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"I meant what I said you know, you were my hero tonight."

"Just like you are mom, every day..."~ Melinda & Aiden

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Aiden is the five-year-old son of Melinda and Jim Clancy. He is more powerful than Melinda since he has more abilities. During his birth, Amber, a woman who died giving birth to her son Tyler, believed Aiden was her son. Every year she'd return on his birthday, and he'd get sick or something would happen to Jim or Melinda. After finding this out, Melinda finds out Tyler is alive and safe, and Amber is convinced Aiden is not Tyler. Amber then crosses over never haunting him again since he saves Tyler in a bowling accident.

Season 5[]

Birthday Presence

See No Evil

Till Death Do Us Start

Do Over

Cause For Alarm

Head Over Heels

Devil's Bargain

Dead Listing

List In The Shadows

Excessive Forces

Dead Air

Blessings In Disguise

Living Nightmare

Dead To Me


Old Sins Cast Long Shadows

On Thin Ice

Dead Eye

Lethal Combination

Blood Money

Dead Ringer

The Children's Parade

Powers and Abilities[]

Mediumship: Like his mom Aiden can see and communicate with spirits, but he is more powerful than his mother. He can see the Shinies, the spirits of children that have crossed over, and the Shadows, the dark pieces of broken spirits that got left behind after they crossed over,; something Melinda can't see, which have no faces and are made of light and darkness.

Empathy: Carl reveals to Melinda that Aiden is not only a ghost whisperer but also an empath and he can feel emotions. He can also connected with Melinda (having dreams or visions that relate to ghosts and he somehow channels them to his mother but upon waking up he doesn't remember them) but she keeps it secret so he can have a normal life (and because some of the dreams/visions he shares with her are frightening).

Name Origin[]

Aiden Lucas Clancy was named after Jim's father and Sam Lucas whose body Jim is inhabiting. Aiden was conceived shortly before Jim's death, and Melinda and Jim found out she was pregnant after Jim's 'awakening'.

In recovery, Melinda tells Jim that the baby's name is Aiden after his father's father and Lucas after Sam.