Homecoming is the sixth episode of the first season of the CBS series, Ghost Whisperer, originally premiering on October 28, 2005. The episode was written by Lois Johnson and directed by James Frawley, and recieved a total of 11.73 million viewers. Melinda helps an upset teenage ghost and in the process learns something that will affect the lives of everyone this boy left behind.

Guest StarringEdit

  • Wendy Phillips as Diane Shields
  • John Patrick Amedori as Jason Shields
  • Katy Selverstone as Fran Vale
  • Jeanette Brox as Sybil Vale
  • Dondre T. Whitfield as Mitch Marino
  • Graham Miller as Man
  • Sloan Robinson as Sarah the Clerk

Plot SynopsisEdit

PDVD 377

Melinda through the eyes of a Ghost

In what appears to be through the eyes of a ghost, walking through Grandview, we see Same As It Never Was, and Melinda appearing at the door, changing the Open sign to Will Return and the time saying 10. Back to normal, Melinda walks to the till, where Andrea stands, and asks her if she is paying bills or pricing furniture. Andrea says furniture, then changes the subject to Melinda cancelling drinks with Andrea's brother. Melinda says she hasn't cancelled, just changed the location to Lento's on the Square. Andrea tells her that she wants Mitch to see her house, but Melinda says she doesn't want any visitors as she hasn't had the chance to clean up. Andrea walks to the back and doesn't notice the drawers behind her open by themself. However when she turns, she closes them and goes back to the front. Andrea tells her that he is a real estate agent who sells houses for a living, but Melinda protests that he does it for rich people, and asks her that wasn't Mitch one of the 30 Millionaires Under 30 to walk, but Andrea corrects her and tells her he was 25 out of 25. Melinda tells her about Mya, his wife, the model, decorated both of Mitch's penthouse and beach house and has impecible taste, and Melinda tells her that Mitch is never setting foot in her house. Andrea tells her she is almost done renevating it and it looks beautiful. Andrea goes to the back and Melinda asks Andrea to tell Jim that as he wants to repaint every room. Andrea notices the drawers are all open again but closes them and tells Melinda she has to go as she has to pick Mitch up at the Hotel, and Melinda wonders why he isn't sleeping at Andrea's apartment, and Andrea tells her that he is way too rich to sleep on her couch, and Melinda tells her that he is way too rich to have drinks on hers. Andrea tells her too bad and that her and Mitch will be on her porch at nine. Laughing, Andrea leaves Melinda in the store alone. Melinda hears a noise coming from the back, and she goes to investigate. Suddenly, the lights flicker and the drawers open and close. She then sees the ghost glide across the room. After a few seconds, he stops making the lights flicker and the drawers open. Melinda sees one of them still open and walks to it, finding a photograph of a woman in a hospital bed with a new-born son. Melinda turns around and the ghost is standing right in front of her. Melinda screams and he disappears.

PDVD 394

Andrea and her big brother, Mitch

Through the eyes of the ghost again, some time has passed and Melinda is at her's and Jim's house. Mitch and Andrea are sitting on the sofa as Mitch tells them a story about Andrea, saying she first called her Squeaky when they were kids, the reason being was because Andrea used to follow him around everywhere and talk constantly like a squeaky wheel. After laughing, Mitch asks Melinda how his little sister is doing at Melinda's store, but Melinda corrects him in saying it's both Melinda's and Andrea's, and Andrea reminds Mitch that she already told him they were partners but he responds that he wasn't sure if it was a vocation or one of her avocations. Andrea agrees that she is very active, but she did manage to learn a lot of Latin. Melinda sees behind them the ghost glide from view, and suddenly the window smashes. Shocked, Andrea asks what that was and Jim checks it out. He tells them he had been meaning to replace the frames, but he looks at Melinda wondering if it was a ghost. The ghost glides again and Melinda and Andrea talk at the same time again saying the same thing, that Jim had been doing all the renovations himself. Mitch asks what they will be doing with the place, and goes on to say if he had a house like that he would flip it, put it back on the market and get about $700,000 for it, and offers to help if they choose to. Jim and Melinda seem intrigued, and Andrea tells them it wouldn't hurt to find out.

