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Ghost Whisperer is a American television series created by John Gray. It first premiered on CBS on September 23, 2005.[1]

The series follows the life of Melinda Gordon, a young woman from Grandview, who has the ability to see and communicate with the dead. While trying to live as normal a life as possible, Melinda helps them pass over to the other side by working as a paranormal investigator.[2]

Ghost Whisperer airs Friday nights at 8/7c on CBS. The show is produced by Sander/Moses Productions, in association with ABC Studios and CBS Television Studios.[3]



Ghost Whisperer is based on the work of "Spirit Communicator" James Van Praagh,[4] who is co-executive producer[5] and regularly updates a blog about the show through CBS.[6] The stories are also said to be based in part on the work of "Spirit Communicator" Mary Ann Winkowski.[7] Development of the show dates back to at least two years before its premiere.[8]

The show is currently produced by Sander/Moses Productions in association with CBS Television Studios (originally CBS Productions in season one and CBS Paramount Network Television in seasons two and three) and ABC Studios (originally Touchstone Television in the first two seasons).

The show is filmed on the Universal Studios back lot in Hollywood.[9] One area on the lot is Courthouse Square from the Back to the Future trilogy, though it has been drastically modified to portray Grandview. For example, the clock tower present in Back to the Future has been completely covered up. Cast and crew members also believe that the set gets visits from real spirits.[10]

Sound effects are completed at Smart Post Sound.[11] Visual effects for the pilot and some season 1 episodes were completed at Flash Film Works.[12] Visual effects for nearly the entire series have been created at Eden FX.[13]

The hair stylist for the show’s protagonist, Melinda Gordon (played by Jennifer Love Hewitt), was five-time Emmy Award-nominated hair designer Michael Reitz.

Production notes[]

Ghost Whisperer was originally produced by Paramount Television and Touchstone Television.

The show's title is a reference to the main character Melinda Gordon (portrayed by Jennifer Love Hewitt), who lives in the town of Grandview with her husband Jim Clancy (David Conrad), a medic from Mercy Hospital.

Creator John Gray grew up in Brooklyn, New York, which is only a few miles away from Grandview, west of the Hudson River. Piemont is referenced often in episodes as the neighboring town, which is accurate to real life as Grandview is actually located just north of Piemont. And Professor Rick Payne worked in the fictional "Rockland University", and coincidentally, the actual Grandview is a village located in Rockland County, New York.

The first season premiered on September 23, 2005 and ended on May 5, 2006. It has received an average of 10.20 million viewers. Season two of Ghost Whisperer premiered on September 22, 2006 and ended on May 11, 2007, again airing Friday nights on CBS during the same timeslot. CBS officially renewed the show for a third season placing it in its regular Friday 8 p.m. time slot. (Eastern US Time) The third season premiered September 28, 2007. Due to the writers strike 12 episodes were completed before the strike. However, once the strike ended, CBS had announced that the show would return April 4, 2008 with 6 episodes. [14] On February 15, 2008, CBS renewed Ghost Whisperer for a fourth season.[15] For the fourth season, Jamie Kennedy would join the cast as the psychology professor Eli James and Jay Mohr would be leaving after appearing in the first episode as his character Professor Rick Payne takes a sabbatical (Mohr took a role in Gary Unmarried).[16] Previously recurring cast member Christoph Sanders also joined as a regular cast member. The fourth season of Ghost Whisperer premiered on Friday, October 3, 2008 and concluded on May 15, 2009. The season consisted of 23 episodes.[17][18] It was announced in an interview by P.K. Simonds with E! Online that Ghost Whisperer will return for a 5th Season.[19]

The show costs an average $3 million dollars per episode to produce, a cost that is split between ABC Studios and CBS Television Studios.

CBS officially renewed Ghost Whisperer for a 5th Season on May 20, 2009. [20]


On May 5, 2008 it was announced that the first three seasons of Ghost Whisperer were purchased for $169.8 million dollars ($700,000 per episode, per network) for syndication by the Sci Fi Channel (United States), ION Television, and WE: Women's Entertainment. Episodes begun airing in Summer 2009 on ION, and in Fall 2009 on Sci-Fi and WE.[21]

Internet promotion[]

Ghost Whisperer: The Other Side[]

A series of webisodes entitled Ghost Whisperer: The Other Side have been released on the Ghost Whisperer website.[22] A total of eight webisodes were produced and extras (such as trailers and behind the scenes) are available for viewing. The story follows Zach (played by Mark Hapka), a young delivery boy who dies while delivering a package. He soon learns how to do things in the spirit world, and gets revenge on Danny, the man he thinks killed him, and his former best friend. Melinda from the television series doesn't appear in the internet series as it takes place entirely in the spirit world. However, ghosts from the television series have appeared in some webisodes.

In the second season finale of Ghost Whisperer, Zach made an appearance while trying to get help from Melinda before being taken into the Dark Side leaving the internet series in its own cliffhanger.

