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Ghost, Interrupted is the third episode of the first season of the CBS series, Ghost Whisperer, originally premiering on October 7, 2005. The episode was written by Jed Seidel and directed by Ian Sander, and recieved a total of 11.07 million viewers. A young girl is put into a psychiatric facility upon her strange behavior following her identical twin sister's death. While on a field trip in town, the girl runs away from her group and tries to hide in Melinda's shop. Melinda quickly realizes that this girl's 'abnormal' behavior is due to her sister haunting her. Melinda helps the two reconcile so they can both be freed.

Guest Starring[]

  • Jessica Collins as Zoe/Natalie Harper
  • Tom Irwin as Steve Harper
  • Kim Miyori as Dr Keiko Tanaka
  • Stephanie Nash as Barbara Harper
  • K.T. Thangavelu as Nurse Joan
  • David Ramsay as Will
  • A.J. Trauth as Tom Warren
  • Mel Rodriguez as Owen
  • Robert Towers as Wild-haired Man
  • Nate Torrence as Waiter

Plot Synopsis[]

Melinda and Andrea are with Ghost.

It's another sunny day in Grandview and a Private Bus stops at Grandview Square. A man at the front stands up and tells them that they all have to stick together or they will all lose their outdoor priveleges due to what happened the last time. A young girl, sitting by herself as it appears, talks to someone who she thiks is sitting next to her, asking if they are still there. The door opens and several of them get off, with a sign on the side of the bus saying "Green Grove Psychiatric". The girl gets off also, and then it cuts to Melinda in Same As It Never Was. She is talking to Andrea about dating, Andrea saying that she gave up on dates a long time ago. Jim seems to be setting Andrea up with another fireman, despite Andrea not wanting to go through with it. Andrea changes the subject when Melinda is looking at some old photographs, including some of her grandmother, Andrea commenting that Melinda looks exactly like her. Melinda says she misses her, confirming that her grandmother is dead. Melinda says she would turn 80 the coming Sunday, but then the young girl from the start walks into the shop. Melinda asks if she can help her, and the girl asks if she has a bathroom. Melinda tells her there is one round back and Andrea shows her to it. However, a ghost tells her sister that its a big mistake, that the bathroom is the first place they'll look. Melinda hears her and walks over to her. The ghost is the double of the girl who went to the bathroom- twins. Melinda is fascinated that they're twins. Just then, the man conducting the bus at the beginning walks in, asking Melinda if a young girl came in. Melinda hesitates to tell him, and the man tells Melinda and Andrea that she is part of a psychiatric clinic, so Melinda tells him despite her twin ghost telling her not to. The man takes the girl from the shop, even though she doesn't want to go. They leave and Melinda apologizes to the twin, who is angry at Melinda. Andrea asks if they are with ghost, and Melinda confims her suspicians.

Melinda is pestered by Zoe.

Walking through Grandview Square, Melinda is joined by Zoe, the ghost twin. Zoe asks if Melinda is going to ignore the whole situation, and Melinda tells her she was going to since she has a lunch date with her husband, Jim. Zoe asks why Melinda ratted out her sister, and Melinda said she wasn't going to lie, and that the clinic seems to be a safe place for her now. Zoe tells her otherwise, demanding help instead of judgment. Because no one else can see Ghosts, it looks like she is talking to herself. At the Firehouse, a man working there notices Melinda's odd behaviour. Melinda tells Zoe she cannot interfere with her sister's treatment as it is not her place. Melinda walks away, and Zoe tells Melinda that her sister stole a letter opener from the shop, so if she hurts someone or herself, Zoe sarcastically tells her that she hopes it doesn't eat away at her conscience too much. Zoe disappears and Melinda goes across the road to the Firehouse where she walks up to Will, the person who was watching her talk to "herself". Melinda introduces herself and Will tells her that Jim talks about her all the time, he also asks whether she was talking to herself before, but Melinda tells him she was talking in a cellphone. Jim walks out and hugs Melinda, and Melinda tells him that she has to cancel their dinner date because a girl stole a letter opener and she has to go pick it up. Jim tells her that he will go instead, but Melinda says she has to go because the girl is also haunted by her dead twin, in which Jim says he will definetly go and he will drive.