PDVD 401

Melinda talks to the teenage ghost

Later that night, Melinda and Jim are in bed. Jim appears to be sleeping while Melinda sits on the bed. After a moment, Melinda gets up and walks downstairs into the kitchen. She opens the fridge and the ghost appears behind her, and Melinda turns around, seeing him and getting a fright. She asks him what he is doing there since it's her home. She asks who he is and he walks to the picture Melinda found in the store. Melinda asks if that is him, but he doesn't answer but instead asks if she is dead too, and Melinda tells him no. The refridgerator door opens and closes, and the ghost asked what that was. Melinda tells him that it's his energy, that he has so much anger he had better calm down of he could short-circuit the whole block. He then tells her that it is him in the picture, and that's his mother, and he needs to talk to her. Melinda asks where she is but he doesn't know. Then Jim calls down the stairs for Melinda, asking if its a friend or foe. Melinda replies friend she thinks, and then she goes back to talk to the ghost, but he is gone, and the fridge door begins opening and closing again.

PDVD 403

Andrea waits outside the store

The following morning, Andrea is waiting outside Same As It Never Was. Loud bangs are coming from inside the store, and Melinda walks up to Andrea, greeting before asking why she was outside. Andrea tells her that inside the store it is getting a little creepy, and Melinda catches on with what she was saying. Andrea thought she would spend the day outside the store, and Melinda goes inside. She turns the stereo off in the back and sees the ghost standing in the middle of the mess. Jason, the ghost, asks what all his furniture was doing there, and Melinda tells him that she bought it from a state sale, and asks his name. He replies that he is Jason Shields, and he asks how she can see and hear him, and Melinda tells him its complicated as she walks over to him. Melinda tells him that he needs to go cross over as he doesn't want to stay here, but he says he won't do that until he finds his mother. He tells her to look at the picture, and she takes it out her bag and looks at it. He points out the tattoo on her arm and that if you look at her fingernails you can tell that she bites them. She asks what her name is, but he tells her that he doesn't know her name, where she lives or anything about her, and that the last time he was with her it was at the time the picture was taken, only a day old. Melinda asks if she put him up for adoption, and he tells her that he was going to start looking for her when he turned 18 because his adoptive parents couldn't stop him. She asks him what happened, and he tells her that he would have been 18 this week. She asks how he found out he was adopted, and in a series of flashbacks he tells her. Jason was with his grandmother, who was in a nursing home and she was beginning to lose it. He found the picture and asks who that was, and she tells him that was him with his mother, but his "mother" doesn't have a tattoo. He figured it out and argued with his adoptive mother, demanding to know where she was, but she didn't know as she abandoned him. He storms out, knocking things over and storming into the woods. He goes into a clearing and smashes up plants and bushes with a stick, and then made the mistake of smacking a beehive. It breaks and the bees begin to chase him until he falls over, and then he begins to choke and his face turns red. Melinda says she is sorry, and Jason tells her he won't go anyway without seeing his mother. Melinda then suggests that she goes to see his adoptive mother, but he tells her no, that it wouldn't help. He then asks Melinda to help him.

PDVD 418

Melinda and Jim hold a baby

That night at Melinda and Jim's house, and Jim tells Melinda that finding out adoption details could take years, and maybe the mother doesn't want to know, and that Melinda knows nothing about her. Melinda says he's wrong as she knows she bites her nails and has a tattoo. Melinda shows Jim the photo and Jim recognizes the place as Haliston County, he can tell by the hospital band around her wrist. The next day, Melinda and Jim are looking at all the babies in Haliston County, Melinda telling Jim that someday they will have one of their own, Jim saying he was thinking more of like 4 or 5. A doctor who knows Jim walks over to him and they greet each other and introduces him to Melinda. Melinda tells him she appreciates him helping her find her friend's birth records. He wonders if they could do a favour for him too, and introduces Melinda and Jim to the babies that were abandoned or need to be adopted. He needs volunteers like Melinda and Jim to come and hold them to give them the emotional attention they need. The doctor and Jim leave the room to get Jason's birth records, and Melinda stays in the room to hold the baby. A man behind Melinda tells Melinda that courts always have adoption records on file, but are tricky to get hold of. Melinda asks what he is doing there, and he says he is waiting, that it won't be long now. He is looking at a young baby, and Melinda asks if that one is his, and he says that she will be soon. Melinda doesn't understand, and he tells her that he is a guardian for babies who have no one to meet them on the other side, and that he takes care of them. Melinda is sad that she isn't going to make it, but he says she wasn't meant to make it. He then picks up the child, and disappears.

