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Dead Ringer is the twenty first episode of the fifth season, and the one hundred sixth overall episode of the CBS series, Ghost Whisperer, first shown May, 14, 2010.

A ghost turns up alive while Melinda is trying to help Gale Thomson, and Melinda lands in a revenge plot and discovers Bedford and the 'dark things' had a hand in it.

Guest Starring[]

  • Connor Gibbs as Aiden Lucas
  • David Clennon as Carl AKA The Watcher
  • Michael Graziadei as The Twins-Kyle Farber and Older Seth
  • Stephanie Lemelin as Gale Thomson
  • Randolph Mantooth as Allen Farber
  • Will Shadley as Young Seth Farber
  • Timon Kyle Durrett as the Sheriff
  • Matt Hoffman as Kyle and Seth Double

Plot Synopsis[]

It opens with Aiden playing chess with Carl, The Watcher. This is a confusing episode, at first Gale, a daughter whos father died, is selling his stuff at Melinda's shop. A scrabble set spells 'out over may dead body'. Melinda has a vision of Aiden falling off a building, then Seth appears to them both and Melinda thinks it's Kyle and tells Gale he's dead, then Kyle shows up. Melinda goes to Kyle's dad and he tells her about the twins and Seth's death. Then a Sheriff services a restraining order on Melinda to stay away from Kyle and Gale, but Seth is still messing with Melinda. She thinks it's a vision when Aiden tries to reach something from the back of a chair in the kitchen and falls and gets a cut on his head, Jim takes him to the hospital and all will be well. Sharon Farber (pictured but never seen in the episode) died at 41 aboard Flight 395. She hard talked the boys into being adopted by taking both of them. Karl appears a lot in this episode watching over Aiden and tries to get Melinda to tell Aiden ghosts aren't real to try to get him to stop seeing them 'like all the other kids'. Melinda says no, she won't do that. Next morning Gale shows up at the shop and tells Melinda about Kyle and Melinda mentions Seth. Gale and Melinda go to Kyle who is fighting with Seth showing Melinda that Kyle sees Seth, it also shows that Kyle grew up, but Seth didn't. Melinda tries to get Kyle to see that Seth should cross-over. Later Melinda and Jim argue about trying to make Aiden not see ghosts, Seth is breaking things in Melinda's shop. Melinda gets Seth to go back to being the child he is, Seth mentions Bedford told him Melinda took Sharon, who he sees as mom and that was part of it. Seth sees the light and his mom (Sharon) and goes into it.


  • Seth Young and Older
  • Carl AKA The Watcher