Melinda tells Natalie she can see Zoe.

Jim and Melinda pull up outside the Psychiatric hospital. Jim says he will go in with her if she wants, but Melinda tells him that she will be okay going in herself, so Jim waits in the car. Melinda enters the hospital, to where a wild-haired old man is screaming "they're coming"! Melinda tries to ignore him as he's a ghost, and she also walks past a woman with long ginger hair, who is also a ghost. Melinda then sees a female doctor who works there, giving Melinda back her letter opener and is thankful Melinda didn't file a report to the police. Melinda confesses that she was just worried, and the worker wants the girl to make amends for what she did as a thereputic intervention. The girl's name is Natalie, and they step into the room Natalie is busy writing in. The worker asks Natalie if there is anything she would like to say to Melinda, and Natalie tells Melinda she is sorry. However, Zoe is sitting opposite her, and begins sarcasm towards Melinda. Melinda looks at her and Natalie picks up on this. Melinda tells Natalie it is alright and Zoe tells Melinda that if she lets on to the worker that she can see her then the doctor might lock her up too. Natalie asks if Melinda and herself could have a minute to talk in private, and Melinda agrees. In Natalie's bedroom, Natalie asks Melinda if she can see her sister. Melinda confesses and that she is sitting over at the bed, and Natalie tells her she knew she wasn't crazy. Natalie tells Melinda that she can feel her all the time just like when she was alive, that she feels her energy and moods as if they were her own. Sometimes she swears she knows exactly what she is thinking. Natalie asks if Zoe is mad, because of that night. She tells Melinda that her family have a cabin by St. George and they snuck out there, her, Zoe and her Natalie's boyfriend Tom. Zoe tells Melinda that Tom is a total scuzball. Natalie continues her story, saying she got a bad sunburn so she went to bed early, and that Zoe must have got bored so she began drinking and then went swimming. Zoe tells Melinda that she went out to swim to the buoys like when they were kids. Natalie tells Melinda that Zoe went swimming out to the buoys like when they were kids, that they were supposed to tap one of them three times but they could never do it. Flashbacks occur of Zoe swimming in a lake, and Natalie saying that every June they were sure it would be the summer they made it. But when Zoe tried, she didn't make it, and drowned. Natalie's parents are divorced and her mother was the one who put her in there. Zoe tells Melinda that Natalie was the good twin even though their mother thought she was psychotic. Natalie needs her boyfriend to tell her parent that she is doing better since they think the sun rises and sets on him.

Melinda's flashback of her Grandmother.

While Melinda is walking outside the psychiatric hospital, she has a flashback of when her grandmother was still alive. Melinda is pushing her along in a wheelchair, telling her grandmother that she hates how they put her in there. Mary Ann tells Melinda that she loves it there, how she hasn't got to do anything and there are some pretty cute guys there too. A younger Melinda, wearing braces, laughes and tells her that she is too young to be in a place like that, and Mary Ann questions it since she is in an old folk's home. Mary Ann tells Melinda to look at life as if it was one big clock, that it keeps going no matter what. Mary Ann knows her time will be up soon, and that she is excited to see what is on the other side. She proceeds to say that she has crossed over so many spirits that she is beginning to feel like a travel agent who has never been on a plane. Melinda tells Mary Ann that she is the only person who understands her and doesn't think she is crazy, and Mary Ann makes Melinda promise that she will be strong when she is gone, that she can't have her wallowing as it serves no purpose. Melinda says she only had a minor stroke so she should be fine. Mary Ann still wants Melinda to promise, so Melinda promises.

Melinda's meets Tom.