PDVD 424

Melinda and Jason wait in the queue

Sometime later in the day, Melinda is waiting in a long queue at County Court with Jason. He tells her that waiting in that line is worse than being dead. Melinda doesn't answer him and she asks why he is ignorning her, and she tells him that she isn't she just can't talk to him with all the people around. A man behind Jason gives her a funny look and Melinda smiles and gives a nervous laugh. A woman who works there walks over to Melinda and tells her that she found Jason Shield's adoption records, as she is holding them out open in her hand. She asks Melinda if she has a judge's sign of release, but Melinda doesn't and the woman tells her she can't let Melinda look at it without a release. Melinda looks at Jason and tries to get him to look at the records, but he doesn't understand. Melinda tells him to stand by the counter, and the woman, thinking she is talking to her, tells her that she is standing by the counter. Melinda tells her that she wouldn't be breaking any rules if she just told her that the documents were all there. She opens the folder up and Melinda asks her to list what's there. The woman doesn't seem happy but she does so, and Jason asks her to slow down. She then finds the signature to give over parental rights and Jason can't believe it. The woman walks away and Jason tells Melinda she willingly gave him away, but he thought she didn't want to do it, as if someone was forcing her.

PDVD 433

Melinda talks to Diane

In Melinda's car, Jason tells Melinda of how she only gave him away when he was a day old and he wonders what is wrong with him. Melinda tells him that nothing is wrong with him, that they don't know what her situation was. He spent hours studying the photograph, looking for clues, thinking she bit her nails because she was worried about having to give him away. Melinda tells him they don't know what battles she was fighting and that he is forgetting about the two people who did want him, his adoptive parents. He tells Melinda that you don't keep secrets from the ones you love, and Melinda suggest to ask them, but he says no, he doesn't want to see her. Melinda tells him it may be the only way to find his real mother, and he asks if she can not just read minds and stuff. She tells him that she isn't a fortune teller or a psychic, and continues to ask Jason where he can find his adoptive mother, until he eventually caves in and decides to tell her where she works. At Diane's Plant Nursery, Melinda walks inside and asks the woman at the till that she is looking for Diane Shields. She then hears Diane saying to her to look no further, and Melinda sees her tending to some flowers. Melinda walks over to her and tells her she is Melinda Gordon, a friend of Jason's. She stands up and apologizes for being blunt and tells Melinda that he died, and Melinda says she already knows that he passed away a year ago. Diane stands in disbelief that time has gone by so fast, before asking Melinda to excuse her as she has something in her eye. Melinda looks at a bench next to her, with a plaque on it saying "In Loving Memory of Jason Shields". Diane tells Melinda that she plants trees for him, and Melinda tells her that's a beautiful thing to do. Diane asks what she can do Melinda for, and Melinda tells her that it isn't easy, and tells her that she has seen Jason and talked to him and owns an antique store in Grandview where his furniture is. Diane displays skepticism about Melinda seeing ghosts, and tells Melinda that she thought she had a twisted sense of humour. Melinda tells her she found a picture of him with his real mother, and she says that she is his real mother and asks who the hell Melinda is. Melinda apologizes and Diane tells her that she was the one who took him out of the hospital, was there through his laughing and crying and lived through his lound music and then she had to bury him. Melinda apologizes again and tells Diane she just needs to find his biological mother because Jason wants her to. Melinda tells her that he needs closure, and Diane says its hard enough and tells Melinda to leave her alone.

PDVD 438

Mitch offers Andrea to live with him

At a luxory house, Mitch and Andrea walk in and Mitch tells Andrea about how the girls miss Andrea, and Andrea tells him that next time he comes he has to bring them along. Andrea then asks what Mitch is going to do with the place, if he's going to flip it, and he says he could as there are a lot of potential buyers for the place. Mitch asks if Andrea likes it, and she says she loves the place. Mitch tells her good as he made an offer on it that morning, that he wants another office, and that he will live in the one bedroom which would leave the rest of the house for her. Andrea is flattered but she tells him she has a place, but he says what she has is a shoebox, and Andrea tells him that she likes her place. Mitch tells her that she just told him she would love to live there, and Andrea doesn't disagree. Mitch continues to tell her that it will be just like when they were kids, and they went to the Beach House.

