed his wife. Melinda and Jim kiss and go back into the house and into their bedroom, turning the light off. Outside, the tattooed man stands watching, before walking away.


  • Hope Paulson
  • Bloody Hands Man
  • Female Nurse
  • Gentleman
  • Old Nurse
  • Old Patient
  • Elderly Nurse
  • Middle-Aged Patient
  • Fisherman
  • Margaret Devine
  • Julian Borgia

Altogether: 11 spirits


  • This episode gathered a total of 12.78 million viewers and is the highest-rated Ghost Whisperer episode to date.


  • As of this episode, according to Melinda, she and Jim have been married for seven months.
  • Hope's pregnancy was not as routine as the show depicts it. Her pregnancy was what is known as an ectopic pregnancy, where the fetus attaches to the wall of the fallopian tubes, cervix, or ovaries. In Hope's case, the fetus had attached to her fallopian tube and the tube had ruptured, resulting in bleeding and abdominal pain. Although various characters in the show express their belief that Hope could have been a "Mommy" if Dr. Devine hadn't botched her surgery, Hope's baby would likely never have survived. Ectopic pregnancies are almost always fatal to the fetus and sometimes fatal to the mother. In fact, the point of Hope's surgery would have been to remove the fetus and repair the damage left by the pregnancy.
  • Hope is the name of the ghost Melinda helps. Hence, the Hope part of Hope and Mercy. Mercy is the name of a local hospital, at which the main action of the story takes place.


MELINDA: Brad, you should read her note. I found it in her charts.
BRAD: I can't. You read it.
MELINDA (reading the note): Brad, I know you feel like this is your fault, but I want you to know that I don't blame you. You've always taken better care of me than I have myself from the day I first laid...
(Overlapping voice of Melinda and Hope.)
MELINDA AND HOPE: ...eyes on you in detention and that hasn't changed today...
(Completely fades into Hope's voice.)
HOPE: I've never felt more in love with you then when I watched you all worried and sweaty and care worn running beside the gurney when they wheeled me in here. So please... please don't wallow. Oh, and if I'm not awake when you get back, don't forget to feed Daisy and walk her. See you tomorrow. I love you.
BRAD: Wow, I guess we're even.
(Brad gets up and leaves)
HOPE: Thank you.
(Then Hope gets up and walks off with Brad until she fades into the light)

MELINDA (to Nurse Derek Lee): I'm asking you to have a little empathy for someone whose wife died. In your care.

ANDREA: Oh God, I can't believe a guy that cute is a crook.

MELINDA: I learned a long time ago, never question the cosmic law of French toast.
JIM: The what?

HOPE: My husband helped yours now you have to help him, please, I'm desperate.

DERREK (about Dr. Devine): He's respected and beloved, he's damn near untouchable.

ANDREA: Seven bucks? Fate is cheap!

MELINDA: I represent a former patient of yours.
DERREK: Former as in discharge?
MELINDA: Former as in dearly departed.

BRAD: How about you get on with my life? I'll take yours any day.

MELINDA: I don't have to love you. I want to. I choose to.

DERREK (about the morgue): They say this place is haunted.
MELINDA: I've got news for you, they're right.

JIM: Are we the puppet masters or are we just the puppets?

JIM (talking about the accident): This happened to me for a reason. Now a person is dead. What kind of reason is that?

JIM (to Melinda): Do you believe in fate? Or do you believe we've some kind of control over our destiny?

MELINDA: I'm happy it's not you I'm helping.
JIM: Me too.

JIM: Where were you?
MELINDA: Oh...I um...
JIM: I know... I figured in the hospital... You must be in hog heaven.
MELINDA: Sometimes it's not all it's cracked up to be.

ANDREA (referring to Jim to Melinda): Sexy, sensitive and indestructable. I've got to get me a man like that.

HOPE: Nobody can see me except you. Why?
MELINDA: It's a gift I have. Can I just tell you, you're a little pushy.
HOPE: If you were in my position you would be too. Don't you think?

JIM: Am I dead?
JIM: I never know with you.