Driving up outside a country club, Melinda leaves her car and enters the club. Melinda then comes up to a boy in a tennis court and asks him if he is Tom Warren. He says he is and that she would have had to make an appointment first. Melinda tells Tom that she is a friend of Natalie's, and that she is upset because he hasn't been to visit her lately. Tom says he had college in September and he is doing a coaching thing, so he's pretty busy. Melinda asks him if he thinks Natalie belongs there but he asks if Melinda does. Melinda replies that she is feeling cut off from everybody, especially him. She needs Tom to help her so she can feel connected to her life outside the clinic. She tells him Natalie needs him, so he stops. At the Psychiatric Hospital, Tom tells Natalie that she looks really good. Natalie tells him that she is feeling much better, and Melinda leaves them both so they can talk. Zoe asks what Tom is doing there, but Melinda doesn't reply. Natalie asks Tom how College life is, and he discusses it with her. Zoe isn't happy at all. Natalie asks Tom why she hasn't seen him lately, and Zoe talks over him and making Natalie feel angry. Natalie asks if Tom is sleeping with other girls, and he asks her where that came from. Melinda tries to intervene but Natalie tells Tom that she doesn't hear denial. She wants to know Tom's real intentions of coming to see her, and he tells her that he just wanted to see how she was doing. Natalie goes to attack Tom, but a male worker holds her back. Natalie tells Tom to stay away from her as Melinda and Tom leave the room.

Melinda's shows Jim her Photo Album

Back at home, Melinda is looking at a photo album filled with photos of her and her grandmother in. Jim comes up behind her, and Melinda tells him that she would never miss an event no matter how small or far away, calling her the closest thing to a twin she ever had. Jim asks if Melinda wants to do something special on her birthday, like visit her grave. Melinda says it's too far away but calls Jim sweet anyway. The phone rings and Jim goes to answer it. It's a Doctor from the Clinic and are wanting Melinda. The scene changes to the clinic. Melinda is sitting in an office with a man and a woman, Natalie's parents. Natalie's mother is confused at the point of Melinda's visits to her, but the father assures Melinda that they appreciate it. Doctor Tanaka says Melinda has been very helpful, and Melinda proceeds to tell the parents that she has a lot of similar things in common with Natalie and that they connected on a level most people wouldn't, and tells them that she doesn't think Natalie belongs there. The mother questions her authority, and Melinda says she has none, just from experience she knows that when people are grieving all they need is closure. The mother is skeptical about Melinda still, and Doctor Tanaka continues to tell them that Natalie has responded positively to Melinda's visits. The mother tells them that Tom had called her last night painting a different picture, that Natalie became agitated the last time Melinda was there, but Melinda tells her that isn't true. The mother apologizes and tells Melinda that she doesn't want her there anymore. Melinda walks out, and Zoe appears unhappy.

Zoe leaves a message for her Father.

Outside the clinic, the mother and father walk down the path to their separate cars without saying a word to each other. Natalie's father gets into his car and sighs. He turns the air conditioning on, and the front window steams up. Confused, he sees letters forming on the window as if someone was writing them, the words spell out "I Am Here". Inside Village Java, Melinda and Jim talk about the situation. Jim tells her she needs to find a way to see her again, and Melinda asks him how. He tells her he is only good with the encouraging part and Melinda wants to talk about something else. They walk out and Jim tells Melinda than Will wants to see Andrea before the actual date. Melinda asks if Will knows that it's only a dinner date not a pre-nup negotiation. Melinda tells Jim to tell Will a date and time for the dinner date and if neither Will nor Andrea like the looks of each other then they can run in the opposite direction. Melinda and Jim say their goodbyes and Melinda goes back on her way to the store, just as Zoe follows her again. Zoe asks if Melinda isn't even going to put up a fight, and Melinda tells her she can't keep talking to her in the middle of the square again as she is the only one who can see her. Zoe tells Melinda that she won't leave her alone until Melinda helps them, and Melinda begins to argue back that she was the one who ruined things with Tom, then Zoe confesses that they slept together. Melinda walks to the tree so Zoe can tell her what happened. Zoe tells her that on the night they drowned she slept with him as Natalie slept in the other room. Zoe felt bad about it and was drunk and feeling sorry for herself but she doesn't know what his excuse was. Zoe didn't tell Melinda that before because she didn't want Natalie to hate her, and that she has always loved her sister and will look out for her in her own way.