PDVD 441

Diane realizes Melinda was telling the truth

At Diane's house late at night, Diane leaves the house with some letters and puts them in her mailbox. Through the eyes of the ghost, he walks into the house and looks at all the photographs. Diane then walks into the house and closes the door. Diane looks around and shives before walking to her bedroom. Jason uses his energy to turn the radio on. Diane walks back into the living room. Diane, stunned, sits down on the sofa next to it and calls out Jason's name and asks if he is there. The radio turns off and Diane smiles. The next day, Melinda and Diane are sitting in the square in Grandview, Diane telling Melinda that he was there. Melinda tells him he has a lot of anger and confusion, and Diane tells her that the last thing she wanted was to hurt him. Melinda asks why she didn't just tell Jason he was adopted, and she said she meant to, but the timing was never right. Melinda tells her that he was bound to find out. Diane tells her that when she brought him home from the Hospital she held onto him for two days straight, afraid of the thought that his birth mother would take him back. Melinda asks if Diane knows who she is, and Diane confesses that when Jason found out she wanted to know who she was. She pulls out some paper and says she tracked her down, that her name is Fran. She gives Melinda the address and tells her that she won't stand in Jason's way if he wants to meet her, that she won't protect him anymore. Melinda asks to protect him from what, and Diane says that his birth mother isn't the angel he thinks she is.

PDVD 445

Jim and Melinda decide to flip their house

Outside Melinda and Jim's house, Jim has the yard a mess as he is doing stuff up. Melinda walks out the house, and tells Jim she loves what he's done to the yard, and he says he is just making some fixtures before they start showing the place. Melinda says she is glad Andrea introduced them to Mitch, so they can get quite a lot of money to help them with the future. Jim seems reluctant to sell it, saying he spent a lot of time working on the house, to which Melinda tells him he could have used that time to play with her instead. Jim laughs and says he has time now, but Melinda has to go as she has a train to the city so she can speak to Jason's birth mother. Jim tells Melinda that she will be in shock so doesn't she want to call her first, but Melinda tells him that she has to tell a woman that a baby she gave away 18 years ago wants to meet her, and then she has to tell her he is dead, not a conversation she wants to have over the phone. Melinda gets into her car and tells Jim welcome to her world.

PDVD 448

Melinda meets Jason's birth mother

In the city, Melinda is walking along the street with Jason, who is pointing out that some of the people could be his mother. He seems excited, and Melinda is nearly ran over by a boy on a bike. She tells him to watch it, and Jason wonders why she is talking so openly to him. Melinda tells him that most of the people there talk to themselves so they wouldn't notice. He asks Melinda what she thinks his mother will be like, and Melinda tells him she will know in about 10 seconds as she has found her house. Jason begins to have doubts, and tells Melinda to go on without him. Jason disappears and Melinda goes to the address and rings the bell. A woman opens it, and Melinda asks if she is Fran. She says she is and Melinda tells her she is there on behalf of her son. She tells Melinda that she doesn't have a son, just a daughter, but Melinda shows her the picture of her 18 years ago with her newborn son. Fran asks how she knows that's her, and Melinda points out the tattoo and other reasons. Fran steps outside and says she can't do this, and Melinda tells her his name and that he wants to make contact with her. Fran tells Melinda that she was young and naive back then, she tells Melinda that her husband is inside and her daughter will be home any minute. They don't know she had another kid and she doesn't want them to know, and Melinda tells her that they don't have to. Melinda tells her Jason wants to make contact with her and Fran tells her that she won't do it and heads back inside, but Melinda then tells her that Jason is dead. Melinda tells her that he was allergic to bees and he got stung and died. Fran is confused as Melinda said Jason wanted to contact her, and Melinda introduces herself and tells her about her ability. Fran laughs and says she almost fell for it. Melinda gives Fran her card so she can contact her, but Fran rips it up and calls Melinda a nutjob before telling her to leave. Fran goes back inside and Melinda walks away. A young teenage goth girl watches Melinda in awe.

