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Deja Boo is the thirteenth episode of the second season, and the thirty-fifth overall episode, of the CBS series, Ghost Whisperer, originally premiering on January 12, 2007. The episode was written by Lois Johnson and directed by Gloria Muzio, and recieved a total of 10.44 million viewers.

Melinda meets the ghost of a young man named Eric. After figuring out Eric has been reincarnated many times as different people, Melinda must convince Eric to come back and not fight being reincarnated again when he starts to threaten the woman who is carrying a baby that Eric might become.

Guest Starring[]

  • Jay Mohr as Rick Payne
  • David Clayton Rogers as Eric Sanborn
  • Thomas F. Wilson as Tim Flaherty
  • Niklaus Lange as Scott Newman
  • Tamara Braun as Brenda Sandborn
  • Damien Leake as Dr. Chiles
  • Monica Keena as Holly Newman

Plot Synopsis[]


  • Eric San