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The Bloody Mary was once a local girl that lived in Grandview, New York 150 years ago. Mary's parents were the founders of a nearby campus in Grandview, New York. Mary was sick with a horrible diease and was pernounce dead at her house on one night so her Father buried Mary and picked his wife up and went back to their house and went to sleep. Mary's father Made sure to attach a dead ringer to her coffin so that in case she wakes up froM her death she can ring her father and her father can dig her out before she dies of suffocation. Mary does wake up in the night in her coffin underground and she rings the dead ringer but her father doesn't hear the bell because he's fast asleep in bed in the house and it's already to late. So Mary gets terrifyed and scared and starts to dig her way out of the coffin when she's underground by using her fingersnails and stratching on the coffin's wood top so the next Morning her father had a feeling soMething bad happened to Mary and he digged her coffin up and found Inside her coffin, he found Mary bloody, with ravaged fingers that were missing their nails from scraping them against the wood and she was bloody and dead.

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