PDVD 451

Andrea and Melinda clean

In Same As It Never Was, Andrea is dusting while Melinda is putting things on the shelf. Melinda tells Andrea that she thought she loved her apartment, and Andrea says she does, so Melinda wonders why she wants to move into the house. Jason appears to Melinda and she goes round to the back to talk to him. Jason asks what his birth mother is like, and Melinda says she is sure she is a nice person, and Jason figures Fran blew Melinda off. Andrea then interrupts and tells Melinda that someone is there for her, the young teenage girl from before. She introduces herself as Sybil, Fran's daughter, and tells Melinda they have a lot to talk about. At a cafe, Sybil, Melinda and Jason sit at a table outside, Melinda telling Sybil that she wasn't supposed to hear their conversation. Sybil says she is glad she did that she knows she has a half-brother, even if he is dead, and thinks it's cool that Melinda can talk to ghosts. Jason likes Sybil, and Sybil asks what he looks like. Melinda says he is handsome, and Sybil asks if he is there. Melinda nods and Sybil asks Jason what it's like to be dead. He says it's kind of like freshman year, that you're there but no one pays attention to you. She asks him what he misses most about being alive, and Melinda tells her he misses her and her mother, as he wants to know what she is like. Sybil tells Jason that she is a pain in her butt, that it has to be done her way or no way. She doesn't have time to talk to her, she can't stand her, that sometimes she stays under the stairs when she gets home from school just so she doesn't have to face her. Jason wishes he could be in her shoes, and Sybil would also love to trade places. Melinda tells her its not good to talk like that, but Sybil says it's true, she has no one to talk to. Melinda tells her she should talk to her, and Sybil says she is in trouble but doesn't know what to do- she's pregnant.

PDVD 455

Jim and Melinda in bed

That night at Melinda and Jim's house, Jim is lying in bed as Melinda rushes in and goes on the bed, lying on top of Jim, asking if he is awake. He says it depends on if she is coming to bed. She tells him she can't as they have company downstairs. Jim asks living or dead, and Melinda says one of each. Jim tells Melinda that Mitch called and has a potential buyer for the house and wants to know if they can show it this weekend. Melinda can't believe so soon, and Jim tells her that she is the one who wants to move out. Melinda tells him that he was the one who said they should flip it, but Jim protests that he only wanted to do it because she was interested or thought she was not happy. Melinda questions the unhappy bit, and Jim tells her she always goes around telling him to fix things all the time. Melinda agrees but that doesn't mean she wants to move, she loves that the doors are crooked and the banister is broken and the windows won't stay up. Jim says just because they could flip it doesn't mean they should. Melinda says that just because they could make a lot of money doesn't mean they should move, so Jim asks why they want to sell it. Melinda tells him that they are so stupid in love they would do anything to make each other happy. Jim asks if she will tell Mitch that they don't want to sell, but Melinda tells him no, that she will get Andrea to tell Mitch that they don't want to sell. They kiss and Melinda goes back downstairs.

PDVD 461

Sybil tells her mother she is pregnant

Downstairs, Sybil is on the sofa talking to Jason. She doesn't know if he can hear her, but she talks to him anyway, saying she doesn't want to mess up any worse than she already has. Melinda sees her and Jason appears next to Melinda. Melinda tells Jason she is about the same age as his birth mother when she had him. A knock at the door makes Melinda answer it, and it's Fran. She asks where Sybil is and Melinda tells her she is in the living room. Fran tells Sybil to get her stuff as they're leaving, but Melinda tells her its late so they should sit for a minute and offers to make her some coffee. Fran tells her thank you for letting her know Sybil was there, but she leaves and Sybil follows along with Melinda and Jason. Melinda tells Jason that if he wants to say something to her, then he should do it now, but Sybil tells Fran that she is pregnant. Fran is speechless and Sybil tells her to talk to her. Fran tells her to get in the car but Sybil tells her no, she has been trying to talk to her about it for the past two months, and Fran is shocked she didn't tell her. Sybil tells her that she got pregnant too and didn't tell her about her other child, but Fran tells her it was a terrible mistake. Sybil tells her to stop as Jason could hear. Fran tells her there is no Jason, that giving him up was the best thing she ever done, and Jason is angry and upset by this. Fran tells Sybil that they will put the baby up for adoption and everything will be fine. Sybil tells her no and then storms off back into Melinda's house as Jason disappears. Melinda walks over to Fran and tells her its late and she can stay at her house for the night and she can too if she wants, but Fran tells her whats the point as she will still be pregnant in the morning. Melinda tells Fran she knows someone who knows a lot about adoption, and Fran tells her fine.

