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Deadbeat Dads is the sixteenth episode of the third season, and the sixtieth overall episode, of the CBS series, Ghost Whisperer, originally premiering on May 2, 2008. The episode was written by Mark B. Perry, and directed by Gloria Muzio, and recieved a total of 9.21 million viewers.

Professor Payne meets Elliot, the brilliant son of one of his old girlfriends. When Payne discovers that the boy is almost 10-years-old, he realizes he may be the boy's father. This angers his deceased wife. After watching Payne, Elliot, and the boy's mother, Melinda tells Jim she wants to have a baby. Melinda meets with Carl, a detective she hired to trace her father's whereabouts after he left Melinda and her mother.

Guest Starring[]

  • Christoph Sanders as Ned Banks
  • Rachel Shelley as Kate Payne
  • Nikki Cox as Nina Hayes
  • Nathan Gambel as Elliot Hayes
  • Kurt Caceres as Det. Carl Neely
  • Alexander Folk as Alexander
  • Mark Hapka as Zach

Plot Synopsis[]


Kate Payne