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Beth Gordon is portrayed by Anne Archer, she is Melinda's mother and bears the gift of the ability to speak to the dead. Beth prefers to ignore spirits and suffers constant headaches because of this. Eventually, Melinda finds out about Beth's gift in Melinda's First Ghost when Beth makes a mistake by recounting aloud something the ghost, Sarah, did. They become closer but then grow apart in that episode. In Pater Familias, Mel gains real insight into her mother's behavior when her biological father, Paul Eastman, says, "She didn't want to tell you to protect you. That's what mothers do. You've always looked at her in the shadow of Tom Gordon, but she has always put you first." This causes Mel to realize that her mother really loves her.

Character Overview[]

Early Life[]

Season One[]

Season Two[]

Season Three[]

Powers and Abilities[]

Mediumship: Like Her Mother and Daughter, Beth is also able to see and communicate with spirits but unlike them she rejects her gift, suffering headaches as a consequence.


Beth makes a total of 4 appearances throughout the first three seasons.