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A Grave Matter is the fifth episode of the second season, and the twenty-seventh overall episode, of the CBS series, Ghost Whisperer, originally premiering on October 20, 2006. The episode was written by Catherine Butterfield and directed by Eric Laneuville, and recieved a total of 10.27 million viewers.

The ghost of a man who was buried in the wrong grave starts to haunt a cemetery as someone else’s wife is coming to mourn him every night. Melinda must reconcile the man with his hostile wife and daughter in order for him to be able to cross-over.

Guest Starring[]

  • David Paymer as Adam Godfrey
  • Harriet Sansom Harris as Marylin Mandeville
  • Wendy Gazelle as Shelby Burris
  • Wendy Makkena as Jean Godfrey
  • Daisy Eagan as Kate Godfrey
  • Peter Friedman as Steve Burris
  • Lou Glenn as Bleeding Man

Plot Synopsis[]

Melinda is in a graveyard visiting Andrea's grave when a ghost sees her. The ghost says that he is in the wrong grave, and that his name is Adam. It turns out that Adam was an author who wrote a best seller book. The grave that he is in is that of a womens husband who was struck by lightning. So Melinda must figure out how they two men relate, and how the graves got mixed up.


Adam Godfrey dies in this episode from a lightning strike and appears as a Spirit. He crosses into the light at the close of the episode, implying that he failed to descend into hell.



In the second half of this episode, Jim's beefcake arms are noticeable under his sleeves.