Melinda sets Andrea a date.

Melinda walks into Same As It Never Was, greets Andrea, and tells Andrea that she, herself, Jim and Will are going out to Lentos on Saturday Night so Andrea can meet Will. Andrea doesn't have anything against it, however a man is waiting for Melinda, it's Natalie's father. Andrea leaves the store so Melinda can talk privately with the man. Natalie's father apologizes to Melinda for the way his ex-wife treated Melinda at the clinic, but Melinda says there is no need. He went to see Natalie after she left and was upset that Melinda was told she couldn't see her anymore. He also says that Natalie told him that Melinda could see Zoe. Melinda proceeds to tell him that Zoe is an earthbound spirit yet to cross over. He asks if Melinda can see Zoe now, and Zoe appears next to him pointing out that he looks so sad. Melinda tells him that she was beside him but has moved over to the couch. The father tells her it isn't funny if its a joke, but Zoe tells Melinda of the message she left in his car, and Melinda tells him that it was Zoe, and he begins to believe of Melinda's gift. Zoe says she wants to tell him that she's sorry she was such a disappointment to him and she didn't really mean to be, Melinda tells him and he says she had never disappointed him. Zoe says that if she could live it again then she would be his favourite, she would do anything to make him smile again like he smiled at Natalie. He says he loved them equally, that he thought she was disappointed in him and that she seemed so angry towards him. She replies that she didn't want to be seen as Natalie's twin or anything less, she just wanted to be loved as his daughter. When her father asks what she was saying, Zoe tells Melinda not to bother as he couldn't hear her any better than he ever could. Zoe leaves, and Melinda tells him what Zoe had said.

Melinda realizes Mary Ann is dead.

Some time later, Melinda is back in the clinic, and she sess Doctor Tanaka, who tells her that Natalie's father gave her full visiting rights. Doctor Tanaka leaves and Melinda begins to have a flashback. A younger Melinda is approached by a doctor who tells Melinda that her grandmother had a rough night. Melinda is concerned as she was supposed to be feeling better and the doctor tells her that she is out like a light. Melinda asks if she can see her as she promised her she would and did not want to disappoint her, but the doctor tells her she should have her rest, so Melinda asks if she can wait around a bit. The doctor lets her as a man sits down opposite her smoking a cigar. Mary Ann comes up behind Melinda, and Melinda is surprised to see her up as she was supposed to be sleeping. Melinda asks if that man is a spirit, and she says he isn't, but the man next to the doctor is. Melinda gets up and tells Mary Ann that she will never tell the difference, but Mary Ann tells her she will, and Melinda asks how. Mary Ann tells her that she'll know because when she looks at one she will feel what they feel, it will happen in a split second and she will know. Melinda tells her that she feels that now, and Mary Ann smiles- she's dead. Melinda realizes this and runs to her room to see Mary Ann's body lying in bed. Melinda calls the nurse as she cries.

Melinda is allowed to see Natalie.

Melinda sits next to Natalie, who is writing a letter of apology to Tom. Natalie says she doesn't know what came over her when she almost attacked Tom, but Melinda tells her it was Zoe. Natalie hands Melinda the letter to Tom so Melinda can have a look at it, and Melinda asks what Natalie thinks this will accomplish. Natalie wants to make amends with Tom so that he will wait for her when she gets out, but picks up on Melinda's unsure feelings and thinks Zoe has been talking to her. Natalie thinks Zoe is keeping a secret from her and Melinda tells Natalie that Zoe slept with Tom the night she died. Natalie doesn't believe Melinda, thinking Tom would never do that to her and Tom must be lying. Melinda tells Natalie that Zoe would want her forgiveness, but Natalie asks Melinda to leave. Melinda does what she is asked to and walks away, leaving Natalie who destroys her apology letter to Tom. The male worker asks Melinda if everything is okay and Melinda tells him not really and that she will visit again another day. The man tells Melinda that Natalie's mother is getting a court order to transfer Natalie to a state hospital. Melinda asks if her father knows, but the man doesn't think he does and says Natalie would never survive at the State Hospital.