PDVD 467

The two mums meet

At Diane's home, a knock is heard at the door, and Diane tells whoever is there to come in. Melinda, Fran and Sybil walk in and Diane says she will be right out. Fran doesn't understand why she is there, and Melinda tells her if she wants to leave in ten minutes then she can. Fran looks at the photographs standing, all of them of Jason. Jason watches her look at them until she walks away and leans against a wall. On the wall it has height markings and she realizes them, standing away from the wall. Fran realizes what this is and tells Sybil they need to go. Diane walks out of a room and introduces herself to Fran. She tells her that she raised his son, and she owes her an apology as she didn't tell Jason he was adopted, but he found out and wanted to meet her, but she wouldn't let him, and that is what they argued about the day he died. She tells her his name and says he was a wonderful kid, Diane picks up a photo of him and shows Fran it. She tells her that he was smart and funny and he cared about people. She grabs Fran's hand and lets her hold the photo. She continues to say that he was nice and she would have been proud of him. Fran asks her to stop, and Diane walks away. Jason wants Fran to talk to him, and Melinda tells them that Jason is with them. Diane tells Fran that she didn't believe it at first either, but it's true, Jason is with them and Melinda can talk to him for them. Fran says she had enough and leaves, bringing Sybil along with her.

PDVD 474

Melinda and Andrea are the best of friends

Outside Same As It Never Was, Fran and Sybil are in the car waiting for Melinda to show up. Jason is in the backseat and he leans over as Fran pulls out the photo of him, telling Sybil he looks just like his father. Melinda and Andrea walk out of Village Java, Melinda asking Andrea why families keep so many secrets from each other. Andrea tells her that family is too important, that its the hardest love to lose and that is why it is always so difficult to tell your family how you really feel. Melinda says it's hard to tell friends too, and Melinda confesses to Andrea that her and Jim have decided to not to flip their house after all and she needs Andrea to tell him. Andrea says she will, right after she tells him that she wants to stay in her shoebox of an apartment. Melinda asks why the change of heart and Andrea tells her that she has changed, that she isn't squeaky anymore. Melinda tells her she didn't like squeaky. Melinda tells her that she will always be his little sister, she's just not a little girl anymore. Andrea notices Fran and Sybil standing outside Same As It Never Was, and Andrea stays in the Square so Melinda can tend to the two.

PDVD 481

Melinda helps Fran and Sybil communicate with Jason

Inside Same As It Never Was, Fran and Sybil sit on the sofa as Fran holds the photo she has of Jason. Fran asks how she is supposed to do this, if she has to look at Melinda. Melinda says she can, or she can look at the picture. Jason appears next to Melinda, noticing how sad Fran looks. Melinda talks to him, and Fran asks if he is there. Melinda nods and Fran begins talking. She says that when she was in Diane's house and she saw them pictures and the way Diane was talking about him, she was and still is proud. She says she knows she doesn't have the right to feel that way but she does. She is so sorry that she never got to know him, that there has always been an empty place inside and seeing how well he turned out it makes her feel a little less empty. Jason asks what will happen to Sybil's baby, and Melinda asks for him, and Fran doesn't know, however she holds Sybil's hand and tells him that whatever his sister decides and they will be in the baby's life. Sybil says that the baby will know about Uncle Jason and Diane. Fran asks if Jason can hear them, and she says he can and he has a lot of questions for her. Jason says he thought he did but there is only one thing he really needs to know, he wants to know if she ever thought of him, if she even remembered his birthday, if she loves him. Melinda is about to ask, but Jason tells her not to ask, as he doesn't want to know if it turns out bad. Fran asks what the matter is, and Melinda tells her that he has something to ask but doesn't know how. Fran tells him that she can ask her anything, that he is her son and she loves him. Melinda smiles, and Fran cries. Melinda says he would love to hear her say that again, and she does. Jason tells Melinda to give her the picture, and Melinda takes the hospital picture out of her pocket and gives it to Fran. Fran smiles and tells Sybil that is her brother. They hug and Jason tells Melinda that he still has one more person to see.