The second season of The Other Side premiered on the CBS website on January 18, 2008.[22] Season 3 deals with Zach trying to help his high school crush Olivia find true love as her ex soon to be husband does not love her.


andshamethedevil.net[23] is a site linked to Ghost Whisperer. The site is mentioned in the Season 3 premiere. By visiting the site and clicking on the word 'bloody', it leads to another site rubloodymary.com By clicking on the star in the upper right hand corner, the site appears to crack into pieces. Those pieces can be moved by dragging, revealing this message: "Meet Me In The Underworld". Small type at the bottom of the page read the repeated words: "bloody mary. bloody mary. bloody mary."


rubloodymary.com is mentioned in episode 302 - "Don't Try This At Home" - which prominently features the Bloody Mary Urban Legend. When visiting rubloodymary.com if you click and hold down anywhere on the main page and scrub you can erase the image, revealing another image underneath that reads "...until she is trapped underground." Above that there is a countdown timer that, doing the math, counts down to Friday, October 26, 2007, episode 3.05 of Ghost Whisperer aired that night.

Other features: There is a stories link that takes you to a book with a Bloody Mary tale in it. The very last line reads "I hope she doesn't go into the church."

Finally, there is an email address to which to connect, and several links, some to the Ghost Whisperer Myspace page and ghostwhisperer.com and one that links back to andshamethedevil.net which is another secret Ghost Whisperer site.


In the series, the Penthius site is often used by Melinda to look up information about the families and ghosts that she is investigating in Grandview. A real world version of this site has been up since February 2008. The site description reads: "Penthius.Info is a free search engine and video super site based on the search engine in the television series The Ghost Whisperer with Jennifer Love Hewitt." It was first mentioned in a post on TV.com by misscalais[24], a fan who created the site to promote the show.

Series Overview[]

Ghost Whisperer is a series that follows the life of Melinda Gordon, a young woman from Grandview, who has the ability to see and communicate with the dead. Melinda lives with her husband Jim, and is the owner of an antique shop. Ghosts seek Melinda's help in relaying a message or completing a task that will put the spirit to rest, and allow them to cross over into The Light, a metaphor presented by the show as its conception of Heaven.

The First Season introduces Romano, a former cult leader from Europe who influenced his followers to commit a mass suicide in 1930. His own suicide transformed him into an earth-bound negative entity. Romano attempts to do the exact opposite of Melinda and gather earthbound souls and prevent them from crossing over into the Light.

In the Second Season, Melinda meets Delia Banks, her son Ned Banks, and Professor Rick Payne, all of whom, by season's end, come to learn of Melinda's power, with contrasting reactions. The second season revolves around the thinning veil between the living and the dead. Melinda meets a man whose arrival in Grandview sets the final events of a disastrous prophecy in motion, and the strengthening of the dark side over the Light.

In the Third Season, Melinda searches in her family history for answers as she gets closer and closer to learning the secret of her gift, her childhood, and her father.

In the Fourth Season, Melinda meets Eli James after a fire at Rockland University and says goodbye to her close friend Rick Payne, who leaves Grandview for a research trip for the university. After experiencing her own personal tragedy, Melinda discovers that her life will never be the same again.

In the Fifth Season which will begin airing on Friday, September 25, 2009 at 8pmEST.[25]


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International Airings[]