Melinda is visited by Mary Ann's ghost.

At Melinda and Jim's home, Melinda is finished getting ready as Jim walks in. Jim asks if Melinda is still worried about the twins, but Melinda tells him that it's supposed to be a fun evening and that they shouldn't talk about it. Jim then tells Melinda that her problems are his problems, so she should talk to him. Melinda tells him that she thinks she will lose this one. Jim comforts her and tells her that she can only do what she can do. Jim leaves and Melinda has another flashback. A younger Melinda is lying on the bed as her mother tells her that can't stay in bed forever. Mary Ann appears to Melinda and tells Melinda that she is breaking her promise. Mary Ann wonders why Melinda is in bed, and Melinda says she isn't feeling well. Mary Ann tells her that life goes on, but Melinda feels so alone now, that no one understands. Mary Ann tells her she is special, and Melinda tells her that she isn't sure that she wants her gift anymore. Mary Ann tells her that she does want it, she has a chance to help so many people and her heart won't let her turn that away. Melinda tells her she doesn't know how to use it, but Mary Ann tells her to take everything she taught her and make it her own, and everytime Melinda helps someone it will honour her. She blows a kiss to Melinda, and Melinda catches it, closes her eyes, and cries as Mary Ann crosses over. Melinda then comes back from her flashback.

It's time for Andrea's and Will's date.

At a restaurant, Andrea, Jim and Melinda stand waiting outside for Will, Andrea is obviously nervous that she is trying to make up excuses for why Will won't show up. But Will shows up, apologizes that he's late and Andrea tells him its okay. He says that he didn't know what shirt to wear as his ex used to do that for him, but Andrea tells him he's fine. Melinda thinks Will and Andrea look cute together as they all go to sit for dinner. Outside Lakestone Country Club, Tom is walking with a girl after giving her a tennis session, and they share a kiss. They part and Tom walks to his car and gets in. He turns the engine on and the lights switch on, revealing Natalie. Tom gets a shock and shouts out "Nat?" but she walks towards the car saying that her sister hated being called Nat. She picks up a rock and Tom tells her to put it down, and she proceeds to ask him how he could sleep with her when Natalie was in the other room. Tom tells her that she isn't Zoe and Natlie tells him to get out of the car or she will smash something. She begins hitting his car with the rock, forcing Tom to get out of the car, and she gets in. She tells him that she just wants a little payback and drives away. Zoe appears next to Natalie in the car and is impressed by her, thinking she never had it in her. She then asks where she is going and they pass a sign saying St. George Lake is 1 mile ahead. Zoe then realizes that something bad will happen.

Natalie swims in the Lake.

Back at Andrea's date, it seems like Andrea and Will are getting along great. A waitor comes up to them and asks if they want dessert, and Andrea asks if they should have one of each. Will tells Andrea that she is officially in love with her now, and Andrea laughs. Zoe appears next to Melinda and tells Melinda she needs her help, Melinda tells her not now, but Zoe thinks Natalie is going to do something crazy. Melinda tells her that her timing sucks but tells Andrea and Will that she has a work emergency and needs to go, and Jim decides to go with her, leaving Andrea and Will alone. As Natalie is swimming in the middle of St. George Lake, Melinda and Jim drive down the road to get to her. Zoe is in the back as Melinda calls Natalie's father, explaining to Jim that Zoe died at the lake. Reaching the lake, Melinda and Jim get out the car and run to the lake just as Natalie's father arrives. They wonder where she is, however Melinda then sees her swimming towards some red bouys. Jim is about to go after her but Melinda stops him when Zoe says that she is going to make it. They watch as Natalie reach it and hits it three times, shouting to Zoe that she did it for both of them. Back at Andrea's date, her and Will walk through Grandview Square talking. They get to Andrea's apartment and Andrea asks if Will would like to come in for some coffee just before his phone rings. He asks her to excuse him as he answers. He tells the person on the phone that he doesn't have the basement key and that he had to go. Andrea knows it was his ex, and then catches on that he isn't single. He insists that he is but Andrea noticed that he talked about her almost all night and then she calls on the phone. Andrea kisses him on the cheek and tells him that when he puts the break into break-up then he should call her. Andrea goes into her apartment as Will walks away.