PDVD 487

Jason says goodbye to Diane

In the woods, Melinda talks to Diane. She tells her that Jason was so angry about being adopted that he took it out on the one person who was always there for him. Jason tells her that she never gave up on him, no matter how hard he tried to push away. Melinda tells her that he was lucky to have her as a mother, but Diane tells her that she was the lucky one. That for 17 years her life shined, the greatest gift. Melinda says he's sorry he got mad and for the way it ended, but Diane says it hasn't ended, that she will always be with him and he will always be with her. Jason sees the light and asks Melinda what it is, and Melinda says its for him, that he's ready. Jason says goodbye to Diane and kisses her on the forehead in which she feels. A gust of wind occurs and Melinda tells Diane that Jason has crossed over. Diane begins to cry, but covers it up by saying she has something in her eye again. Diane goes off to walk, and Melinda tells her she will walk with her, and Diane says she will like that. They walk off together as the sun sets.


  • Jason Shields
  • Guardian
  • Baby

Altogether: 3 spirits


  • This episode gathered a total of 11.73 million viewers.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Mitch Marino.


  • Melinda meets a well-dressed, unnamed "guardian" in a hospital NICU. He awaited the death of a preemie newborn, who needs help crossing over. He disappeared when the baby (apparently) died. The Guardian is responsible for bringing babies to the other side that do not have someone to meet them there. They are similar to the Watchers that are later introduced in the fourth season.
  • We learn that Andrea's brother is a millionaire.
  • Andrea's childhood nickname from her brother is "Squeaky Wheel" or squeaky for short.


GUARDIAN: Adoption, uh? Tricky business... Although, from what i've learned over the years, you can always count on the courts to have adoption records on file. Getting to see them is another matter.
MELINDA: What are you doing here?
ANGEL: Waiting. It won't be long now.
MELINDA: Is this one yours?
ANGEL: She will be soon.
MELINDA: I don't understand.
ANGEL: I have a calling, just like you. I'm a guardian for little children who don't have anyone to meet them on the other side. I take care of them.
MELINDA: So she isn't gonna make it?
ANGEL: It's ok. She's not meant to make it. We have a better place for her. She's suffered long enough.
(The Angel reaches for the premuture baby and puts the baby in his arms and smiles at Melinda. Melinda looks at the incubator at the lifeless body while the Angel disappears.)

DIANE: You telling me, that from beyond the grave my son wants to know who gave him up?

DIANE (speaking to Jason): You were my greatest gift, you made my life shine.

DIANE: I'm not going to try to protect him anymore.
MELINDA: Protect him from what?
DIANE: From his birth mother, she's not the little angel he thinks she is.

DIANE: I've got something in my eye again.

MITCH (to Andrea): With all due respect Squeaky, what you have is a shoe box.

MELINDA: I have to tell a woman the baby she gave away eighteen years ago wants to mee her. Then I have to tell her that he's dead. Not the kind of conversation you wanna have over the phone.
JIM: Or in person.

ANDREA: I'm not Squeaky anymore.
MELINDA: You know, I wasn't loving Squeaky.

JIM: Melinda, friend or foe?
MELINDA: Friend, I think, be up in a minute.

ANDREA: He's way too rich to sleep on my couch...

SYBIL: What's it like to be dead?
JASON: It's kind of like freshman year all over again.

MELINDA: We have company downstairs.
JIM: Living or dead?
MELINDA: One of each.

ANDREA: Either I'm running a fever or I'm starting to see ghosts myself.
(Cybil, Jason's sister who dresses in goth shows up at the store)

JASON: What if she doesn't remember me?
MELINDA: I've never given birth but from what I hear, it's not something you forget.

MELINDA (to Jim): That's the problem. You've been too busy working when you could have been playing with me.

JASON (to Melinda): Waiting in line is worse than being dead.

(Looking at babies in the hospital nursery)
MELINDA: Someday we'll have one of our own.
JIM: I'm thinking more like four or five...
MELINDA: Ouch! We'll definitely need a bigger house.

MELINDA AND ANDREA (simultaneously): Jim did all the renovations himself.

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