Country Title Literal Translation Network Air Time
Flag of Argentina svg.png Argentina Ghost Whisperer Sony Entertainment Television Thursday 11:00 pm
Flag of Australia svg.png Australia Ghost Whisperer Seven Network Thursday 7:30pm
Flag of Austria svg.png Austria Ghost Whisperer - Stimmen aus dem Jenseits Voices from Beyond ORF 1 Monday 00:30am
Flag of Belgium svg.png Belgium (Flemish/Dutch) Ghost Whisperer Digital Soon
Flag of Belgium svg.png Belgium (Flemish/Dutch) Ghost Whisperer VTM Tuesday 22:00pm
Flag of Belgium svg.png Belgium (Walloon/French) Melinda entre deux mondes Melinda between two worlds PlugTV Tuesday and Wednesday 8:00pm
Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina svg.png Bosnia and Herzegovina Šaptačica duhovima OBN Tuesday 8:00pm
Flag of Brazil svg.png Brazil Ghost Whisperer Sony Entertainment Television Thursday 10:00pm
Flag of Bulgaria svg.png Bulgaria Шепот от отвъдното A whisper from the beyond bTV
Saturday 9:00pm
Monday to Friday 1:00am and 9:00pm
Flag of Canada svg.png Canada Ghost Whisperer CTV Television Network Friday 8:00pm
Flag of Canada svg.png Canada (French) Melinda entre deux mondes Melinda between two worlds Ztélé Tuesday 5:00pm
Flag of Chile svg.png Chile Ghost Whisperer Sony Entertainment Television Thursday 11:00 pm
Flag of Colombia svg.png Colombia Ghost Whisperer Sony Entertainment Television Tuesday 9:00 pm
Flag of Denmark svg.png Denmark Ghost Whisperer Kanal 4 Thursday 8:00 pm
Flag of Ecuador svg.png Ecuador Almas Suspendidas Suspended Souls
Flag of Fiji svg.png Fiji Ghost Whisperer Fiji One Friday 9:15pm
Flag of France svg.png France Ghost Whisperer TF1 Saturday 4:00pm
Flag of Germany svg.png Germany Ghost Whisperer – Stimmen aus dem Jenseits Voices from Beyond Kabel 1 Fridays 8:15pm
Flag of Greece svg.png Greece Φαντάσματα (Phantasmata) Ghosts ET1 Tuesdays 9:00pm
Flag of Hungary.png Hungary Szellemekkel suttogó Ghost Whisperer AXN Mondays 9:00pm
Flag of Hungary.png Hungary Szellemekkel suttogó Ghost Whisperer TV2 Wednesdays 10:10pm
Flag of India svg.png India Ghost Whisperer StarWorld
Flag of Indonesia svg.png Indonesia Ghost Whisperer StarWorld Asia Tuesday 9:00pm and Sunday 12:00am (Re-Run)
Flag of Ireland svg.png Ireland Ghost Whisperer RTE One Friday Mornings, 1:10am. (Season 4)
Flag of Italy svg.png Italy Ghost Whisperer - Presenze Ghost Whisperer - Presences RaiDue / Foxlife Wednesday 9:00pm
Flag of Israel svg.png Israel הלוחשת לרוחות Ghost Whisperer Yes Stars Action Monday 21:45pm
Flag of Kenya svg.png Kenya Ghost Whisperer MBC4
Flag of Latvia svg.png Latvia/Lettland Ēnu Čuksti Whispers of the Shadows LTV7 Sundays 10:00pm
Flag of Lebanon svg.png Lebanon TV land Tuesdays 8:00pm
Flag of Lithuania svg.png Lithuania Dvasių Užkalbėtoja Ghost Whisperer LNK Saturdays and Sundays 12:50am
Flag of Malaysia svg.png Malaysia Ghost Whisperer 8TV Tuesdays 10:30pm
Flag of Mexico svg.png Mexico Almas Perdidas Lost Souls Azteca 7 / Sony Entertainment Television
Flag of the Netherlands svg.png The Netherlands Ghost Whisperer NET 5 Sundays 9:30 pm, Mondays 7:00 pm
Flag of New Zealand svg.png New Zealand Ghost Whisperer TV2 Fridays 8:30 pm (1x01 - 1x22)
Mondays 9:30 pm (2x01 - 3x16)
Mondays 8.30 - 10.30 (3x17 - 3x18)
Sundays 8.30pm (4x01 - 4x04)
Thursdays 8.30pm (4x05 - present)
Flag of Norway svg.png Norway Ghost Whisperer TV Norge
Flag of the Philippines svg.png Philippines Ghost Whisperer Studio 23 Fridays 8:00 pm
Flag of the Philippines svg.png Philippines Ghost Whisperer Star World Saturdays 11:00 pm
Flag of Poland svg.png Poland Zaklinacz Dusz Souls Whisperer Fox Life
Flag of Portugal svg.png Portugal Em Contacto / Entre Vidas In Contact / Between Lifes Fox Life / SIC Season 4 - Sunday 9:00 p.m

Season 1/2/3 - from Monday to Friday at 8:10 p.m

Flag of Puerto Rico svg.png Puerto Rico Almas Suspendidas Suspended Souls WAPA-TV Tuesday 10:00pm
Flag of Romania svg.png Romania Mesaje de dincolo Messages from beyond PRO TV / AXN
Flag of Russia svg.png Russia Говорящая с призраками Speaking with Ghosts Fox Life
Flag of Serbia svg.png Serbia Saptacica Duhovima Fox Life On Weekends at 9:00pm
Flag of Singapore svg.png Singapore Ghost Whisperer MediaCorp TV Channel 5 Friday 10:00pm
Flag of Spain svg.png Spain Entre Fantasmas Among Ghosts Cuatro / Fox Sunday 10:25pm / Friday 9:30pm
Flag of Sweden svg.png Sweden TV4 AB
Flag of Switzerland svg.png Switzerland (French) Ghost Whisperer Télévision Suisse Romande
Flag of Switzerland svg.png Switzerland (Italian) TV4 AB
Flag of Thailand svg.png Thailand Ghost Whisperer Star World
Flag of Turkey svg.png Turkey Ghost Whisperer CNBC-e Wednesday 9:00pm
Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png United Kingdom Ghost Whisperer E4 (Season 1)
LIVING (Season 2+)
Virgin 1 (Season 2)
E4 Various Times
LIVING Tuesdays 9:00pm
Virgin 1 Tuesdays 9:00pm
Flag of the United States svg.png United States Ghost Whisperer CBS Friday 8:00pm
Flag of Venezuela svg.png Venezuela Voces del más allá Voices from Beyond Televen
Flag of Vietnam svg.png Vietnam Lời thì thầm của những bóng ma Ghost Whisperer VTV6
Flag of Saudi Arabia svg.png Saudi Arabia Ghost Whisperer Ghost Whisperer MBC 4 Monday 10:00pm


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