Zoe crosses over into the Light.

Natalie staggers out the lake as her father, Steve, takes his jacket off and wraps it around her. Zoe tells Natalie that she did great, and Melinda tells her. Steve asks if Zoe can hear him, and Melinda says she can. He tells her that he always saw her and always loved her and he assumed that deep inside Zoe knew what he felt. He says that he never thought she looked like Natalie, but she always looked like herself. She tells Melinda to tell him that it's okay, better late than never. Zoe asks Melinda to ask Natalie if she could ever forgive her for what she did with Tom, but Natalie asks Melinda if Zoe can forgive her for not realizing how lucky she was to have her. Zoe tells Melinda to get her father to get Natalie out of that place but Melinda tells her she doesn't think she has to. Zoe can now see a Light, and walks over to her father and tells him goodbye, so Melinda tells them that she is saying goodbye. Zoe wants Natalie to live her life and be that close to someone again. Natalie tells her goodbye and Zoe crosses over into the Light. Natalie and her father hug, say thank you and leave. Melinda and Jim hug and Melinda asks for the time, to which Jim says a little after midnight. She then wishes her Grandmother a Happy Birthday.


  • Zoe Harper
  • Wild-Haired Man
  • Ginger-Haired Woman
  • Mary Ann
  • Patient

Altogether: 5 spirits


  • This episode gathered a total of 11.07 million viewers.
  • "Ghost, Interrupted" is a reference to the movie Girl, Interrupted from 1999, based on the 1993 book by Susanna Kaysen chronicling her time as a teenager in a mental hospital during the late 1960s.


  • Goof: At the end of the episode, while they are by the lake and Zoey is saying "Goodbye" to her father, in the background before the camera moves away, you can see Jim look directly at the ghost as she moves, but only Melinda is supposed to know exactly where she is.


WILL: Have you ever heard of a antique related emergency?
ANDREA: Um, uh, no.

ZOE (about Tom): He slept with me! On the night I drowned we slept together while my sister was sleeping in the other room. I felt awful about it, but I was drunk and feeling sorry for myself. I don't know what his excuse was.

JIM: I talked to Will about Andrea.
JIM: Look, he wants to meet her before the actual date.
MELINDA: Meet? Does he know that we're talking about a dinner date here, not a pre-nuptial negociation?

BARBARA HARPER: You run an antique shop in Grandview, isn't that right?
BARBARA HARPER: And you're an amateur psychiatrist in your off hours?

ZOE: I'm dead, Natalie's stuck in a nut house, and he's going to keggers, trying to score with sorority chicks.

MARY ANN: Do you have any idea how many people I've helped cross over? I'm beginning to feel like a travel agent who's never been on a plane.

MARY ANN: Do you have any idea how many people I've helped cross over? I'm beginning to feel like a travel agent who's never been on a plane.

ZOE (to Melinda): I guess if you let on you can see me, the good doctor might lock you up too...

MELINDA: She was very special, I miss her.
ANDREA: Wait, special, special?

ANDREA: When you put the "break" into break up, you call me.

ANDREA: Are we with ghost?
MELINDA: Oh yeah, we are with ghost.

ZOE: As long as she's in this nut-house, I'm not crossing my legs, never mind crossing over.